Shinka no Mi – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Journey in the Labyrinth


I – – – – Altria Guremu fought against the demon who was coiled around by a bandage like that of an injured person.

The fight was not any different to any other, but it was just that, the demon’s level before her eyes was different than usual demons.

‘’Mummy Man Lvl: 233’’

 The skill “appraisal” displayed this as a result.

…….This is the first time i had seen a monster with a level that exceeds 200! Until now I didn’t have an opponent like this.

My own level is 100. Adventurers from S class may fight monsters like this, but it’s a first for me.

To be honest, I don’t fight monsters with this big difference in ability but, it’s different now.

“We got to to meet up with them quickly….!”


But there was no way the Mummy Man would let us through, and it attacked us relentlessly.

He attacks fiercely with his arms but, when the attack missed it and hit the surrounding walls it screamed in pain.

“Tsu —- !”

“Oooo Ooooo!”

 As the Mummy Man’s attacks with a loud war cry I somehow manage to avoid it, even though I’m at my limit.
But I can’t avoid his attacks forever, I received a heavy blow to the abdomen and was blown away.


I felt an acute pain and almost lost my consciousness in an instant.
Just as I crashed into a wall, a lot of cracks appeared. However they did not crumble, it seems they’re quite sturdy walls. How could I think about that in a situation like this.

I moved away from the wall and it collapsed.

My consciousness was growing faint.

But…… but…… I can’t rest here, I can’t lose my consciousness.

I have to meet up with Seiichi and Saria!

They helped me, without even regarding themselves.

Until now in my life there was no one who did that for me.

Though it might have been because they did not know my secret, that they still tried to help me, it made me happy.

I moved my aching body, and took a recovery medicine out from my item box, and drank it quickly.
Anyway it was an recovery medicine which can be bought at a store everywhere, so the effect was nothing special but, it would let you get back on your feet.

Until I can return to them safely I won’t die or collapse, I’m absolutely cannot! Therefore —-

‘’This obstruction! I will get past ittttttttt!!’’


My weapon [Battle Axe of the Earth] is a legendary class weapon, It’s a large weapon which I take pride in.

While I activate my skill I move towards the Mummy man.

“[Power Slash]!”

I just flung the battle-axe and to slammed it against the Mummy Man in front of me.

“Rra ah ah ah ah aa~tsu!’’


Using the momentum, I hit the Mummy Man.

‘’Haa~ Haa~’’

Receiving my skill, the Mummy Man becomes particle of lights and disappeared.

The level difference was big, and I defeated it with a single blow, though I felt anxious, as the [Battle Axe of the Earth]’s effect was to double the physical strength while in combat, the strengthened [Power Slash] somehow won.

I suddenly noticed that the wall that I had crashed against has no more cracks. It looked like nothing happened to it.

…The structure of a dungeon is really strange, what kind of material is the wall made out of…?

I collected the items that the Mummy Man dropped while thinking about the wall. And I start running.

Along the way I repeatedly to fought many demons and battles and forget about my condition.

Since these monsters were all higher in levels than the highest that I fought against before, I rose up to level 123 before I even noticed.

Due to the battles with strong monsters, my battle skills increased as well. But at the same time, the injuries I had incurred is also plentiful and the recovery medicine that I have on hand have already been completely used up.

Suddenly I, became aware of the place that I had stumbled into.

“This place is….”

Directly in front of me is a huge door.

The colour of the door itself was black. However, one could also see grey and white. It was a mysterious colour.

Within that door, there are various red and blue jewels embedded into it, and a dragon is engraved into the door.

The engraving, artistic as it is. At the same time, my instincts were telling that it was dangerous.

“Are there no other routes other than this?”

I tried surveying the surroundings but other than the path that I had come from, there seems to be no other routes that continued on.

I thought there might be a hidden door, so I tried carefully touching the walls and the floor.

“…. It seems that there is nothing around….”

I tried searching around but things such as hidden doors couldn’t be found at all.

“ That means…”

I return my sights back to the door in front of my eyes.

Along the way, I had definitely mapped the various routes. Therefore, I am sure there are no other place to search beyond this.

In the places that I had explored, the existence of hidden doors like the ones I am searching for now, I couldn’t possibly find them now.

On the path that I had walked, after thinking about the lack of devices leading to hidden doors, the probability of Seiichi reaching a hidden room is also low.

“As expected, there is no other place other than this huh…”

The door in front of my sights had a dangerous atmosphere lingering about.

It is also possible Seiichi has entered this door.

Normally, you would not leap into places where you know it’s dangerous with one glance.

However, only this time, even if I am risking my life, I believe there is someone I want to save.

After taking in a deep breath, I resolved myself.

“… Yoshi”

I gently touch the door in front of me.

When I do so, the jewels embedded in the door began to sparkle. 

Then, the door in front of my eyes, opened automatically without me putting any force


I was surprised at the sudden event, so hardening my resolve again, I set foot in the room.


I entered the room, but nothing could be seen as it was pitch black inside.

In this situation where visibility is not accurate, I raised my alertness to the maximum.

It was at that time.


The door I used to enter suddenly began to close.

As I rushed to the door, no matter how much I pushed and pulled the door didn’t open, it seem like a lie how it opened automatically. Just what happened…….

I raised my vigilance as I felt the tension and started dripping sweat from my forehead .

Suddenly, the room that was pitch black until now lights up.


From the sudden brightness, I squinted.

Then, after getting used to the light I looked around the surroundings


What was in front of such a me was——–.

“I was wondering who came…… do you want to be eaten? Little girl….”

—- It was a huge jet-black dragon.



“Nee, Seiichi. Is that human?”

“There is no way it’s human… It‘s different right?”

I Hiiragi Seiichi, together with Saria in order to meet up with Altria-san, are wandering in this incomprehensible Labyrinth.

And, before our eyes, stood a demon blocking the way.

“Sandman Lv: 350”

It is higher level than the ones I fought in the [Forest of Endless Love and Grief]. What the hell? This useless high level?

That sandman appearance, is human shaped sand. It doesn’t have eyes, mouth or ears. Seriously, only sand shaped like a human.

……Surely I think that it is not a human being, but if you look at just the silhouette, it is not that different at all from a human being.

Well, defeating it an is alright, but for some reason the Sandman in front of my eyes is just standing there, completely motionless.

“It is alive right…..?”


At my question which was no louder than a murmur, the Sandman doesn’t answer in the slightest. This situation is very surreal.

Using a nonchalant attitude, Saira pulled at my robes lightly.

“Ne ne”


“ No matter how long we stand here, we won’t be able to progress no? Let’s talk to it and have it let us through.”

“Talk to it?!”

I imagined my appearance of talking to the sandman figure.


Aren’t I a weirdo!? …… Looking back at everything up until now, I just realised how weird I am. Well. I had realised it too late!! HAHAHA!For some reasons tears are flowing!

(TL: Arc get up, go out home search for a truck and jump in front! Arc go to other world, enter the dungeon and reach MC place, “MC: …Eh?”, Arc punch him in the face and return home with a satisfied smile.)

However, it is also true that we won’t be able to meet up with Altria-san by being in opposition with the Sandman forever. In addition, I am unable to do anything about it, so I meekly tried out Saira’s advice.

…. Are? If we disregard it, wouldn’t it be fine? I had thought of that but if it were to suddenly attack, we would be in trouble.

“Ha, hallo?” (TL: this is done with bad eng)


“Areee!? It didn’t move until now, suddenly it starts moving!?”

It appears that we had aggro it. It’s impossible to talk to him in English huh?

Although it is a universal language…. Ahh, it’s only on Earth huh. 

But more than that, isn’t that Sandman vigourous?! It’s in a running pose of an extremely pretty athlete?!

In the first place, he has no mouth. How can he make noises?!

At any rate, not knowing whether the sandman is dead or not, but he seems to be very lively. He started charging at us. What the fuck. I attack him as I could no longer ignore it.

“Somehow its amazingly unreasonable!?”

“Seiichi! That person is alive! Isn’t that good!”

“Yeah, but on the other hand it’s coming to kill us instead!?”

And I will say it one more time. The Sandman is not a human being… It’s a demon!

“Seiichi, what will you do?”

“No, even if you asked me what to do ……”

Saira asked about about what she thought of obediently.

Even if we run away from here, we can only run back to where we came from. The time we spent till now would be wasted and we also wish to meet up with Altria-san soon.

Therefore, I have decided what to do in the beginning.

“Ah, mou! There is no choice but to beat him!” (TL: Arachnid?)

If you are talking about sand, it is well known from manga and games, etc that it is weak against water.

If that’s the case, I will use water attribute magic…

“[Water laser]!”

I hold out my right hand to face the sandman and the water attribute 【Water Laser】 magic was activated.

As it is water. Against sand it is befitting as a cheat attribute.

Not worrying too much about any anything, from the center of my right palm, the compressed water was shooting out. 

However. my 【Water Laser】 is a little…. No, it seems like there is a huge misunderstanding.

In the first place, there is nothing but the information of the consumption of magic power entering my head. I have no idea what effect it has until using it.

And I, certainly thought of the water jet that existed on Earth.

But, in reality when the magic was allowed to invoke――――


From my palms, a flash. A glittering beam of light pierces through the sandman and there was a terrific roar for a short period of time. The splitting the ground completely in half.


“Power is dang~erous …!”

Is that a joke?! Is that a laser for real? Although the magic power consumption is not large but the power and so on .. What the hell is this!?

First of all, the sound effects that are coming from the water jetting out! What the hell is that ZUKOOOOON?! Isn’t that a fucking explosion sound!

As I was shocked by the unexpected power, I turn towards the sand man.

“Oh …… ~O~o~o ……”

The sandman is split right in half as it disperses into light particles and disappears.



“It disappeared”

” ………… that’s true”

I was particularly unable to put in feelings towards the incident that before my eyes which was described by Saira. This for some reasons made me want to cry. Am I really a human being?

Well, for now it is over, being hesitant about it is a pointless waste of time. Therefore, I went to collect the item drop. 

Like during the time when I defeated the slime, this time the sandman’s status are also written into the ball and before I could check it, it became a ball of light and entered into my body.

Things like skill cards are also absorbed into the body, however I did not check it. I planned to check it after we meet up with Altoria-san.

By the way, although my level did not go up, it still feels like I am another step away from humanity again. Hahaha

And after reading 『Sandman’s lifetime』 which was the Sandman’s experience till now, one fact became known.

That dude, he did not seem to think of anything.

Because that booklet which was about 『Sandman’s lifetime』 was strangely thin. In addition, there are many blank spots.

If you could say it was thanks to that, about all you could learn about the guy is that it’s favorite food is sand. The information was so terribly useless that I threw it away.

It’s just, the experience written in the book was important but, the dropped items were also important.

But, Sandman’s dropped item was more cruel than 「Sandman’s Life Story」…

No rare item was dropped, only money and a one of a kind item dropped.

The item that dropped was—-..

『Micro magic bullet』……it was a charm for intercepting magic. But, it had absolutely no effect when it’s state is sand, it is only effective after heating and turning it into glass. However, it wasn’t able to prevent the magic attack.

It’s so bloody hard to use! An interception magic that can’t intercept magic isn’t useful at all you know!? Where the hell can you use this!? This!..

……Well, I guess it has to have some use somewhere. That’s what I think. If not then what the hell are they doing?!.

It was a uselessly high level, the crappy item made me feel disappointed. My status should have high luck…..

“Saaaa. It’s possible to go ahead now, so let’s move on.”

“That’s true!”

With the intent of changing the mood, Saira and I began to walk around again.

Along the way, with the exception of the Sandman, without fighting reached a certain room.

That room didn’t contain a path to continue on, it was a dead end.

In the center of the room was a treasure chest that gave off a sinister feeling. It has such an eerie pattern carved on the outside. Although it’s a treasure chest, I wonder why I don’t want to open it. I think that the appearance is important after all.

“Seiichi, something is left here?”

“Yeah. Let’s ignore it”

“Ignore it!?”

I mean, I hate it. To open that treasure box. It’s somehow black, and a weird black smoke is coming out…… Heck, just what is inside? Scaaary.

Ignore the treasure box that is giving a dangerous smell, we went back to where we came from and follow another path.

Kata~…… katakatakatakatakata.


Suddenly, the ominous treasure chest in front of my eyes began to move. What the hell is this, scary.

“Something is moving.”

“Th Th Th th that’s right!”

Why is Saria ok!? And why I am so freaking scared!?

To begin with I am not good with horror things…… What the hell, this labyrinth moving Treasure box. Now if a voice came from the treasure box——–

“…… ~O~o~o~oooo Oh ~O~o~o~o ……”

“Gya ah ah ah! It talked Aa ah ah ah ah!”

Scary idiot! like the Slime, Sandman…… From where do they make a voice if they don’t have mouths!

“…….Fighting spirit…….?”

“Ah, well that makes sense, it was fighting spirit…… wha…?”

I, myself, didn’t know to whose voice i just answered.

It wasn’t Saria voice for sure, and Altria-san is not here.

Then, now, who am I talking with……?

The unpleasant sweating won’t stop. 

The only thing that was in my line of view was a single sinister treasure chest.


“Seiichi amazing ne! You can talk to that box!”

It’s like that after allllllll!

I just had a conversation with a treasure chest!? From the beginning something felt off, didn’t it!? Was it like the same as Saria who could speak in her gorilla form? It must be different…

Anyway, having had a conversation with this ominous treasure chest that was before my eyes. Did I get too strong, finally even getting magic to communicate with magical beings? I want to believe it’s different!

But, even if that isn’t already the case, there must be treasure chests that exist that have the ability to talk?

Thinking that, I move towards the treasure chest for a second time. 

Gata gata (much sound effects of it being rattled around)

No, is the guy inside okay!? Looking at it, I shouldn’t be allowed to shake it this much, but..!?

From the beginning I don’t know when the the fear that was gripping me disappeared, without thinking I was worrying about the treasure box that was in front of my eyes.

And then, even though just before I violently shook it, the box just stopped still all of a sudden.

“wh… What?”

“Why, I wonder?”

For Saria and me this sudden development is too much, But it’s not enough to make our heads spin.


Bang Bang Bang

The treasure chest before my eyes grew human hands and feet.




Without thinking I let out a completely moronic voice.

But, that was kinda unavoidable right. I mean the treasure chest just grew legs and feet.


Wait no no no no no no! That is just way too strange right?! I mean it’s gross…!?

From the side of the treasure chest an arm grew out, from below an entire leg grew out from the joint!! I… I don’t get what the hell is going on!?

Aside from me just being totally having my mind blown, the treasure chest just casually stood up, and began to walk around.

“It’s kinda cute isn’t it!”

“That’s a lie right…?”

Did Saria-san just call a treasure chest, that grew out human arms and legs, cute?!

I see nothing but a horror comedy character that I just don’t get.

It’s scary, but surreal!

Regardless of the Sandman…… Are surreal guys the rage?!


“Noo~ you’re not embarrassed are you?!”

The treasure chest blushes slightly from embarrassment at Saria’s words.

It’s an unreasonably strange creature? At any rate, I can’t understand it, so I use my skill 『Advanced appraisal』.

『Treasure chest Lv:900』

“That’s super fucking strong!!!!!”

Level 900!? It’s the highest since Zeanos!? And it’s a Treasure chest!?

Regardless of how it looks or its level, there is a treasure box right in front of my eyes, just as with the Sandman from the start it started with.



That’s cruel isn’t it?! We’ve only just met?! I haven’t even touched the casket in the first place, it didn’t have any reason to say die?!

“….. I, wanted… to… open… the…. treasure chest….”


That’s right! It’s just a treasure chest, completely ignoring me is pitiful, right?!

“……Therefore, I kill…..”

“Aren’t you being too hasty?!”


“The treasure chest ignored it!”

The treasure box ignores the exchange of words, and then rushes towards me. Just like the Sandman it had beautiful athletic legs. Does this labyrinth have an athletic training promotion program?

“An- anyways! I was wrong for ignoring you! You can understand words, so let’s talk about this!”

“…….Dialogue, useless……”

“You aren’t even listeeeeeeeeeing!”

“……Ears, there weren’t there to begin with……”

“Then why can you talk without a mouth!? I mean you can hear what I’m saying!”


“You’re ignoring the inconvenient truth!?”


“Are we even reaching each other!?”

He’s a too one-sided treasure chest. I hate this treasure chest.

The treasure box, who with stopped communicating, didn’t stop rushing toward me.

“……We’ve only started chatting, I’ll have you settle down!”

Although the Sandman wasn’t able to talk, this treasure chest understood human speech and was able to talk.

Then, without excessively beating it down, let’s try and see if we can come to a peaceful solution.

While thinking so, not wanting to repeat the same mistake as with the Sandman, from within the the water attribute magic, I picked a magic with the lowest magic consumption and started reciting.

“Stop! 【Aqua Bullet】!”

Aiming at the treasure box, I held out my right palm.

And then, like how I had aimed at the Sandman and shot 【Water Laser】, a small ball of water formed in the center of my palm and I shot it at the treasure chest.


In an instant.

The 【Aqua bullet】I had shot at it’s body looking part, pierced through at absurd speed.



The treasure chest turned into light particles and disappeared just like that.

Silence ruled over the area.

Within that, Saria who had been watching the attempts at communication for a long time, opened her mouth.



“It’s disappeared, didn’t it?”

“Chikushooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Tln: Damnit)

I shouted the same phrase that Sandman had just shouted moments ago.


『You’ve leveled up』

An inorganic voice that can’t read the mood reverberated in my head.

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