Shinka no Mi – Chapter 134

The circumstance of the Heroes.

「This should do it」 (Seiichi)

「It really came off…」 (Shota)

After we somehow escaped the chaos and moved to the more serious talk, I explained them about the bracelet.

Due to them listening to my story, which was also the source of the chaos to begin with, they believed that the status of the bracelet a lie and I could take it off for them. And just now, the last bracelet had been taken off.

「That being said…. 『Bracelet of Slavery』, huh… Yeah, I had thought it was weird I couldn’t take it off, but I never thought it was that dangerous of a thing…」 (Shota)

「I knew the Kaizer Empire couldn’t be trusted…」 (Eri)

As Shota made such remark while rubbing his wrist, Eri-san followed with her face clouded.

And the one who suffered the most from those words was——Blued.

「No way, Father….」 (Blued)

「Ah… Blued-kun, you’re have nothing to do with it, right? That’s why, you shouldn’t attack yourself for it…」 (Eri)

「…No, even if it was my Father’s actions, the fact that I am still part of the royal family doesn’t change. I’m terribly sorry for this….」 (Blued)

Blued said so with his head bowed down towards Shota’s group.

I, Kannazuki-senpai, and everyone else couldn’t say anything to him, save for Agnos who spanked Blued’s bowed head.

「You idiot stick.」 (Agnos)

「Ouch…!? Why did you hit me, you idiot!?」 (Blued)

「You’re the idiot here, idiot! There’s no reason for the son like you to apologize for what your parents did.」 (Agnos)

「That is because my Father….」  (Blued)

「I’m telling ya, that thought process is what’s weird. It ain’t related for shit even if you’re a royalty. Your dad is your dad, not you. Something so simple, even I understand.」  (Agnos)

Agnos’ words were spoken objectively as he was a third party in this situation, and the gravity of those words was felt clearly.

「Don’t mix yourself with your dad. It ain’t like you’re the one who put the bracelet on them, right? If you apologize for that, you make your dad’s sin yours. So stupid. In the first place, if you think you bear the same sin as your dad, then I say that the lot of heroes ain’t as innocent either.」 (Agnos)

「…He is right. While indeed the one who put us in this predicament was the emperor and your own father, if we drag you in this, even though you’re innocent, then we wouldn’t be better than him.」 (Karen)

Kannazuki-senpai followed after Agnos, a tiny smile appeared on her lips.

Blued was overwhelmed by their words, but it didn’t take long until he let out his trademarked prideful snicker.

「Fu… I messed up. To think I needed an utter fool to explain such a simple thing…」 (Blued)

「Why’d you say I’m a fool even though I said something good!? Aahn!?」 (Agnos)

「Don’t make a mistake, I’m praising you.」 (Blued)

「S-, ‘s that so. Well, if that’s the case——-No, that ain’t a praise though!?」 (Agnos)

You guys  sure are close.

As the gloomy atmosphere changed for the better, Shota mumbled to himself. 

「That being said… we got released all thanks to Seiichi, right? But what next?」 (Kenji)

「Ah…. you’re right. Without the bracelet, we’ll be suspected once we return to the empire….」 (Shota)

「…Wait, why does Kannazuki-senpai have a bracelet? You didn’t take it off?」 (Kenji

When Kenji asked the obvious question, Kannazuki-senpai instead puffed up her chest for some reason then turned a challenging gaze at Airin.

「You want to know? Mufufu…. can’t be helped then! I’ll tell you then! I was the first person whose bracelet was taken off by Seiichi-kun!」 (Karen)

「Wha!? What’s with that!?」 (Airi)

「Not only that. After having it taken off, I put it on again with Seiichi’s hand, and so I’m Seiichi’s slave both in name and reality!」(Karen)

「What kind of outrageous thing you said….!」 (Seiichi)

Well, that’s true, but! Isn’t there a better way to put it!? And why do you look so happy!?

「Th, that’s not fair! me too! Me wants Sei-chan to put it on me too! And then I can be Sei-chan’s property!」 (Airi)

「What do you mean not fair!? And don’t you say a ridiculous thing either!」  (Seiichi)

I really don’t want to know this side of them! It was better when she was still the same person I once admired!

As I held my throbbing head in my hands, I caught Shota muttering something, with his face serious itself.

「…I see. The ownership will be moved to Seiichi if Seiichi put it back….」 (Shota)

「What are you even saying!?」 (Seiichi)

You too, Shota!? Even you have become this stupid too!?

When exposed to my ridiculously troubled face, Shota corrected himself in a quick haste.

「Nn? Ah, no, not that meaning! I don’t hold the same feeling as Kannazuki-senpai, not even an atom, okay!? I just simply thought that it wouldn’t be found out if we have someone we trust to put it on…」 (Shota)

「Fumu…. Then, shall I be the one to receive that honor?」 (Karen)

「Eh?」 (Shota)

Kannazuki-senpai’s attitude then took a 180 degree turn, now speaking with her utmost serious face. It would be nice if she stayed like this.

「If you have no problem with me putting it on, I shall do it. If you can’t trust me, then you can, say, have you and your sister put it on each other. How about that?」 (Karen)

Really, when did she become a pervert?

In the front of Kannazuki-senpai who kept devising new solutions one after another, I genuinely thought so, 

After that, Shota held a discussion with his group, then came out with an answer.

「You’re right… We don’t exactly mind that Kannazuki-senpai put it on us. Can you please do it?」 (Shota)

「Sure, I’ll take the honor. How about you, Seto-kun and everyone else?」  

「I’ll have Sei-chan put it on me!」 (Airi)

「I’m asking you, why!?」 (Seiichi)

「Aah… puting Airi aside, we’ll just put it on each other.」 (Yuka)

「Well, we’ll always be forever together after all.」 (Noa)

「It just feels right.」 (Rumi)

「I see… If that’s the case, Seto-kun, you should obediently join them. I’m the only one who can be Seiichi-kun’s slave.」 (Karen)

I ask of you, please, Kannazuki-senpai. Putting up appearances is important, you know? Please put it up and don’t take it off again.

「Absolutely no! And so… Ei!」 (Airi)

「Heh? Aah!」 (Seiichi)


Airin slipped in while I was out of it and fitted the bracelet onto her wrist with my hand.

Kannazuki-senpai who saw it unfolding raised a shout.

「Ehehe… with this, I’m Sei-chan’s property!」 (Airi)


「Scaryscaryscaryscary!!」 (Seiichi)

I genuinely tried to pull myself away, seeing Kannazuki-senpai crying blood with her mortified eyes. No, not only me, everyone else as well. I’m glad, I’m not alone in this.

In the midst of this ridiculous atmosphere, Rika-san then suddenly raised a question.

「Speaking of which…. what is Seiichi-kun’s class doing in the Home Economics classroom? A home ed class?」 (Rika)

「Eh? Aah, no, not that. Look, there’s the Academy Festival soon, right? And so, our class decided to hold a Cosplay Cafe, so we were cooking here to make the Menu and choose the cooks for the event.」 (Seiichi)

『Cosplay Cafe!?』 

Shotan and his group were wide-eyed.

「Oi oi… Everyone still couldn’t sort out their feelings ever since the attack just the other day, and yet your class is already thinking for the Academy Festival…」(Shota)

「Ah, hold on, Onii-chan! The person that took down the assailant was…」 (Miwa)

「Eh? …..WAIT IT’S YOUUUU!?!?!?!?」 (Shota)

My hood was already off now, so they couldn’t connect the hooded person who defeated the 【Demon God Cult】’s member with me in their mind. Well, in my perspective, it didn’t feel like I defeated him at all… 

「Seiichi, you sure got stronger without me noticing it.」  (Kenji)

「I-, I did? I mean, look at you Kenji, you’ve been seriously practicing Boxing, so I’m not really…」 (Seiichi)

「No, no, I was terrified the shit out of me back then, ya know? …I really feel like crap. Here I was thinking to get stronger to protect you, now you’re way stronger than I am….」 (Kenji)

The Kenji who was such a crybaby in the past, actually took up Boxing for me. I didn’t know that.

I was confused why he started Boxing back then, but I never thought he had that in mind… 

「You’re so cool, Seiichi-kun. We were worried since we couldn’t find you amongst the heroes, but now you’re a lot stronger than us.」(Rika)

「Yeah, yeah. Seiichi-oniichan. You’re going over our expectation, like usual..」 (Miwa)

「E-, eeh?」 (Seiichi)

「…So you were an absurdity even in the other world?」 (Helen)

「That’s a false accusation, okay!?」 (Seiichi)

Helen said so and still wouldn’t believe me. I’ll cry, you know.

Just when I thought we had gone off tangent from the Cosplay Cafe topic, Kannazuki-senpai suddenly gave me sparkly gazes.

「W-, will you do a cosplay too, Seiichi-kun!?」 (Karen)

「W-, well… that’ll be so.」 (Seiichi)

「So you’re wearing a bikini, right!?」  (Karen)

「Bikini!?」 (Seiichi)

What’d you mean Bikini, oy!? Why’s that the first thing that shows up in your head!?

As I was in trouble dealing with Kannazuki-senpai who kept cornering me, Airin suddenly pushed her away from the side.

「Yer on the way!」 (Airi)

「Buhek!?」 (Karen)

「Kannazuki-senpai!?」 (Seiichi

「Sei-chan! If it’s a cafe, then Sei-chan’s handmade food will be served!?」 (Airi)

「I-, I wonder? I just finished cooking before and was about to be evaluated by everyone in my class when Kannazuki-senpai came in with everyone else.」 (Seiichi)

「You’ve finished making it!?」 (Airi)

「Ha ha ha ha! That’s too bad, Seto-kun! I’ve eaten all of Seiichi-kun’s handmade food!」 (Karen)

Kannazuki-senpai who should’ve been shoved away suddenly perked up and threw around a triumphant look.

「What’d you say!? What does this mean, Sei-chan!? Why didn’t you prepare some for me!?」 (Airin)

「You’re being too unreasonable!」 (Seiichi)

And why are you looking so boastful, Kannazuki-senpai? It was originally made for Rurune, you know? Look at her now, she’s been depressed all this time since she lost her second serving. 

As a means to pull away from Airin who continued to complain unreasonably, I asked Shota what had been bugging my mind.

「H-, hey. You look surprised when you heard we were preparing for the Academy Fest. Are you and the other heroes not going to do anything?」 (Seiichi)

「Aah… about that…」 (Shota)

「….Everyone is still depressed from the attack the other day.」  (Kenji)

「Huh? Depressed?」 

I just parroted what was said.

「When we were first summoned by the Kaizer Empire, everyone was excited since we’d become heroes like the one in fairy tales. Well, everyone apart from our group. In addition, the Empire also said that we’re all stronger than the people in this world…」  (Shota)

「Eeh?」  (Seiichi)

The heroes are stronger than the people of this world?

Unintentionally, my line of sight shifted to the members of class F, then shifted again towards Louis, Lutia, and Olga-chan.


「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

「Yeah, I can tell with your reaction alone…」 (Shota)

No, I mean… right?

I had no idea of the level and the stats of the current hero group, but no matter how I sliced it, I couldn’t see them defeating the perverts from the Guild Headquarter or Louis and the girls. Of course, I also couldn’t see myself beating these people if I got summoned as a hero as well.

Was it that? The “they’ll win if they grow” kinda thing?”

Also, I didn’t mention about her since it would only complicate things, but Lutia here is the daughter of the Demon Lord, you know?

「At any rate, we were told that we were strong, and were made to train with the soldiers. But, the training was mainly swinging around weapons and sham battles, we didn’t get to gain level from actual battles…. And the lot who’s been feeling numb from all the trainings asked the empire to send us here, and here we arrived at this academy.」 (Shota)


Eh, what’s that, so envious.

I had no regret with my current situation since I could meet with Saria and the girls, but in the off chance that I didn’t meet them, then I’d like to be able to train in such a safe environment like that.

Even I didn’t put my life on the line in that forest in the middle of nowhere because I wanted to! You don’t know how many times I was on the verge of dying!

It surprised me that they were being treated better than I thought, but they sure were freaks for wanting to do real battles. I mean, it’s scary. And it hurts.

Throwing away such a safe place to train to head for the danger… do they even have the courage for it? I don’t understand.

「In fact, the amount of people stronger than us in this academy was just a handful. That fact made the heroes grow impudent, full of themselves, and… that very pride was blown to smithereens. Now, the majority here has been chirping about how they want to go home, but… with the bracelets on, things are looking grim.」 (Shota)


I, on the other hand, had been only facing people stronger than when I was back on Earth.

And yet the heroes are despairing even though nothing was done to them, huh… this is difficult.

「So, since everyone wants to go home, they feel like it’s not the time for the Academy Fest?」 (Seiichi)

「That is be so」 (Shota)

「Umm…. Tentatively, I have heard that every other classes have decided their program for the festival…」  (Beatrice)

「Eh, is that so?」 (Shota)

「Yes. It’s the Academy Festival, after all…. everyone wants to have fun.」  (Beatrice)

If the information Beatrice-san had was true, then the other students had started to look positively, unlike the heroes.

….I guess there was the difference in culture, or rather, sense of security. Compared to the people of this world that was overrun with supernaturally strong people, we people of Earth were weak.

「I wonder if it’s allowed to not participate? If it’s like what Beatrice-san said, it’s the long-awaited Academy Festival after all, right?」  (Seiichi)

「That’s right! It was really scary that time, but when having fun, you have to have fun with everything you have!」 (Saria)

When I throw a glance to Saria, looking for approval, Saria returned with a nod full with smiles. That’s right. It’s not like we died. And even if the opponent is stronger than us, then what?

…Ah wait, I died once, didn’t I.

Seeing my reaction, Shota and the others were wide-eyed, then soon showed a bitter smile.

「That part of yours never changes, huh.」 (Shota)

「Is that so…? Well, it’s fine. But, if you don’t do anything, the heroes really won’t be participating, you know?」 (Seiichi)

「…You’re right. It might be difficult, but I’ll try to talk to everyone once again.」  (Karen)

「I think that’s for the best.」 (Seiichi)

I nodded at Kannazuki-senpai’s words. Well, I’m sure Kannazuki-senpai in her serious mode can do something about it.

「Sei-chan! Now, cook again, for me!」(Airin)

「Milord! Me too! Cook for me too!」(Rurune)

……Still on that, huh, Airin.

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