Shinka no Mi – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Instant Farm

「By the way、Sir Barnabas。Who exactly are these people?」

Gargand asked, while I was staring blankly at him.

「Umu、they are indeed youngsters of great promise. I asked them to please come teach at my Academy, and they are on their way to my Academy right now.”」

With a shocked expression on his face upon hearing Barna-san’s words, he turned his gaze over to us, almost as if scrutinising us

Under those circumstances, through my skill 『Clairvoyance』, I found that Gargand-san was using a skill.

The observing gaze didn’t really surprise me because I’ve already experienced it multiple times with the Ooki before I was sent to this world, enough so to know that it’s a gaze specific to when the appraisal skill is used.

And then, seeing my fake status, Gargand tilted his head in confusion.

But, I was shocked by his next words.

「Nn? What is this? ……Your status and the aura you have around you……doesn’t match・・・・・at all?」

What does this mean?

If I remember correctly, my status should be really weak, and that should also be what Gargand-san should be seeing.

Despite that、Gargand had said that it『Doesn’t match』……In other words、it could be said that it was unnatural。

It might have been possible that what Barna-san said about me, and my status 『Doesn’t match』, but Gargand had clearly stated that it was my aura that didn’t match.

While I was thinking that it was impossible, for some reason Barna-san decided to give out my information, with a bemused look on his face.

「Just as a side note、but that person probably can use magic better than I」

Gargand-san was left speechless

That’s of course. Rather than the super famous Mage Barna-san, if someone were to say I could use magic better than him, then of course people would be shocked…… Wait, what are you doing saying such ridiculous things!

Barna-san might be careless, but this Gargand-san isn’t an inattentive person at all. He found the difference between my status and actual strength out of place. And he’s also in full-bodied silver tights! …… Actually that’s unrelated.

Is this what to be expected of an S-rank adventurer?

Just because he’s a little bit of a pervert, I might have been a little overly offensive to him。It’s bad to discriminate。

If I think about it carefully、if perverts weren’t troubling those around them、then they’d just be people pursuing their interests with all their might――――。

Thinking up to that point, the image of the Lolicon Walter’s smile popped up in my head.

N-No, that’s a special case. Just because they’re perverts, don’t mean it gives me a reason to discriminate against them! I’ll say it again, if they didn’t bother the people around them then――――。

In my mind, the faces of the Exhibitionist Slan-san and the Destruction Maniac Grand-san appeared.

Rather than just being a bother, they’re evil! I can’t defend you at all, you perverts!

I started to stray a little away from reality there, but “Is there even any reason to keep hiding my true strength at this point?” is something I felt like asking. I’m already doing all sorts of things with it after all。

Even with the Demon’s Invasion previously、it was abnormal that I was able to exterminate all the demons with one spell、and because of my『Complete Disassembly』we got all sorts of ridiculous drop even though they’re supposed to be rare。

Well, regarding the drop items, because Louise had been going around to all the difficult dungeons, and getting similar items from the tough demons she’s cleared, it ended up not causing that much of a stir.`

While I was thinking about such things, Gargand-san made a gesture as though he was contemplating something, with a fearless smilte on his face.

「Fu-tsu……To think I cannot even see through to his real abilities……this is quite an interesting fellow you’ve brought in.」

「Isn’t he?」

「Yes。I would have liked to personally experience his strength myself but……Well、I still have these thieves to take care of、so I’ll have to give that up for today」

Somehow, it seems like I was almost dragged into a fight. How did that happen?

Gargand was, while I was still staring at him in shock, calmly walked over to where I was.

「You、What’s your name?」

「Nn? A、Et-to……It’s Seiichi」

「Seiichi……Fuu、I’ll remember that」

With a somewhat happy look, Gargand-san left the carriage, dragging the thieves along by the rope that was carefully wound around the waist.

Staring dumbfoundedly at his gradually fading silhouette, I heard Al mutter, dazedly.

「S-Rank adventurers……Dangerous」


I thought that Guild Headquarters had already gotten me used to it, but I was just reminded that there were still many sorts of perverse people in this world.

Five days have passed since our encounter with the thieves and Gargand-san

After that, we steadily made progress towards the academy via a route through a village somewhere, but as there was nothing particularly special in the carriage, our time was passed in boredom.

During that time, I suddenly remembered about the 『Fruit of Evolution』that lying about in my item box.

I had thought about nurturing it、since I knew『Fruit of Evolution』itself was a fruit、but as I had not found proper planting ground 、I had neglected it till now。

“However, now that I have a better grasp of my power after training Louise and Florio, can’t I use my magic to fix that issue?” Is what I thought.

If there’s no place to plant it, why not just make one?

It might be outside the boundaries of common sense, but I feel like I can do it. I’ve quit being human after all…… I’ve quit being human after all!

Luckily, Barna-san professed that my mastery over magic was greater than his, so even if Al never said that I was abnormal I had already noticed it.

If so, then why not make magic that’s a little more abnormal? It’s not offensive magic after all, so let’s just say that it’ll be fine!

Now that that’s decided, in order to promptly start creating that spell, I have to sharpen the image in my mind.

A wide field is needed for the『Fruit of Evolution』. And also, a good environment is vital for it to grow properly.

And then, if it was something that could be easily brought around like in a flower pot, it’d be the best. …… Wait, what am I saying?

For something to be as wide as a wide, yet easily carried around like a pot is ……

I somehow have to come up with an image for that ridiculously nonsensical idea.

And then, a vision suddenly appeared in my mind.

…… No, but …… it can’t be, right?

In that vision, was something that this world did not have, but once vision appeared in my mind it refused to disappear.

It couldn’t really be helped, so I ended up going along with it as there was nothing to lose, coming up with a random chant to see what would happen.


The moment I chanted that, a certain object appeared in my hand.

It was something that, to me, was familiar, but also did not exist in this world.

By no means had I thought that what I was imagining would really appear, leaving me shocked as I started at 『It』


Yes、what appeared in my hand was――――a『Smartphone』。

What I imagined, was a farming game application that the smartphone had

With this, then it would certainly be as portable as a pot, and since it was a game there was no need to worry about the space needed to grow the crops.

I wonder who could have guess that a smartphone would really appear?

Once I snapped out of my daze to look at the smartphone in my hands, what was shown on it’s display, was a『Menu』with a command written on it.

When I selected an option、it showed『Hold the plant you want to grow near the screen』、following the instructions、I pulled out a『Fruit of Evolution』from the item box、and brought it near the screen.

And then、without any resistance、the『Fruit of Evolution』was sucked into the screen。

Following that, the screen displayed 3 rows of ploughed soil, and not long after a bud sprouted.

When I selected the rows, the screen displayed 『Fruit of Evolution』. Most likely, the『Fruits of Evolution』were being grown there.

The fruits were still budding, so it seemed like harvesting them would be sometime in the future, but for some reason there was no 『Water』or 『Cultivate』command.  There was only the crude 『Menu』option.

………………Is it about time?

What’s up with the smartphone!? Forget the Sheep’s full face mask, forget Gassur’s boomerang pants …… This is just completely destroying the world’s view of life isn’t it?

No, it might be my fault for imagining the smartphone games from my world, but!

But know some prudence!?…………Myself!

Finally unable to endure anymore, the thoughts that I had been holding back thus far burst out. But voicing them out would have just made me look like a strange person, so I kept them to myself. …… Life is hard.

Besides, it’s the pointless use of magic that makes this worse. It really was as I wanted, a portable yet wide clearing.

You’ve really been through a lot haven’t you. Though the main culprit is me though! I’m really sorry.

Anyways、now that I understand the magic、I decided that not just the『Fruit Of Evolution』、I might as well fill in the remaining columns with two species、『Special Healing Herbs』and『Revival Grass』。

The『Special Healing Herb』was、the vital ingredient of the『Highest Grade Recovery Medicine』after all、and even if ingested raw had a large effect、so there was no harm in growing it。It didn’t have a seed、but as the『Special Healing Herb』in my hand approached the screen、it got sucked right in so it’ll be grown……Probably。

『Revival Grass』、was something that I had ignore up till now、but because Saria had given it to me 、I managed to get it to be grown。

The『Revival Grass』、does not any effect on demons、but when used on humans, it acts like a 『Miracle Drug』that can resurrect them、so it is something I would definitely want to nurture。

And so、the three rows now had『Fruits of Evolution』、『Special Healing Herbs』、and『Revival Grass』plant in them but、as I didn’t know when I could harvest them、I would have to frequently return to check。

By the way, while I was considering what to do with the smartphone, it naturally disappeared, and reappeared in my hand when I willed it to, so there went the need to think about what to do with it. Well, I have nothing to say about that.

It would have been fine even if someone had seen me doing all of that, but as no one noticed, it ended with me not needing to explain the smartphone.

And so、with this calm atmosphere、we continued to『Barbador Magic Academy』。

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