Shinka no Mi – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Metastasis Magic

“Though it’s certainly bad that we went against the rules and went to the human world, but do you really think I didn’t do this for a mission?

Oh, it isn’t really a formal mission and more like our arbitrary decision

However important information has been obtained, naturally, there is no blame for this matter

Yes, it’s all a lie,I’m sorry.

i just said a light joke. I’m seriously reflecting, so could you please pardon me!”

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“Though it’s certainly bad that we went against the rules and went to the human world, but do you really think I didn’t do this for a mission? Oh, it isn’t really a formal mission and more like our arbitrary decision. However important information has been obtained, naturally, there is no blame for this matter. Yes, it’s all a lie, I’m sorry. I just said a light joke. I’m seriously reflecting, so could you please pardon me!”

Bell Giselle, also known as the leader of Zokugun and the captain of the third devil force corps was kneeling on the ground.

In front of my eyes was a woman who was gazing down at us coldly.

Long glossy purple hair that bewitches you, eyes harking of amethyst’s and transparent pale skin, and proportions that any woman could not help being jealous of, if a man saw this his nose would unintentionally stretch.(no clue what the hell that means)

With her legs crossed and a dress with intense exposure…. It is dangerous in various ways.

With the woman in front of our eyes releasing such an overwhelming charm, we become the “Victims” of the Demon army’s Third Squadron’s captain — Reiya Faruza.

The beautiful woman’s attire is beautiful, bold and overflowing with sex appeal, however we know the secret of Reiya

“Put your tongue back in your mouth…….. Shut up for a bit.”

“Hahahaha, what the heck BUHE”


I was suddenly blown away by the rod of air made with [Gas Magic]; Only Reiya can fire such magic so intensely.

“Bell!! It’s bad”

“Reiya is in a bad mood……!!”

“That means…….. Ah ……. again………! (seems a whole bunch of gibberish)

I instinctively looked up at the sky to Terry and Bosco’s words. It’s because of the ringing of a familiar bell as to the reason why Reiya’s mood is bad

I talk in a low voice while having the two people wake him up

:…..With this how many people are there?”

” I am certain……… this is the 666th person……..”

“…. Well that seems to be a really bad omen………”

“It’s a lot of people more than…….”

“In a sense it is brave….. though we are the Demon King’s armies’……………”

“That is…………”

“………..Do not laugh……..”

Despite the few of us who were still holding a sneaky conversation Reiya muttered a soliloquy in hate,

“What on earth…….! My what is useless?! In thinking I was a partner of destiny this time means………!”

Reiya’s secret was……. though she gave of an enormous amount of charm… she was a virgin who hadn’t even been kissed.

There was a boyfriend until now and with him that makes 666, in addition all of those are ikemen among the devil groups.

It’s not because Rieya is famous for being a peerless beauty.

Yet, I have no choice but to carry Reiya’s secret……

“Moreover, did you take him to the room?”

“So I………..”

“Why did you take him to the room? For that………. the fact is that if you bring them to that room they will run once they see that room…”

The reason Reiya always breaks up with her boyfriend. Those were all in Reiya’s room

In Reiya’s room only torture tools were put there. Things like a wooden horse and a rod of iron, usually bloody, were on hand there, with no doubt as to what it is commonly used for.

If you were taken to such a room could you endure it?

But the most troublesome thing is that Reiya seems to think that taking her boyfriend there will bring about a nice atmosphere.

…… A certain room with torture tools, if you were to ask what the mood of it was, the only reply would be…silence…

“This is bad, this is bad……! The way this is going…….! I’m going to be a virgin my whole life!?

“It’s OK! When a man gets a look at Reiya’s charm, no man can resist!”

“Then why do I keep getting dumped!!”

“It was merely consolation!”

If I told her the truth here I would have been a dead man.

“Fuu…….I was just a little distraught……so? I would like to hear the reason you went to the human world?”

Reiya who had calmed down again said as gazed coldly down at us again

However, this is a chance for me to explain why we went to the human world to Reiya, if i can do it well, the punishment from her might be lessened.

“Well to tell the truth……the reason we went to the human world was because the installation type [Metastasis Magic] has been spread”

“Metastasis magic……?”

With metastasis magic we can move from one place to another freely.

The consumption of magic gets bigger the farther you use it to travel.

This time however we made some changes to the metastasis magic, we used a technique where we only put in the exact amount of magic necessary, with this technique the magic would be able to stay on the ground and unless you moved it.

“Such a thing was installed, and what on earth would you like to do with that?”

” I thought………… we could use it to shave down the human fighting power even if just slightly”

“FUUN……..I see…….so what? Where did you set them to be transferred to?”

A detailed description was not needed as Reiya had seen through our idea in an instant. This person is really able, though she doesn’t understand boyfriends.

Anyway the reason we scatter the metastasis magic around was so that they would be transferred to a place that we had registered before so we could kill them without doing it directly.

And the place we chose to bury those people—————–

“It takes them to strongest war potential that the demon king’s army boasts of, it takes them to the home of the great Obsidian Dragon in the [Labyrinth of the Obsidian Dragon god]”

“That is…….”

Reiya opens her eyes wide and was surprised to hear my words.

The Black Dragon God, if you exclude the demon king whose power was recently regained, is called the strongest devil in the demon king’s army.

The White Dragon God and the Black Dragon God were on even footing till the Black Dragon God was chosen for his overwhelming strength.

“As you know the Black Dragon God can’t go to the human world directly because there is a link between him and the dungeon, which even the Demon King couldn’t undo………. So why not just send the people to the Black Dragon God, is what I thought.”

“The thought is unimportant”

No…………. the me which came up with such a wonderful idea must be a genius!”

“Oh, it’s a good idea. Most of the reasonings could be understood and even if you weren’t useless and went and wasted a good portion of the demonic army’s resources on this how much would it actually change the humans war potential? I wonder if you get it?”

“Oh? We are needed right?”



It’s cruel….. Was my idea called wasteful?…….Nevertheless… I see myself as a valuable war asset…… i at least want you to withdraw the first part if possible!

“Ha……………. Are you disgusted by your stupidity?”

“Reiya, Terry and I aren’t stupid.”

“I only said Bell was stupid.”

“You’re being cruel?!”

I was surprised by the betrayal from Terry and Bosco. These fellows GUFU (sound effect i believe) later…………

“Anyways, it has been understood that you have setup metastasis traps. So how many traps have you set up?”

“100 traps.”

“So few”

“Eeeeeeeeeee?! So small……….”

“Exceedingly insufficient!?”

” Though i had such a hard time pouring so much magic power into them……”

Hearing the merciless words of Reiya we all crumbled to the ground.

” Which country did you even go to?”

“Oh they are near the imperial capital, Terveil”

“From a distance I could set up around a 1000 metastasis traps to the [Labyrinth of the Black Dragon God] lightly.”

“””What The Hell…..!”””

Is this…… what you call……. social disparities!?

“That objection is to cruel. Heck do we not get any praise?!”


” Crap! Hard!”

It was said to us so bluntly that we couldn’t even retort anymore.

“I’ve said it many times, but even if they are transferred, is our strategy all right?”

“Oh well. I understand”

We were relieved by Reiya’s words

It’s was good………….just because Reiya pardoned us!”

While thinking such, Reiya suddenly showed a very attractive and beautiful smile on her face.”

“However… Rule violations were obvious…… Punishment♪”


It was not good. I thought that i was going to get away without any great pains. My hope was raised and then thoroughly stomped on.

“Then let’s say 500 lashes from the whip for a light warm up?”

“That’s not light at all?!”

“Shut up”



Afterwords we received from the hellish punishment menu a full course meal. It was delicious.

After receiving every torture I’d be pleased if you called me a hero being able to live.

And i may have forgotten something important.

Oh……. The matter of Seiichi……… I forgot to report it……..

” Today is the last test—– The Subjugation System”

I, Hiiragi Seiichi was walking through downtown when i was told by Altria from behind me.

We had done the chore and collection system safely, so when we finished the subjugation system Saria and I would be able to become adventurers.

“What are we subjugating?”

Saria threw the innocent question to Altria from behind.

“It isn’t necessary for it to be hard even a slime is ok, besides even if we go out the gate we won’t immediately meet a demon, but since I’m here we will probably be done really soon.”

Altria was also talking like that at the examination of the collection system……….What does she mean by that………?

“Hmm, the slime is essential to subjugate anyways. Even a common slime is good and you may get a special one, anyways once you beat 10 of them the test ends. Understood?”

“”Yes.”” (Both Saria and Seiichi)

While we were walking Altria suddenly asked Saria.

“I was interested………How do you and Saria fight? I haven’t seen any weapons on Saria………… and you look like a magician but you don’t even have a cane.”


The Saria who was suddenly asked such a question put on a blank look.

Oh i see. Altria doesn’t know that Saria is a Kaiser Kong,moreover i didn’t think to put [Fists] in the weapons space on the registration.

Then when Saria finally understood what was asked of her an innocent smile appeared on her face and she thrust out her fist.



Altria froze behind me and stared at Saria’s fist.

And then turned her gaze to me.

“Seiichi, I only see a fist is there something invisible there or any special accessories?”

“No, the fist is the weapon.”

“Would you like to experience it?”

“No way?! It is true!!

the beautiful Saria certainly sticks out her fist and says “this is my weapon” the fact that it’s impossible to believe is understood! But…………..She is a gorilla.

“Did Saria learn martial arts at some point or?”


“…….. Just beat it up?”


“With what?A fellow who doesn’t have any knowledge of a martial art sticks out his fist and says “This is a weapon” how would it be possible to believe that?”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“That’s the problem gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Why is it so? But because it’s true, what can be done about it?

“Altria even if there is some emergency that happens to Saria i’ll deal with it.”

Oh dear, that seemed to solve everything even though Saria’s level exceeds 700…

“Oh, even if you say that……. well even so there are strong points and weak points in battle so at least buy a knife for self protection or something!”

Altria seems to have misunderstood Saria and thought that she doesn’t plan on becoming a combat adventurer.

To begin with in the case of a slime even a child’s fist can knock it down. When its a high level fist it’s NO joke.

While conversing we reached the gates at last.

At the gate we had to go through the same process as the time we came though for the collection system.

After Altria Arrived next to the gate keeper to do the necessary procedures we noticed a familiar face.

“Oh, Seiichi hey!!!!”

“Oh hey Claude”

“Oh! Claude! Long time no see!”

Approaching us was Claude the guard who did the procedure for when we first came into town.”

“Did you make it fine?”

“More or less. I haven’t seen you in a bit how have you been?”

Though we didn’t meet when we came through for the collection system it’s been about 3 days since we first came to the town.

“Hmm, I guess so? Anyways, what are you up to today?”

“Ah im in the final part for my test i was doing the procedures to head out and subdue some slimes.”

“……. they didn’t corrupt you did they…………”

“How could they! In addition to the enthusiast and exposure muscle man, the sodomy fellow, the S&M the lolita complex and the flasher!”

“It’s a parade of criminals.”

When i express the words normally there are no respectable fellow. Even the need to do something for the guild cannot be felt right now.

“Oh, i completely understand, isn’t worth it in my mind……”

“Yes, it’s necessary to give some kind of countermeasure to the guild immediately as expected isn’t it”

“So you’re doing you test, who is the proctor for you and Saria?”

“Altria! the beautiful girl who is going through the procedures over there look!”

When claude looks towards the direction Saria stabs her finger he shows a surprised expression and immediately turned towards us again.

“That one……… is your examiner really Altria?”

“What? that is right……”

When i answered Claude seemed to be thinking about something.

And he gave a gentle smile towards us and said.

“Because she is a little different for reasons but…..Would you look out for her once the test is over?”

I didn’t know why claude said such a thing, but only one thing is certain.

“I don’t know why but…….. Altria is a good person even though we’ve only been together a short time I don’t want to be separated yet.”

“Thats right! Altria is already an important person to us?”

Claude seemed to be satisfied with the answer Saria and i gave and smiled in response.

“Is that so. Then good.”

After Claude said so Altria who had been finishing the procedure returned.

“I made you wait……. oh Claude.”

When Altria noticed Claude her eyes widened a little.

“Yes, i was just talk to Saria and Seiichi”

‘Oh? are you guys acquaintances?”

“Oh that is the case.”

When he answer, Claude has an expression on his face that is just a little wonderful and says to Altria.

“Anyway…………Altria you met some good people.”

“Come again?”

To Altira when the things were suddenly said was confused.

“No, nevermind it’s not a big deal…… When you guys come back you’ll have finished your test………. Come back safe.”




Nodding while looking satisfied Claude returned to work and we moved on.

“Hmm, that fellow………….”

Altria twisted her head around without understanding the meaning of Claude’s words and then headed outside.

“Well…… I guess we will start the subjugation……..The slime came as soon as you said.”

As soon as we were outside the gate just as altria said, a slime appeared.

While using the appraisal skill its level was 3. For beginners i guess this would be a passing level.

“I’ll bring this to an end quickly because we will still have 19 more to go. where should I start?”

“If that’s the case, go ahead.”

I confronted the slime while saying so.

Honestly i think the [Sword of Revolting Hate] and the [Sword Overflowing with Benevolence] are over kill here and might be dangerous.

Should i also knock it down barehanded? Well, but, I should practise using magic………?

While i was thinking like this the slime didn’t care at all and rushed at me without any interference.

“Seiichi! Coming!”

“Ueeee?! Yeah! Wait!”

“You can’t make the slime wait!”

“I’m here! At least I’m here!”

No matter how desperately I raise the red flag….. the slime doesn’t break….. it’s only obvious (racing joke, Red Flag means the race is stopped for emergency reasons and everyone should just brake and stop wherever they are)

I’ll soon have no choice but to use magic! There is little consumption of magic so long as I don’t do something silly and shoot a huge magic, I’m going to throw a weak little magic with little consumption.

It was when i was going to shoot off my magic while confirming the slime was approaching that the skill [Mind’s eye] activated and the slime slowed down.


During the movement of the slime I’m sure I saw it slow down a lot.

Though a part of the ground just below the slime was shining and was showing the effect of [mind’s eye] and while i was trying to understand the effects———the slime had disappeared.



Saria and Altria looked doubtful of the slime which suddenly disappeared.

“The slime ……… gone?”

What on earth? The slime should have rushed to me certainly. where…….

I am at a loss at the mysterious event that just happened in front of all the members eyes.

Behind us Altria changed the look on her face and said.

“Oh, the one which has disappeared is worthless others will have to look for it.”

Even though I’m looking for the slime which went off forever certainly, that’s alright, so I’m going to look for another slime near Altria.

However after the event that this slime disappears it was I who was fighting it that is looking for the slime and why it disappeared in a moment.

Including the first slime, they totaled 99 but they became victim to the mysterious disappearance.

“What on earth happened?”

Altria also seems to be frowning at this situation.

I looked each time the slime disappears, suddenly shining phenomenon on the ground suddenly stops.

Altria may know something. Do i tell her just in case?


“Nn? What’s up?”

“From the time that the first slime disappeared immediately before they disappeared the ground shone why is that?”

“The ground……shone?”

Once my words were heard Altria had a thought


then Altria suddenly turned around and told us suddenly.

“Seiichi,Saria the test is canceled.”



“it isn’t understood but for some reason metastasis magic is scattered around here.”

“Metastasis magic?”

I tilted my head doubtful about what Altria said.

“Metastasis magic is a magic that can be registered to a place and the be used to transfer someone there, moreover when i think about what Seichi says he sees it might be installation type.”

“I’m not sure….. Well why do you think this metastasis magic is spread around here?”

“How would i know!!! Anyways back to the guild. it’s because i don’t know where we would be transferred that it needs to be investigated. If it isn’t a dangerous place that’d be good……”

It was then that Altria who told us that took one step.

and then the shine which made the slimes disappear showed beneath Altria.

“It is…….”


Altria was surprised by the sudden situation and tensed up.

In that situation, before i noticed it, a hand was reaching towards Altria.

Saria as well as I was reaching out for Altria

The hand that i extended to Saria at the same time as Altria——– reached.

And the the form of Saria, Altria and I all left from the plains.


After being wrapped in the dazzling light when i opened my eyes i was in a strange space with no clue where we were.

It’s dim, though it is possible to think its cave the walls seem to be made of brick so it seems to be a labyrinth.

“Where? ? Here…”

“You know?”


The voice I know suddenly comes from the rear and I look back.


When I looked back I could see both Saria and Altria there.

“Saria! Altria! It was safe?”

“Oh, I guess so……”

while looking around Altria expressed an answer to my words.

“Where are we then? Here……….”

“Is this a place that Altria doesn’t know either?”

“Yes, I don’t know it at all.”

I also don’t know where we are right now, though I searched through all the knowledge that i had gotten up till now, i didn’t find a single thing.

Where is here really?

While thinking of such things with a crumpled forehead Altria said.

“Hey Seiichi why did you come after me?”


“Saria as well why did you dive towards me and have to come to an unknown situation if you hadn’t touched me at that time maybe both of you could have returned safely?”

To Altria’s words which seem a little angry Saria and I looked at each other

“I have said it before to Seichi that and adventurer needed to be able to sense danger, though what kind of thing is this where you followed me in this way even though you don’t know me very much……”

While Altria fumed i obediently said.

“Oh… Well just before I knew it, my body was moving.”


From my words Altria let out a little stupid voice.

Then Saria followed with her reasoning.

Me too. I have to do something to help Altria! Before I thought about it my body moved without permission.”

As Saria says my body just moved without permission.

I do not doubt that I acted without thinking about consequences but the feeling that I had to help Altria was too strong.

“I think I behaved imprudently, I and Saria wanted to rescue Altria from that.”


I looked down for a while, and Altria had fallen silent after receiving our words.

“…..Guys like you, this is the first time………”


Though I didn’t hear well, after Altria muttered something, Altria turned to face us.

“Here I’ll give these to you since….. you came with me through the metastasis trap.”


Suddenly Saria and I were thrown something by Altria.

When I looked at what it was it was a silver stone.

“That is an item called a [guidestone]. It is an item necessary for adventures when in a party and get separated.”

“when getting separated?”

“Yes. My magic is in that stone….. If we were to get lost all you have to do is follow that stone it will point you in the direction i am in.”

Oh awesome. when i have this even if I lose Altria in a large cloud I would still know which direction she was in.

“Anyway hold on to that tightly and stay close ok?”


“Is this really ok…….”

As soon as Altria finished the conversation she immediately departed.

“Would you like to go that direction first?”



“And it was the moment that the first step was taken from that spot.

A click.

A terribly unpleasant sound rang out in the vicinity.

The place where the tone came from———— was the foot of Altria.

Altria looks back to us like a tin doll.

“…….This……..I stepped on something……!”


The moment Saria and I shouted that a wall of bricks that looked no different from the ones surrounding us appeared between us and Altria

In other words we have been cut off from Altria


“We seem to have been separated already….!”

What?! You said not to stray too far away from me!

“So! Altria had just handed me that item a little while ago for such a time.”

“That’s right!”

The guidestone Saria and I had just been handed was immediately taken out.

Then the guidestone came to life and slowly moving.

And it pointed directly at the wall that had just separated us from Altria


“No you are our only option!”

Even if Altria understands the fact that we are just on the other side of the wall it doesn’t matter cause we couldn’t get around the wall!

Now I wish i could learn how to get the place where Altria was or was it even possible?!

“Crap…….! I thought it was wonderful just a little while ago but it’s useless in this labyrinth………!

Even if the direction in which Altria is in is show there isn’t a meaning if i can’t find my way through the labyrinth.

While i was feeling helpless with the unexpected fault in the guidestone, Saria was speaking.

Even if Seiichi stops here , it’s inevitable and there has to be a way there, it’ll join Altria somehow! Fortunately we know the whereabouts of her, this is really good luck.

It’s completely correct for Saria to say so. Even though i grieved forever at this place there are no reasons we can’t join Altria.

“Ok! In a labyrinth you’d have to move to be able to rejoin so let’s rejoin with Altria quickly!


Because Altria was no longer around that means I could use my full power now.

In order to be able to rejoin with Altria quickly we bolted off with an all out power dash.

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