Shinka no Mi – Chapter 47

Reversal Magic

「This is where His Majesty sleeps.」

The Valkyries, hearing the resolution in my words, brought me to the King’s chambers.

Normally, it would be unthinkable for a person of unknown birth and background to be brought to the King like this, but Louise said that in the first place if I had wanted to inflict harm on the King, then I wouldn’t have needed such a roundabout method. Apparently, that’s how strong I was. A certain battle race would even be surprised!

That’s why I was allowed to see the King. I can’t just be happy about thisss.

(Note: He’s having trouble accepting how easy this is apparently.)

While I was depressed about the turn of events, we reached a room. It seems that this is where the King sleeps.

Just looking at the impressive wooden door, it gave off an aura as though the room belonged to someone crucial.

When I entered, though contrary to what I had imagined, the room had a silent and calm atmosphere. …Well, there is a huge canopy bed in the middle of the room, though! As expected of royalty…

Like that, Claudia-san and Louise, as if they were escorting me, accompanied me to where the sleeping King was.

And, looking at the person with their eyes closed calmly in the bed, I was shocked.

Because it was――――


It was Ranze-san, whom I had met at the café Accoriente and who listened to my troubles.

But unlike at the coffee shop, in place of the simple clothes he had on back then, was a grand outfit.

“Wh-what does that mean?”

While I was understood nothing and was completely lost, Louise asked with a puzzled voice.

“? Are you familiar with His Majesty?”

“Eh? A-ahh…at the Accoriente café, he listened to my worries…”

When I said that, Louise nodded as though she understood.

“I see Noado-san’s cafe. His Majesty was checking up on the commoners, but having his face known is inconvenient, so I was surprised to see someone recognise him, but…if that’s the reason, then I can understand it.”

Who the heck exactly is Noado-san? (TLC note: Not that he doesn’t know who Noado is, just that Noado is pretty darn mysterious)

I was surprised by the fact that Ranze-san was the king, too, but compared to Noado who casually had connections with such people…

This is bad. Too many things are happening all at once.

Also, even though when I met him at the cafe he was so energetic, now he’s a mere shadow of that.

He was breathing alright, but how do I say this… it seems like he is in some sort of deep slumber.

When I was thinking about that, a new group of people entered the room.

“Are you the one? Who said he might be able to release the King from this sleep…”

In that group, everyone was wrapped in the same kind of white robe, so how do I say this… Their appearance made them look like a bunch of magicians.

Of those there, the one at the very front called out to me.

“Yeah. Well, I don’t know whether I can do it or not, though…”

“That is fine. As long as there is even a 1% chance of waking him, then we shall cling to that hope. That’s why… I’m begging you.”

Saying that the leader bowed down to me. Following that, the robed group behind him also lowered their heads.

…Ranze-san, you really are loved by your people.

In my case, because he listened to my troubles, I felt like I owed it to him. But even if I didn’t, if I could, I would still help him.

“I got it. I will try everything I can.”

“…Thank you.”

The leader said so, pulling off his hood.

Then, from underneath his hood, appeared a good looking young man, with clear blue eyes like water and silky light blue hair. On top of that, he had a gentle smile on his face. Is that smile for free?

(Note : He means to say that the smile is good enough to charge money for.)

“My apologies for the late introduction. I am Florio Barze, of this Kingdom’s Magic Division.”

“Ah, um… I’m Seiichi.”

“I see. Well, then Seiichi-kun. I shall entrust His Majesty to you.”

The foremost person――Florio-san, moved to a corner with the rest of the robed figures after he said that.

…Huh? What is this? I feel like that person just now is really similar to someone…

“Shishou. That was my older brother, the leader of the Magical Division that had been continually casting recovery magic until just now.”


So, he was Louise’s older brother. Certainly, they have the same coloured hair and eyes, and they are both good-looking too. I’m convinced.

After I arbitrarily accepted that fact on my own, suddenly there was, though faint, an expression of unease on Louise’s face.

“Shishou… Is it really possible to awaken His Majesty?”

“…I don’t know either. It’s my first time doing this after all.”

I grandly declared I could before, but I’m not sure how much I can do to help.

But, I think it’s better than to regret not doing anything. When I think about it that way, I can’t just do nothing.

“…Shishou. This might be insensitive toward your good will, but don’t push yourself too hard.”


“A『Curse』is something that, once received, can never be dispelled. That is the result of the long years of experimentation by many wise-men. That’s why――――”

“It’s fine.”

I said, interrupting Louise.

“It’s fine. Because I’ll absolutely accomplish it.”

“…I understand.”

Hearing that, Louise stepped back.

Seeing that, I once again turn my attention to Ranze-san.

…This is bad, what should I do.

As soon as I declared that, I started feeling nervous.

…Though it’s already too late for me to pull out.

Unintentionally, I had a wry smile on my face, as I stretched out both my hands over Ranze-san.

And then, I took a big, deep breath.

“Suuu… Haa…”

(Note : “Suu” = sound of inhaling, “haaa” = sound of exhaling)

I felt a lot of eyes on me from behind.

To start off, for the activation of『Magic Creation』, it was necessary to have a clear mental image and chant the name of the spell.

But, once I’ve said the name of my magic and activated it, I will be able to activate it with my skill 『Chantless』 from then on.

That’s why, in the beginning, the most important part is to have a clear image.

…Huh? An image to dispel curses… What is that like?

(Note : I should have seen this coming)

If it’s a flame or so, I can imagine what it’s like but… What should I do for a curse dispelling image?

Once that thought popped up in my head, my whole body broke out in cold sweat.

This is bad bad bad! C-ccc ccc calm down, me!

Is it something like… “Fuwaa-!”? …Ah, this is hopeless. My lack of imagination is so disappointing.

A-anyways, let’s try using the image of Ranze-san getting well first.

…But I can’t understand that either!

First of all, let’s try to repeat 『Get Well!』in my head, shall we? …No good. I can’t get an image of what comes after that……

Ah, I give up! There isn’t anything else I can imagine either! Now it’s come to this I’ll just try desperately!

Well then, I’ll start… Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well Get Well…

As if I was a broken record, repeated that over and over in my head.

But, could it have been a bad idea to repeat that in my head I wonder.

I was only repeating it in my head, but it should be imaged enough already… I thought so, so I decided to think up the name of the spell and say it, and right then…

“Get well!”

(Note : And so the sound of a thousand face-palms resounded through the halls that day)(TLC: Legends says that even to this day you can still hear the facepalms happening in unison when you walk down those halls -Renbo)

It was done magnificently.

Aaaaaaaah! Now I’ve done iiiiiiiiiiiit!

I unconsciously said it out loud?! This is bad, the stares from behind are painful…!

I felt as though a cold wind blew between me and everyone else in the palace.

Well. I wonder why that was. After I made such bold statements, this is the pitiful result. Can I cry?

While I still had, both hands stretched out with cold sweat pouring out even more than at first, I froze.

However, in the next moment, everyone else froze too, for a different reason.

Suddenly, both my hand lit up with a brilliant light, and that light flew into Ranze-san.

It was such an unexpected situation that both everyone’s thoughts and their movements stopped.

And then, we were hit further by another shock.


Amazingly, Ranze-san, who should have been in a deep slumber until mere moments ago, awoke.

Slowly sitting up, Ranze-san looked over his surroundings and said.

“…Ah? Why is Seiichi here? Moreover, even you guys――――”


(Note : Crying sounds)

Interrupting Ranze-san’s line, everyone rushed to his side simultaneously

Seeing their state, Ranze-san was really flustered.

“Oi oi oi oi… What exactly happened here?!”

Florio-san and Louise calmly explained the situation to the astonished and bewildered Ranze-san.

Hearing what had happened, he had a bitter expression on his face.

“…I see. I was almost cursed to death…”

“You Majesty. What will you do? As we previously explained, it seems like the assassin was sent by the Kaizer Empire but…”

“Nothing. Too much of a hassle… Besides, this time the case is special. Unexpectedly, this time there was only one person sent… And with only one target, neither “Mountain” nor “Sea” can really do anything. Just being warier next time is enough. Plus, there’s no need to deploy our army, and distress the citizens, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

Somehow, they started a conversation that I can’t really understand. Sea? Mountain? Are they going camping or something?

While I was thinking about such trivial things, suddenly Ranze-san turned his attention to me.


“Eh? Ah, yes!”

As I didn’t expect him to be the king, my answer came out tense.

At my sorry state, Ranze-san smiled wryly.

“Don’t be so tense. You saved my life after all.”


“And so? Seiichi. How did you manage to dispel the curse? No, in the first place, why did you decide to help me? Did you want to use my name as a shield or something?”

Completely changed from a moment ago, Ranze-san had a serious expression on his face as he asked that.

But, you know… Even if you ask me why I did it…

“…If I had to say, it was for my satisfaction, I guess.”

“Your satisfaction?”

“Yes. I came here today to claim my prize from winning the Royal Cup. During that process, I got mixed up in this whole situation, and ended up helping you out.”


“When I heard you collapsed… No, at that time I still didn’t know you were the King, but when I saw Louise’s and the others’ expressions when I heard that the King had collapsed, I couldn’t stand to watch it. I mean, they were smiling just a moment ago, but that crumbled away so quickly. I might have only seen the bright side of this country, but in this city full of smiles, those sad expressions were just something I could not stand seeing.”


“And also, to be honest, it was a gamble as to whether I could dispel the curse on you. After all, it was my first attempt!”

“You experimented on me?! I am a King you know?!”

Yeah, seriously… Sorry.

“It was because I couldn’t be concerned about appearances anymore. The funny thing is, I don’t even know how I dispelled the curse on you myself.”

“Oi oi oi… From what I heard, you were using a new spell weren’t you.”

“Yeah. I somehow managed to create it.”

When I said so, Ranze-san had a very tired expression on his face.

“…Is it even a thing that can be “somehow managed” to do? Florio.”

“It’s impossible. Do you know how difficult it is, to create new spells… Because we are also magic users, we understand that. That is especially true for a magic that could dispel『Curse』, something that hasn’t been achieved until now…”

“…And, there you have it.”

“Ohh, I somehow did something really amazing without knowing, didn’t I.”

“…I give up. And? Let’s leave aside how the spell was created for now. But still, you must at least know the effects of the spell, right?”

Even if Ranze-san asks me that, I have no clue what the effects of the spell I cast earlier were.

…Yeah. If I were to say I don’t know, they would probably ask me all kinds of questions, but in reality, I don’t know so it can’t be helped!

And so, just as I was about to say that.

In my mind, I heard a machine-like voice.

『Skill【Magic Creation】has activated. Reversal Magic【Get Well】has been created』


I unconsciously retorted. In my heart.

No no no! What’s up with the magic’s name?! Also, it’s not magic to dispel curses or something like that, but Reversal Magic?! What is that?!

Well, I’ll just assume that the Reversal Magic is alright. It actually has magic in its name after all. …But what the heck is up with the name 【Get Well】?!

While I was still retorting, the effects of the spell displayed themselves in a way which only I could see.

『Reversal Magic: Get Well』…… Magic to reverse 『Curses』 into 『Blessing 』on target.

…Yup. Sensei, I don’t understand.

Tilting my neck in confusion, not understanding the displayed information, Ranze-san had a suspicious expression on his face.

“What’s wrong? Are there any effects that are hard to talk about?”

“Eh? No, that’s not the case, but…”

There’s no point in worrying about it myself, so I just honestly told Ranze-san and the others.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

U-umm? Did I, do something again?

Putting the uneasy me aside, Louise turned over and stared at Ranze-san intensely as if she was observing him. At that moment, her eyes lit up for a moment, a sign that her skill『Appraisal』 had activated.

“Yo-your Majesty… The『Curse』『Everlasting Sleep』, has turned into the『Blessing』『Everlasting Health』…”

Hearing what Louise said, everyone was stunned.

I didn’t understand, so while it might be impolite, I activated my own Appraisal skill on Ranze-san.

≪Ranzelf Forde Winberg≫

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Job: King

Age: 48

Level: 134

Magic: 1000

Attack: 2500

Defense: 3000

Agility: 5870

Magic Attack: 1110

Magic Defense: 3300

Luck: 3000

Charm: Immeasurable


【Everlasting Health】

Wow. The King is strooong.

…That’s not it! Eh? What is this? Does every King in this world have a level surpassing 100? Well, in any case, that’s not something I should say. Even so, let me say this. I’m so envious of his Charm!

Leaving that aside, what does the state 【Everlasting Health】mean?

When I thought that, the effect of【Everlasting Health】was displayed to me.

【Everlasting Health】……. Blessing. Target’s life span is increased by 10 years, and can no longer fall sick. Furthermore, it is harder to get injured.

It turned out to be a pretty outrageous effect!!

…Is this because the effects of the curse 【Eternal Sleep】, which was meant to make someone sleep for the rest of their days, was inverted?

If my hypothesis is correct then… Uwaa. I feel like I understand why everyone was speechless…

In the end, everyone including me was shocked, but regarding the result, I was safe, and I managed to dispel the curse successfully.

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