Shinka no Mi – Chapter 137

Academy Festival, Opens

「Come one, come all! Have some of our 【Requia Bird Skewers】!」 

「I shall look into your future…. Mumu!? S-, shadow of death is looming….!」 

「Pull a win or pull a miss, we won’t complain either way! How is it? Wanna draw a lucky strip?」 

——-Currently, Barbadora Magic Academy was holding its Academy Festival.

And the Festival this time was unlike any other.

Principal Barnabas devised the Festival in order to lift the students’ spirit after the academy received an attack from the 【Demon God Cult】 during the In-School Tournament.

Barnabas who failed to prevent the attack had been pressed down into his chair from various countries, and quite a few students were forced to return home due to it.

Although there were still many students that remained, there was a few parents and guardians alike who couldn’t fully trust the Academy over its security problem, and so they came with their families during the Academy Festival to ascertain the condition there.

Even so, the students worked hard together to present their programs, as well as enjoying the Festival to their heart’s’ content.

Amongst those students, there was one class that flourished in such an occasion.  

「Hey hey, how is it!? You went to Class F’s shop!?」 

「I went! They’re crazy!」 

「That class is already a level on its own!」  

「Shit! It’s the face, right…. the face!?」 

The class, located at the very edge of the school’s building was… Second year class F.



The moment Agnos, Blued, Leon, and Bead bowed reverently towards the incoming female students, a shrill full of excitement raised.

The class F where the boys’ group was serving the customers was currently a 【Cosplay Cafe】. 

In addition, Seiichi also had told the members what their cosplay outfit represented to, so each of them would serve the customers while also playing their part.

Agnos handed the Menu, half throwing, to the female students who sat on their seat with their dazed face painted red.

「Here’s the Menu. The line out there is crazy, so make up your mind STAT!」 

「You idiot. You’re facing with the customers. Watch your language properly.」

「What’d you say!?」 

「Just leave this idiot alone. Rather than that, pick an item from the menu already.」 

「Look who’s talking!」

The rough Agnos matched with his unruly butler uniform, and that wild attitude he brought about was much appreciated by the female students.

On the other hand, Blued wore his uniform perfectly, and despite there was commoner blood in him, with his Royal appearance and high-handed attitude at play, the female students were enthralled to see him in action.

「E-, excuse me! This is the Menu! Umm.. err… w-, what would it be!?」

「Hmm…. then… I want Leon-kun!」 

「Eh? Eeeeeh!? M-, m-, m-, me!? Y-, you can’t! Ah, I-, I’m sorry! Forgive me for talking back! I’m sorry!」 

Despite the cowering Leon tried his best to serve the customer in his own way, the female students who saw him like such flashed a dangerous glint on their eyes and their breath roughened.

Moreover, some helpless perverts who’d deliberately say embarrassing stuff to see Leon’s truly troubled face for their satisfaction began to pop up one after another.


「Don’t tease Leon too much, okay?」

「B-, Bead-kun!」

「Are you alright?」

The one that his made appearance as if he was covering for Leon was the taciturn Bead.

His large, well-developed body and piercing gaze would intimidate some people, but his soft and tender aura completely neutralized those qualities, making the mature Bead popular amongst the female students.

And there was a select few female girls who observed the exchange between Agnos and Blued as well as Leon and Bead with their noses bleeding*.

It was quite a chaotic scene, but the boys received quite a lot of support from the female students who steadily contributed to Class F’s sales.

When the time slot changed, this time the girls would serve the customers.

And just like that, as the girls took over the servicing shift, the customers also changed all in an instant, and the class F’s classroom that was overrun with female students, now was filled to the brim with male students.

「W-. welcome… home… Go…. Goshujin…. sama….」

With veins popping on her forehead and her cheeks pulled tight, Helen went to greet the customer.

Dressed in a maid uniform, she managed to bring herself to smile at the endless stream of male students.

「That’s no good you know, Helen-chan~? You have to smile more naturally~」

「B-, but!」 

「No buts~ You’re currently a maid-san after all~ You have to attend them properly~」 

「A-, attend!? Y-, you… It’s a Cafe, okay!? Do you know what a Cafe is!?」  

「Of course I know~」 

「Then why do I have to wear something like this!? At least you should wear the same thing too, Rachel!」 

「That’s impossible~ I am, you see~ A Sister~ …Ah, hello~ O’ lost lambs~ What will you have~? Repentance~?」 

「I’m telling you! It’s a Cafe, right!?」 

Rachel, dressed in her Sister uniform, was urging the customers to repent without even handing them the Menu as to play her role, despite the fact that the class was indeed holding a Cafe. Just what kind of shop was this?

While the two had a comedic skit of a conversation, the male students at another table had their heart-shaped pupils glued at the sight of Irene.

「B-, beautiful…」 

「Dear god… is this paradise…? When did I die!?」 

「Dropouts or whatever they are, I don’t care… I want to be stepped by her…」  

Unanimously, every other student despised Class F. However, after the In-School Tournament, their treatment towards the Class F had comparatively softened, apart from some people with extremely radical thoughts at their root.

Not only did they show that they possessed an equal, if not greater, power against the students of the Class S, the fact that Agnos and the other members of Class F were the first to jump into danger to face the Apostle of the 【Demon God Cult】 while no one else could even move played a lot into consideration.

Nevertheless, there were still students who harboured negative thoughts towards them, but those were few and far in between.

And now, the students that had renewed their attitude towards Class F were lovestruck, not only at Irene, but also at the other girls as well.

Irene swiped her hair as though saying it was natural for her to be basked in their passionate gazes. 

「Fuh… Well, it’s this perfect and beautiful me after all, no less to be expected. Aah… I’m such a sinful woman. Should I arrest? myself for it!?」 

Because there was no police organization or anything similar in this world, Irene, who was taught the meaning of the word 『Arrest』 by Seiichi beforehand, was playing with the toy handcuffs on her hand that somehow came with the policewoman costume.

Next to Irene who was drunk with herself, Flora, with her face bright red, was desperately trying to service the customers.

「I-, Irene!? C-, can’t you help me serving the customers!? Please!」  

「UWWOOOH!!! Flora-chan, you’re damn cute!」 

「Wh-, what a lascivious outfit… how outrageous… outrageous, but that’s why it’s great!」 

Flora, dressed as a bunny girl, was blushing hard as she was exposed to gazes she usually wouldn’t get from the boys.

「Why do I have to wear this!? There are cuter girls who’ll look better in this! Like Saria-san or Rurune-san!」 

「What are you saying. You’re plenty cute yourself. If you deny your own beauty, then this me won’t forgive you.」 

「I-, Irene…」 

Irene stared at Flora with a serious expression on her face.

「….I can’t forgive how you stand out more than me. I’ll arrest you.」 

「Isn’t that way too unreasonable?!」  

After Flora was falsely accused for the most wrong a thing, she was handcuffed by Irene.

And thus Helen and the girls’ group managed to get through their shift, despite all the embarrassment and the confusion that happened in the while.



After the girls were done, this time it was Louis and her group’s shift.

「E-, excuse me!」 

「What’s the matter?」 

「Wh-, what is your recommendation, Onee-sama!?」 

Dressed in her butler uniform, Louis had many enthusiastic female customers flocked on here, and was currently being kept by one.

With so many people lined up, both inside and outside the classroom, Louis couldn’t stay in one place for too long. However, with her original personality at hand, she treated the female student gently, not a hint of ill will in sight.

「Then, how about this Cake Set? There will also be black tea that goes well with the cake.」 

「Th-, then…. I’ll have that!」 

「Understood, ojou-sama」 

And with her background of working in a castle, her movements were refined, evident with her polite bow and neat smile.

When the female student and the surrounding customers saw that smile, they all fell on the spot, all with their faces painted in red.

「Dear me. Are you alright?」 

——-And with her natural lady killer nature at play, things were only going to get worse.

「Wh-, which one will be it!? If you don’t choose fast… I’ll turn you into shark feed!」 

While Louis were captivating the female students, Beatrice played her part as a pirate, though unable to hide the blush on her cheeks.

She interpreted and acted out the female pirate costume she wore in her own way, one such reason was because her students were currently doing their best, and most of all was because Beatrice was an earnest person at her root.

Regardless, it was still embarrassing to do.

「Captain! T-, take my money!!!」  

「What are you saying!? Mine! Take my money instead!」 

「Don’t be stupid! Save your money, I’ll give everything I have! I’ll live penniless from now on!!!」 

The male students now tried to pay marginally more than what was written on the menu.

Beatrice in her normal element would quick to point that out and accept only the default amount, but with how she currently played her character and embarrassment clouded her rational thoughts, she accepted those cash without question asked.

「Now… wh-, which bastard would have his money snatched my me!?」 


They were terminally ill.

Those male students had gone beyond help, but they did out of their own assent, so no harm was done to both parties.

「U-, umm… this is for that table…. and this one is for the table over…. Awawaa! My head’s a mess!」 (Zola)

「Calm down. It’s alright, we’ll do it together.」 (Lutia)

Zola, dressed as a Cabin Attendant, and Lutia, dressed in kimono, each worked together to deliver the order to the customers.

「I-, I’m sorry for the wait!」 (Zola)

「Help yourself?」 (Lutia)

Watching the two of them carrying and delivering the foods together made the male and female students alike watched over them with warmth.

「Next is that table, right!」 (Zola)

「It’s dangerous to run.」 (Lutia)

「Ah, you’re right! But, it’s so fun, so…」 (Zola)

「…It sure is. I never did something like this too, so it’s amusing.」 (Lutia)

The two of them, with their own special background, both enjoyed the fresh experience the 【Cosplay Cafe】 gave them.

Compared to any other members, Zola and Lutia served the customers in a more heartwarming way most of the time.

The shift changed again, and next was Saria and the girls’ turn.



「DAAAAAHHHH!? SARIA!? Human! Go with your human form!」 

Saria, who was wearing a nurse uniform, unexpectedly tried to serve the customers in her gorilla state, and Altria did her best to stop her from doing so. As a result, Saria obediently changed to her human form.

However, the customers still saw Saria’s gorilla form even for a second, and they all desperately rubbing their eyes out.

「E-, eh? Did my eyes go crazy?」 

「What a coincidence, me too.」 

「Right? I thought there was a gorilla-like macho monstrosity wearing a cute dress, but… we must have been imagining it, right!?」 

「Of course! And for some reason that cute dress looked great on that monster too…. yeah, it has to be our imagination!」 

The terrifying thing was that Saria, who wore a nurse’s uniform in her gorilla form, managed to bring out the best of the costume with just her happy atmosphere alone. It shouldn’t have looked good on her, but it somehow looked great, which only confuse the boys even further.

But, soon enough they all stopped feeding the thought, as she had changed into a beautiful red-haired beauty. They must be satisfied since she was cute now.

「Yees! One Shortcake, it is! Understood!」 

Saria who had turned back to human charmed the customers one after another with her innocent smile.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the men that was mesmerized by her, the women were enchanted by her cuteness as well. 

「Kh… Wh-, why do even I have to wear these…! If-, if anything, I’d have Seiichi….」 

Despite what she kept saying, Altia continued to server the customers one after another in her miniskirt Santa costume and equally red blush on her cheek, the reason partly because the students of the class F pestered her to do so.

What made her different from Helen and Beatrice, who also had similar feelings towards their own outfit, was that Altria didn’t really understand the existence of Santa Claus well enough to perform her character, as well as her complicated maiden heart that was hard to turn into words.

「Hmph, Omelette rice is it? Leave it to me, I’ll eat it right away.」 

「…Stupid. The food isn’t for you, glutton.」 

Olga somehow managed to prevent Rurune from devouring all the food that supposed to be served to the guests.

But, even so, Rurune’s appetite was simply uncontrollable. Even though she was also had a cosplay on much like everyone else did, a Qipao for her, she didn’t have anything else to do in particular other than going around and eating the customers’ dish at every given chance.

Even though Rurune’s action was very disconcerting, Olga kept doing her best serving the customers anyway, fluttering around in her shrine maiden outfit, bringing warmth to everyone that saw her, men and women alike.

「…Nn. Sorry for the wait.」 

「Ooh, I’ve been waiting for this!」  

「…As I say, it’s not for you, glutton.」 

The amazing thing was, the customers whose food was eaten by Rurune were soothed by the sight of her happily devouring everything in sight that they would rather buy more food and offer her more of it.

However, since Rurune was more interested in the food itself, she didn’t show the slightest interest of who was treating her.

Just like so, the class F always filled with customers at every hour given to the perky and colorful characters that took their attention away, but one person managed to stand out even more.

「————Welcome, my princess.」 

Mirroring Zeanos the Dark Aristocrat, dressed in an even more lavish version of a nobleman’s ceremonial dress, bringing about an otherworldly captivating smile that hinted the essence of arrogance——it was Seiichi.

To someone who knew Seiichi on daily basis, this sight was truly impossible to believe.

Even so, Seiichi dressed and serviced the customers with the attitude of a prince from a great nation somewhere.

This was the costume that Saria, Altria, and the rest of his crew had chosen for him to wear.

Saria was serious when she made the others’ costume, which was reflected with how high the costumes’ quality was, but for Seiichi’s costume alone, she took it to another level of intricacy. This was the most serious the gorilla Saria ever put something into for Seiichi.

In response to Saria’s feelings, Seiichi subconsciously activated the skill 【Performance】 he acquired during his date with Altria, completely and perfectly becoming the part.

Different from Blued, Seiichi perfectly played the ideal prince charming every girl in the world must have had in mind at least once.

「Now, what might your order be?」  

「H-, hahieek!? T-, THI-, THI-, THIS PLEEASSSEEE!?!?!?」 

With his Status evidently ran away from him, Seiichi took full advantage of his Charm that had gone off the charts.

As the result, he gently wrapped his hand on the girl’s hand which trembling fingers had repeatedly poked the Menu, then gave her his affectionate smile.

「Understood. My princess?」 


Every female in the scene had lost consciousness.




「Nn? Hngk!?」 

I——Hiiragi Seiichi who continued serving the customers with my mind completely white, devoid of any thought turned my head towards the voice I heard out of nowhere.

When I did, I saw Kannazuki-senpai and Airin approaching me with their nose bleeding and drools leaking…. Scary!? You two are cute, so why can’t you respect yourselves more!? You ruined a lot of aspects from yourselves! I told you that putting up appearances is important!

The two that I thought really should have been restrained, came into the store with a sliver of their reasoning left by properly waiting their turn in the line.

Before we opened the café we were told about it, but it seems the Heroes couldn’t decide on any program for the Festival until the end.

Apparently, they could participate in the Academy Fest as customers instead, and Kannazuki-senpai and Airin had gone out of their way to come over for the time when I was the one serving the customers. That persistence of theirs is scary. I’m thankful they came, though. 

「Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun」 

「Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan 」 


When I saw the duo with their bloodshot eyes practically glued on me relentlessly calling my name, I wanted to flee the scene right this instant. That’s weird, taking my stats into account, I shouldn’t be scared of them!

That being said, if they continued to chant my name like that, it would bring nuisances to the other customers, or rather…. it would understandably terrify them.

However, I was currently dressed in an attire usually worn by Royalties or aristocrats, and Saria had put her everything into making it… I had been using the skill 【Performance】 to play the part as well.

If I stepped out of my character and scolded the two of them like I normally would here, I might upset the other customers.

That is precisely why I would stay in character and make the two of them silent just like so…! Or rather, I just want to escape reality by covering myself in this persona! I’ve had enough of those two!

I immediately activated the Skill 【Performance】, and my consciousness instantly switched to my character.

Then, when I put my index finger over my lips, the two that kept chanting my name suddenly froze with their eyes wide open at my conduct.

「Be civil. This is a diner, a place to have meal. But if you naughty girls still won’t listen to me, then… I’ll need to punish you.」 



And cringe! My line was hellish cringe! Hey, isn’t it better if I just drop dead right now!?

I’ve had enough with this shop! Which idiot suggested it!? It’s me!

And why did I say “I’ll punish you!?” Am I stupid or what? That did no shit! Rather, it only made things worse!

It wasn’t just Kannazuki-senpai and Airin, the other customers also began to request punishment from me, bringing me to the highest bewilderment I ever had. This world has too many perverts!

After that, I forced my mind to kill itself in this strange atmosphere and carried out my shift with 【Performance】 on full effect non-stop.

* No place is safe from those Fujoshi.

*Just a reminder that Onee-sama is how yuri happens and Anego is how delinquents call their female boss

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