Shinka no Mi – Chapter 135

She never changed

「Just how did Kannazuki-senpai and Airin become like that….」 

My reunion with my childhood friends in the Home Economics class was a shocking one in all sorts of meaning. After I managed to convince Kannazuki-senpai to talk once again to the Heroes about their program for the Academy Festival, we parted. 

However, I managed to accomplish my initial goal of meeting them, which was to deal with their bracelets.

And, while indeed the Academy Festival was near, the exam session weren’t over yet.

For that reason, Beatrice-san led the class back to the classroom to teach them, while I went to fetch the materials for the class.

「I still can’t grasp this maze of an Academy, but I’m pretty sure it’s this way?」 

I strode my way anxiously since I wasn’t exactly familiar with the place where the materials were placed.

「———! ———!」


The voices of some women arguing entered my ear.

「What’s happening…?」 

I couldn’t catch what they were saying, but I could tell it wasn’t very peaceful.

…This way?

I threaded to the source of the noise, proceeding into more secluded area as I went, until I arrived at an empty space under a staircase with zero perceivability.

Now, what are they doing in such a place…?

For now, I should peek into and call on them—— 

「Hey, can you not get in the way? We got business with that woman.」 

「What business!? You call violence as business!?」 

「And so, what? It got nothing to do with you.」 

「Nothing to do with me? I can’t just let this slide! I understand, everyone is restless all the same. But that doesn’t mean we can vent it on others!」 

「Hah? You’re really getting on my nerve. For reals, what’s your deal?」 

「This bitch sure is getting cocky just coz her face is a little cute.」 

「…Ah! Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we get on her now?」

「…I like that. Let’s teach you a lesson and make you our gofer. 」 


There was the sight of three female students cornering two students——one was Hino Youko.

Behind Hino was another female student, her face looked startled and anxious. With a single look I could tell that Hino was protecting her from the opposite three.

Seeing such a scene made me feel nostalgic.

…Hino sure didn’t change. And I’m happy she didn’t.

She had helped me time and again back when we were on Earth, but with the current me…. 

「You there, what are you doing?」 (Seiichi)


When I called out to the three female students, one of them turned to me with a sour face. Wow your attitude is bad!

「The fuck are you?」 

「I’m a teacher of——-」(Seiichi) 

「’S that so. I got no business with you so fuck off.」 

Can’t you at least listen to me!? Girls are scary!

「No can do. This is clearly some trouble.」 (Seiichi)

「…And? Got something to do with you?」 

「Rather, you know who we are?」 

I don’t. We just met, right?

「Just some virgin teacher shouldn’t get in the way of us heroes.」 

「That right. Now shoo, fuck off.」 

The three students soon lost interest to me and went back to Hino.

And, without any hesitation, one of them raised their hand, then——


「Oi oi, please don’t play hands.」 (Seiichi)

「Wha?! Oi, let me go! Fucking gross!」 

「That hurt!」 (Seiichi)

I made sure to wash my hands after from the toilet and I didn’t touch anything dirty either! What a cruel slander.

I grabbed the girl’s hand in the air, but then they all jumped away from me at the same time, glaring at me dagger.

「Hey, wanna get sued for sexual assault? This sucks..」 

「Ah, maybe I should’ve taken a picture of that.」 

「Whatevs. Just take some again to threaten him.」  

「OH….」 (Seiichi)

Eh, girls are this scary? Or am I the numb one for not realizing it since I’ve been around Kannazuki-senpai and Airin?

……No, I think those two are already a different species by now.

「You’d get punished for going against us heroes. Save for right of veto, you don’t even have any human rights now.」 

「Even the people I just met is questioning my humanity now…」 (Seiichi)

Well, I’ve gotten used to being disregarded like this, so it’s okay. Wait, no, it’s not okay.

「We’ll deal with you first then we’ll go for that bitch.」 


The female student flashed a gaze towards Hino, the latter tensed up when their eyes met.

「Lay down for a while…!」 

What a violent person.

Without any shred of hesitation, the female student threw her fist at my face.

Seeing that, I…. 


「Eh!? A, w-, why!?」 

「Uwah… you’re merciless…」 (Seiichi)

Evaded it like normal.

As the result, the fist instead met the face of the female student that stood behind me, sending her flying away.

「Isn’t she your friend? That looked like it hurt a lot…」 (Seiichi)



The punched female student came up to the girl who had hit her, with a line of blood coming out from her nose, her face looked terrifying.

「T-, that wasn’t on purpose——」 

「HAAH!? So what if it wasn’t, you hit my face! …Eat shit!」  


Then, the female student that was punched, punched back the female student that punched her.

The female students then vehemently sent one another flying. Rather, just addressing them as female students makes it hard to keep track of who is who.

Yosh. The one who hit first is Female Student A, the one who got hit first is Female Student B, and the one who watches from the sideline is Female Student C. Perfect.

Before I knew it, Female Student A and B began to trade fists, completely treating me, Hino, and the girl she was protecting out of the mix.

「You always getting on my nerve! Why the hell I gotta follow your every command, aah!?」 (Fem B)

「Shut up! I fucking hate your ass too, slut! Go die in hell!」 (Fem A)

Eeh… those words are bad…  that make you guys can’t smooth things over… 

As I pulled myself away from the female student A and B who kept going at each other with their everything, I noticed the female student C trying to stop them.

「S-, stop it, you two! We don’t need to fight like this——」  (Fem C)

「Aahn!? Stop putting on airs, cunt!」 (Fem A)

「Iieek!?」 (Fem C)

You’re really merciless, oi!?

Even the female student C who was just watching from the sideline got dragged into the fight, leaving us baffling.


「For the time being, follow me.」 (Seiichi)

「Eeh!? Ah, y-, yeah…」 (Hino)

Hino and the female student behind her followed me suit, their face showed an indescribable look as they watched the kicks and punches flying furiously.

「Well, you’d be fine now. Leave while you can.」 (Seiichi)

「Th-, thank you very much! Em…. you too, I’m really thankful you saved me!」 

「Eh? A… d-, don’t mind! I just did what is obvious!」 (Hino)

The girl Hino had been covering bowed her head repeatedly and quickly left the scene.

「And, you’re not leaving?」(Seiichi)

However, for some reason, Hino remained.

「Yes…. Those girls are my classmates, so… Is there a way to stop them?」 (Hino)

She even worried about the people who were threatening to harm her. …She truly is admirable.

That being said, me stopping that was…. Yup, impossible. Scary.

But, isn’t it my fault that things went that way? But, I’d get hit if I didn’t evade! 

The fact that the punch hit Female Student B was a pure stroke of luck, too.

After trying to compose any solution in my head, a few words escaped from my mouth.

「Haah…. Things would be easier if Kannazuki-senpai was here…」 (Seiichi)

「——-You called me!?」 (Karen)

「——-WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM!?!?!?!?」 (Seiichi)

「Eh!? P-, president!?」 (Hino)

To my surprise, it was Kannazuki-senpai who appeared on the scene. I know I’m the one who called, but really, how!? 

You weren’t here a few moments ago! From which hole did you crawled out from!?

Hino was just as surprised at her sudden appearance.

Kannazuki-senpai, however, ignored our reaction and laid her eyes on the carnage happening in front us.

「Haah… Those girls in that group often creates the most trouble even amongst the heroes.」(Karen)

Muttering so, Kannazuki-senpai headed towards the three female students.

Just how would she resolve this? She’s the Student Council President after all, she must have a peaceful and striking method to—— 

「Sleep!」 (Karen)



It wasn’t anything special.

Kannazuki-senpai just slammed all three at the same time towards the wall.

That impact alone rendered them unconscious, leaving them lying about on the ground.

Kannazuki-senpai then took the three by their feet and dragged them all along.

「I’ll bring them with me.」 (Karen)

「Ah, yes.」 (Seiichi)

「Later then.」 (Karen)

I thought she would treat them a little bit better, but Kannazuki-senpai actually just drag them away just like that.

「Phew… Seiichi must surely be thinking about me now that I’ve showed him how capable of a  woman I am who can solve troubles swiftly…. what a perfect plan!」 (Karen)

I heard everything.

As my eyes were glued to Kannazuki-senpai who left the scene with her plan spoiled, Hino reached to me.

「Pardon….」 (Hino)

「Eh? Aah, what is it?」  (Seiichi)

「Umm…. Thank you very much for saving me!」 (Hino)

「Eeh? No, I didn’t really do anything. …They just somehow got in fight with each other, then the girl from before stopped them.」 (Seiichi)

「Even so, I’m just happy that you called out to me back then. That’s why, please receive my thanks.」 (Hino)

Hino politely bowed her head to me.

In fact, I truly didn’t do anything, but… I felt that this was typical of her.

It was then when I noticed it.

Come to think of it, Hino has a bracelet placed on her too, huh… 

But, I’m currently hiding my identity, and so Hino doesn’t know me… No, rather, does she even remember me? And even if she did, Hino and I weren’t really that close either.

But she’s helped me again and again, so… I want to take off her bracelet somehow.

I had been saved by Hino’s kindness numerous times.

This time, it was my turn to save her.

I thought about it a lot, and… in the end, I decided to take it off under the guise of coincidence and put it on again by my own hands.

I would play off the oblivious card to bring the bracelet into topic.

This is where the skill I got from when I went to a date with Al, 【Performance】, unexpectedly went into effect. I didn’t expect a part of my dark history would work here…!

「That bracelet…」(Seiichi)

「Yes? Ah, you mean this? This is a special bracelet the Empire gave to us heroes. Apparently it boosts our strength… such a great item, don’t you think?」(Hino)

「Heeh… Can I take a look? I have a thing for mysterious tools like this.」 (Seiichi)

「Of course you can. Ah… But, it seems like it can’t be taken off after being worn… Is it fine to stay on my hand?」 (Hino)

「Of course, it’s okay.」 (Seiichi)

Without a hint of suspicion, Hino showed me her bracelet.

No, Performance sure is dangerously efficient here! I naturally guide Hino by the nose. I’d be happier if I didn’t get the skill through such a shameful process, though!

As I lightly touched the bracelet whilst crying in my mind, I activated 『President Linc*ln』 immediately.

The bracelet then easily fell to the floor.

「EH!? Wh-, why is the bracelet…」(Hino)

「Seems like it was a lie when they said it couldn’t be taken off. But, if I do so… There, it’s back on.」(Seiichi)

「Eh? Eh? It was a lie….? But I couldn’t take it off no matter how much I tried, so I thought….」(Hino)

Paying no heed to Hino’s confusion, I quickly fitted the bracelet back to her wrist.

「I’m sorry, it seems like I just made you confused…」(Seiichi)

「I-, it’s alright. I didn’t expect it too… And, since it’s back on, then it’s probably fine.」(Hino)

Hino’s smile was gentle as she said so.

「…Ah! I’m sorry, I have to go to class. Thank you very much!」(Hino)

Suddenly noticing how much time had passed, Hino once again bowed deeply and left the scene.

「Phew…. With this, I truly have protected everyone I wanted to protect from Kaizer Empire and their slavery… Have I?」(Seiichi) 

Right after I sighed at one less concern to worry, I realized I still had to fetch the teaching materials, and so I left with hurry.

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