Shinka no Mi – Chapter 133

The Chaos within the Home Economics Classroom

「Wait wait wait wait wait….!」 

Facing with Shota and the rest while I was totally unprepared for anything made me hastily pull Kannazuki-senpai over towards the corner of the classroom.

「What the hell are you thinking!?」 

「Seiichi-kun… how bold of you… you want to hear it from my mouth….」 

「Really, what the hell is happening in your head!?」 

「…Can’t be helped. I’m thinking that Seiichi-kun pulled me over in front of everyone’s eyes and then we do 【censored】 and 【censored】, it’s happening right now in my head…. 」 


And it’s very graphic! Ah, I’m done dealing with this person.

「Don’t you know TPO!? Look at them, Shota and everyone else! Look how troubled their faces are! Can’t you tell!? Any time is better than now!」 

「Hahahaha. I’m happy I can meet you, Seiichi-kun.」 

「I don’t understand! Should I say thank you very much!?」 

My retort couldn’t keep up with Kannazuki-senpai’s messed up mental health, but I knew she didn’t have any bad motives since she was genuinely happy to meet me, so all I could do was say thanks.

Then, Shota who had been watching the development with eyes reek of suspicion called out.

「Kannazuki-senpai… for real, what happened to you? Isn’t that guy the guy who sat on the bench during the In-School Tournament…. do you know him?」 

「What are you talking about? It’s Seiichi-kun.」  

「 ………Huh?」 


「OH…. is this for real, that person….」 

Kannazuki-senpai dropped bombs one after another without regard to my mental preparation. No, I know that we should meet up as soon as possible to take off their bracelets, but… I’ve been avoiding them all this time, so…. right?

「Nononono, Kannazuki-senpai? I know and I understand you’re feeling lonely since we can’t meet with Seiichi, but calling some stranger as Seiichi is a bit…」 

「What!? Can you still say that this isn’t Seiichi-kun after you see this!?」 

Kannazuki-senpai removed my hood as she shouted so, exposing my face to the open. As I said, my mental preparation… 

「No, that’s completely a different person though!?」 

「Right, of course.」  

I knew it already…  I knew they wouldn’t recognize me as Seiichi, since my appearance had completely changed after eating Fruit of Evolution

Or rather, to me Kannazuki-senpai is the weird one to be able to recognize I’m Seiichi even after my appearance changed…! Well, Airin too though!

「———You called?」


Just what the hell is happening!? I used to think that S rank adventurers are the most perverts ever could be, but now I’m beginning to suspect that there’s even more perverts on Earth though!?

Surely I retorted to it, yelled even, but Airin had indeed come to the classroom. Really, what the hell? Does she have some kind of unique Skill that even my body can’t learn or something?

Following suit was Airin’s own circle of friends, intruding the home economics classroom.

「Airin! You lass, don’t start running all of a sudden…」 

「Haah… haah…. this is the worst…. why must we run like this…?」 

「Airin, I demand explanation.」 

「I got the feeling I hafta meet Sei-chan!」 

「That’s not even an explanation.」  

It seemed like they were being pulled around, just what happened with Shota and his group.

At any rate, from amongst the class F who had been treated as third wheel all this time, Beatrice-san who was first to come back to her sense opened her mouth.

「Umm… everyone, what business do you have here…?」  

「Eh? A, aah…. I’m sorry for the commotion. That female student over there is…. well, she’s something like our leader. But she suddenly shouted 『Seiichi-kun’s handmade cooking!?』 then ran off in a creepy, inhumane manner, so…」 

「Aah, indeed, Seiichi-sensei just finished cooking. That being said, I’m surprised she knew that.」 


Receiving Beatrice-san’s words made, not only Shota, but the rest of his group became petrified yet again.

「S-, sorry….? Did, did you just say Seiichi….?」 

「Didn’t I say that? Eh, what is it? Are you not acquaintances with Seiichi-sensei, like the miss over there? You didn’t recognize his face either.」 


Without as much as a word, the group shifted their eyes to my face.

「S-, Seiichi here…」  


Another wordless silence.

And then——-


And that was the loudest scream that echoed within the classroom walls today.


「No, that’s just unreasonable, right!? Why and how did you become a teacher here, and even a homeroom teacher for Class F at that!?」  

I somehow managed to calm them down and told them the chronology of how I started from the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 to here. Most of what I said was news to my class’ members as well, so everyone listened to me solemnly. My story then baited Shota’s retort.

「Sorry, Seiichi-oniichan. I can’t believe it either…」 

「Even you, Miwa…」 

Miwa, Shota’s little sister, spoke to me with her face dead serious.

「I can’t believe that fluffy and fantastic to touch plump belly is no longer there…!」 


I felt like I just heard something really unexpected coming out of her mouth, but… y, yeah, I must be hearing things.

「That being said, you sure have changed, Seiichi-kun. I couldn’t tell it was you at all.」 

「Yeah, yeah. You won’t be bullied now, right~?」 

「Damn right. Rather, they can’t bully him…」 

Eri-san, Shota’s girlfriend, and Rika, Kenji’s girlfriend, as well as Kenji himself commented so. 

Seeing my childhood friends were at a dismay from my changed appearance, Helen inquired me with a dumb look.

「Seiichi-sensei… what did you do?」 

「Eeh? J-, just some diet….?」 

『Yeah right!』 

Shota’s group refuted all at once. Incomprehensible.

Then, Saria who had been silent all this time, opened her mouth with glints of excitement in her eyes.

「Seiichi’s childhood friends, huh… I want to know his history with them.」 

「Umm… and you’re…?」 

Come to think of it, I indeed told them how I survived the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, but I didn’t properly explain Saria’s role in it. I mean, trying to talk about it would be long. 

Towards Shota and his wildly confused expression, Saria showed a thousand-watt smile.

「I’m Saria! And I’m Seiichi’s bride!」 

And there goes another bomb.

Kannazuki-senpai and Airin as well as her friends didn’t show any particular reaction to Saria’s statement since they had known about it beforehand. But for Shota and his group who only had met me today, another round of surprises awaited them.

「Eh, no, wait a moment. Bride…. BRIDEEE!?!?!?」  

「What does this mean!? Seiichi-oniichan! Not just a girlfriend, a bride!?」 

「Oi oi… what have you done without our knowing…. 」 

「Aah… umm… how do I begin to explain this…」  

Where do I start? The fact that Saria is a Gorilla?

「Wait a minute, Seiichi. You… you’ve explained roughly how you came here, yeah, but you skipped a lot of important bits didn’t you!?」 

「Oi oi… you think I’ll do something like that?」 

「You did just that! A bride is an important bit!」

Come to think of it, it is.

「You… Yeah, I was really worried when I couldn’t find you the first time we got transported here. Even so, I could live through in this strange world believing that you would surely get over anything with your antics…. I believed, but… this is way too much outside my expectation!」 

「Well, calm down.」 

My fault though.

After I managed to calm childhood friends again, Rurune then suddenly stepped up with her chest puffed high.

「Umu. Milord didn’t mention me in his explanation, but I am Rurune. The servant of Saria-sama and Seiichi-sama.」  

That statement of hers wasn’t just another bomb, it was trigger to blow everything up.

In the end, with Rurune’s words starting it, my conduct history in this world was being dug even deeper that I even had to explain about Al, who wasn’t present currently, Olga-chan, Louis, and Lutia, further increasing the chaos happening in the home economics classroom, but…. that would be for another time to tell. I think the fact that it was happening in the home economics was funny.

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