Shinka no Mi – Chapter 136

Fitting Session

「Hey, fetch me that bag of nails!」

「Please bring the billboard over there.」

「Have we applied to use the classroom? Eh? Just now?」

「Does anyone know where Sensei is?」

The day of the Academy Festival was approaching, and every class was busy preparing for their program.

I also participated in the preparation by requesting for additional desks and chairs for the classroom. Even now, I was on my way bringing the desks and materials over.

「Everyone sure is energetic, just like Barna-san wanted.」(Seiichi)

「 …Nn. Lively.」 (Olga)

Olga-chan who came with me to help around also showed a smile at the sight, while her hands were carrying the ingredients for the menu.

「…Oh yeah, will the Heroes participate too?」 

「Aah… now you mention it, we haven’t met them at all since then.」 

For Olga-chan, the last time she met the heroes was when they came crashed into the Home Economics classroom.

For me, the last time I saw anyone of their group was when I met Hino under the staircase the other day.

It would be a lie if I said it didn’t bother me, but Kannazuki-senpai said she would do something about it, so I’m sure they would be fine. She was super dependable person after all, if she wasn’t such a pervert.

We eventually reached our classroom as we continue watching the other classes bustling around.

「I’m back——」 (Seiichi)

「Ah, Seiichi! Look, look!」(Saria) 

「HEH!?」 (Seiichi)

The moment I entered the classroom, a Gorilla wearing a miniskirt nurse costume——or, Saria, was posing in what supposed to be a sexy pose.

The shock of that sight alone hammered me in my place.

「Geez… I know I’m cute, but you stare too much. Silly.」 (Saria)


No, I’m not looking at you with that in mind, okay!? My brain couldn’t keep up with this phenomenon that my body froze, okay!? 

In the first place, why and how come you’re wearing a nurse outfit with your Gorilla form!? Can’t you do it in your human form!?

As I passed my gaze over everyyone in the class, begging for any explanation, I could only see the boys’ figure for some reason.

There was also a curtain that divided the classroom into two before I noticed it. The girls should be in there. 

「N-, no… I don’t even know what’s happenin’…」 (Agnos)

「…The girls are still changing beyond that curtain, while Saria was already like that when she came out.」 (Blued)

In response to my gaze, Agnos answered with his face cramped, while Blued was averting his eyes. No, don’t tell me, there really isn’t an answer!?

To my astonishment, Goria* grabbed me by the shoulder with her gorilla grip.



「Am I, killing it?」(Saria)

「Yeah, you’re killing me, physically!」(Seiichi)

My shoulder is making creaking noises from your grip!

Or rather, I really can’t get used to Saria’s overly weird thought process when she’s a gorilla! Well, I’m terminally ill too since I still love that part of her anyway!

「…..Saria-oneechan. You look good in it.」(Olga)

「Thank you, Olga-chan. Ah, I made your costume too Olga-chan, go change」(Saria) 

After being praised by Olga-chan, Saria smiled warmly then took her beyond the curtain.

…Weird. For a moment there, that nurse outfit looked abnormally good on her. Ah, I’m beyond saving.

「…Ah, the boys also have changed costume, huh.」 (Seiichi)

「Y-, yes! But, we are all basically wearing a butler uniform, so…」 (Leon)

Just as Leon said, the boys were all wearing a butler uniform.

Even so, their individuality was reflected through, with Agnos’ wearing his uniform unruly as opposed to Blued who wore it perfectly, and Bead didn’t wear the overcoat and showed of his rolled sleeve while Leon wore a bow tie atop his neat uniform while the other three had a long necktie on.

Hmm… Looking at them this way, the boys sure are good-looking as well. Their uniforms fit them to a fault.

I have a feeling that these four would amass girls from all over the academy, though I have no idea if that would actually happen.

As I was admiring their appearances, the dividing curtain suddenly opened up.

「Everyone has finish changing.」 (Saria)

After Saria, still a gorilla she was, said so, the girls’ group then came out looking embarrassed.

「D-, don’t ogle too much, I’ll kill you…!」(Helen)

「That’s dangerous, oi!」(Seiichi)

You’re going to serve customers wearing that, so don’t say you’ll kill anyone who sees you, since that means you’ll kill every customers we’d have.

Helen, whose cheeks were dyed red, was glaring at me in her maid outfit.

「Well, well, isn’t it fine~ Helen-chan, you look cute you know~?」(Rachel) 

「B-, but…」(Helen)

「We’ll be serving customers in this costume after all~ So give up while you can~」 

「Uugh…. That… might be true, but…. Ah, that’s right! Then I’ll just do the cooking——」(Helen) 

「Do you want to kill the customers~?」(Rachel)

「That much!?」(Helen) 

Sorry, Helen. I’m with Rachel this time….

In the first place, the customers can’t eat anything if there’s nothing on the plate. Say that when you can at least put something on the place. Well, the answer would still a no, though.

While Rachel was donning a Nun outfit that looked fairly good on her.

「Fuh… This is quite the interesting attire. It sure takes its role to make me shine.」(Irene) 

「I-, isn’t mine even worse than Helen’s!? What do I do with this!?」(Flora) 

Irene ruffled her hair, she wore a policewoman uniform. While Flora was restlessly looking around for something to cover her bunny girl costume.

Putting Irene aside, Flora was… Yeah. It’s refreshing to see Flora dressing femininely with how she always acts like an oldman. I don’t know how she feels about it, though. My condolences. 

「I often see Claudia dressing in male clothes, but I never thought I’d do the same too…」(Louis)

「This costume…It resembles the traditional clothes of the Country of the East」 (Lutia)

「The academy’s uniform was fresh to me too, but… I didn’t know there’s so many kind of clothes in this world!」(Zola)

Louis was wearing the same butler uniform as the boys, she looked extremely dashing with her solid back muscle popping up.

Lutia was wearing a traditional Japanese attire, her long hair tied up to a ponytail to match with her atmosphere.

I haven’t heard the Country of the East mentioned in a while. So there really is a country resembling the old Japan. I wasnt to go there one day.

And Zola who, had been sealed in a Dungeon all her life, was wearing a cabin attendant’s uniform. …When I think how she had fared up until recently, looking at her feeling fresh at every little thing made me happy. Well, an assortment of outfits from another world is surely fresh for anyone, though. 

More importantly, I’m really glad to bring her out from the Dungeon, seeing how genuinely happy she was. I hope she keep learning new happiness as time goes.

「D-, do I have to wear something like this!?」 (Beatrice)

「O-, oi! What costume is this!? Why is the skirt so short even though the top is so baggy…!?」 (Altoria)

「Fumu… I can move freely in this costume…. or rather, kick.」(Rurune)

「…My clothes is also weird. What costume is this?」(Olga)

Beatrice-san was also obliged to partake, she was now dressed as a female pirate. With how she usually dressed prim and proper, looking at her with a wild-style like this felt, like…. Yup!

And, before I knew it, Al also joined the mix. As she wore that miniskirt Santa costume, she tried her best to pull down the skirt, her face beet red.

Next to her was Rurune, wearing qipao with dangerously high side slit that she used to kick around defencelessly. Oi, mind your…. or rather, you put on underwear, okay? Everything is okay, right!?

Olga-chan, dressed as an adorable little shrine priestess, was inspecting her own outfit with great interest.

Thus, everyone had finished changing. As they were all beautiful and pretty girls, the level of the Cosplay they did consequently reached a tremendous level as well.

「UWWWOOOOHHHH!!!! In-, incredible! Aniki, I super feel it!」(Agnos)

「 ….Well, don’t you guys look good? ….Yeah.」(Blued) 

「Everyone, you look wonderful.」(Bead)

「S-, so pretty! Ah, I’m sorry! The likes of me shouldn’t say pretty….! So enchanting! Ah, sorry! Forgive me!」(Leon)

Agnos was steaming from his nose when he saw the girls, while Blued and Leon reacted normally. It was impressive how Blued diverted his eyes from them, a reaction rare coming from him.

No, I know how you feel! Just where should we put our eyes at, right!? I’ve been having the same problem!

「How is it? Everyone pretty, right?」 (Saria)

Saria once again made that sexy pose as she lined herself with the girls. No, Saria, you’re the only one being merry here since you’re just that much of an alien being, okay?

….Ah, looking at Saria is reassuring! For the first time ever I’m thankful she’s in her gorilla form! Thank you, gorilla! You protected my reasoning!

As I kept my mind steady all by myself, Louis then raised a question to me after she looked around everyone’s costume.

「Speaking of which… I haven’t heard the details of it, but are you a Hero, Sensei?」(Louis)

「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

「Please tell me about that too. You said you already have 【Holy Attribute Magic】 back then when you acquired 【Demon Lord Magic】 in the dungeon. And during the taste test the other day too, the heroes came for you, so…」 (Lutia)

Come to think of it, the students had already known about it, but they never explained about it to Louis and Lutia, huh.

What we did the last few days was basically done in fast momentum. We conquered the dungeon, then Kannazuki-senpai and the others stormed in, then they left…

「Hmm… Strictly speaking, I’m not a Hero since I wasn’t summoned as one, but I came from the same world as them. That’s why, I’m more like an Otherworlder.」 (Seiichi)

「I see… So are these clothes also considered normal in the other world?」 (Louis)

「I don’t think they’re normal in the sense of everyday attires. Of course, there are people who wear those to work.」 (Seiichi)

Satisfied with my answer, Louis once again laid her eyes on everyone’s clothes.

I think the policewoman’s uniform is pretty faithful to the source, but the rest has been quite modified to fit more into Japanese…. or rather, more into cosplay subculture.

「Well, today’s agenda is over with the fitting session, right? We’ve decided on the menu as well, so the rest is to learn through experience on the D-day.」 (Seiichi)

「What you saying? We not done yet, you know?」 (Saria)

「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

We’re not? Is there something else that needs to be prepared?

I craned my neck, unable to find the reason why Saria said so, when she once again placed her hand on my shoulder. E, eh?

「You change too, Seiichi」(Saria)  

「……….EH!? I’m doing it too!?」 (Seiichi)

「Isn’t that obvious?! Look at me, I’m not even the homeroom teach here! You are putting the costume on!」(Altria)

「Come, Milord! Get over here!」(Rurune)


With Al and the other two encircled me before I noticed it, I had nowhere to escape. N-, no way!?

「Ah, wait a second! I-, I’ll put them on! I’ll put them on by myself, okay!? Don’t pull me! Don’t follow me in!」 (Seiichi)

「It’s okay. We will be gentle, okay?」 (Saria)

「What do you mean you’ll be gentle!?」(Seiichi) 

「Isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine」 (Saria)


In spite of my desperate resistance, Saria dragged me away. She forced me to wear a lot of costume as if she was dressing up a doll.

———By the way, I was told this later, but it seemed like Saria made all these clothes by herself based on the oral description I gave her. She’s too dependable!

*Let’s not forget that Goria refers to Saria in her Gorilla form. She speaks in Katakana, so her speech is broken in English.

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