Shinka no Mi – Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Playboy


I, Hiiragi Seiichi, am writhing in agony in the room I’m staying in.

「It’s so embarrassing!」

I don’t want this anymore! Just remembering it is enough that I want to die!

What am I remembering about? Of course it’s Altria-san…… no, the conversation with Al!

「Just why did that embarrassing line pop out!?」

From around the time I stopped using honorifics, I was weird, right!?

Suddenly, I remembered what I said at that time.

『I also――――like Al.』

Who the hell are youuuuu!?

No, it’s just me though! But, it’s different! It’s really different! I absolutely can’t say those kind of lines!

…It feels like, I’ve suddenly became calm.

But, thinking about it, I don’t understand those kinds of lines.

For me, it sounds like the kind of thing a conquerable character from a shoujo manga or otoge would say.

But really, at that time, I understood that I was going to say that.

Because I don’t know the reason why, I’ve been in confusion and embarrassment for a while.

In addition, the [Endless Love Necklace] divided and then appeared on Al.

Although she was surprised at the uses and effects, as for me, I was overwhelmed by our conversation at that time.

『……Could you put it on my neck, Seiichi?』

『Is that……a no? Since it’s matching with the person I’ve first come to love…… that is…… I want to…… do it with Seiichi all the way……』



I’m blushing! I’m turning really red!

First Saria, now Al…… what is with the power level of puppy eyes!?

I bury my face in the pillow, single-mindedly enduring the embarrassment.

For a long time, I buried my face in the pillow, lie around on top of the bed, breathe deeply, and calm down my heart.

「Haa……when will this agony stop……」

Because, Saria’s presence isn’t in the room, and she is on the dining room to eat breakfast… Together with Al.

I said would also head there soon, so I can’t not go there.

「Meeting Al is still embarrassing, but…… I guess I should resolve myself.」

I left the room as I muttered.

When I arrived at the dining room, there were quite a number of people eating their meal, so it was livelier than ever.

Since Saria and the others should have reserved a seat, I start walking and looking around, and come to hear various voices.

「Hey, did you know? Recently, it seems that there’s a lot of wolf-type demon sightings in the vicinity of this town.」

「Hee, a Grand Wolf?」

「No, it seems they still don’t know the species. Therefore, even if the request is a subjugation quest or an herb collecting quest, it might be better to take care when working near town.」

「Oh, that’s info to be thankful for.」

I heard that conversation as I passed by a certain seat.

But still, a wolf-type demon, huh……

Speaking of wolves, the only image in my head is the Aqua Wolf.

With those thoughts, I also heard another voice.

「That reminds me, the heroes of Kaizer Empire went to a magic academy.」

「Is that right? What magic academy?」

「I think…… Barbador Magic Academy, was it?」

「Ah, that only neutral magic academy. However, why Barbador magic academy? Didn’t Kaizer Empire have an excellent magic academy?」

「Like I know that!」

Eh, seriously? Shota and the others are going to attend a school, huh……

And here I am, almost dying and then before I knew it, I evolved and became a monster, and they get to live such a good life…… as expected from a hero. I wonder if the country that summoned them is a good place? It doesn’t really give that feeling though……

Well, if Shota, Kenji and the others are safe, then it’s good. I-it’s not like I’m lonely or anything!

Going to the academy, it’s probably something to do with the Demon King. Thinking about it like that, it might not be anywhere near as laid-back as I thought.

While quietly sorting out the information I overhear, at the counter I see some men looking troubled over something while conversing.

I wonder what happened. They look a bit serious……

「Hey, listen to this……」

「Oi, what is it.」

「That is, you know how yesterday a few new adventurers came, right?」

「Ah, those guys who were yakking away.」

「Yeah, them. Really, those guys are really deplorable, you know?」

「What is it?」

「When they came to this town, what do you think they said they were going to do? Flirting, you know, goddamn flirting.」

「Ah? I don’t see a problem with it. What’s so bad about it?」

「Look, hear me out. What do you think they chose their targets by? ……The face.」

「「「W-what did you say!?」」」

……Eh? What are they talking about?

「It ain’t possible, is it? But I pick out women to hit on by their napes! Is this the upper class?」

「Nono, that would be the lips.」

「That’s no good, It could only be the collarbone.」

「Fu…… You guys are too naive. But the best would have to be…… facial moles.]

「「「O-oh! Are you a god!?」」」

「Don’t praise me so much…… It’s embarrassing, ya know?」

After such an exchange happened, the men brought it to a close.

「However, well……」

「……While our tastes are all over the places in the end……」

「Yeah, I guess……something like choosing by the face……」


What a disappointment!

Because they’re exerting such a uselessly serious atmosphere, when I’m trying to think of what they’re talking about……isn’t this like revealing each other’s fetishes! Your type of people are the most deplorable!

I was a fool for worrying about it……

After getting tired from so much, while looking around again, I finally found Saria and the others. It seems that they’ve found a round table just for the three of us. Why is it so tiring just to find Saria and the others?

While heading to where Saria and the others, I heard them talking over.

「Come to think of it, why is Al not in the same room as us?」

「I mean, you like Seiichi, right? Then, you should’ve stayed together with us……Is what I thought. If we tell this to Fina the innkeeper, she would’ve probably been able to prepare a room for the three of us, you know?」

「T-that is……You are maybe right……. B-but, um…… it’s embarrassing, right? You know…… Staying together with the person who you like……」


As Saria tilted her neck as she didn’t understand, Al’s face got red, as she muttered it shyly.

「And also…… if Seiichi stays with me…… I’ll die of happiness……」

「Lovetalk, disperse!」


I punched my cheeks with full force.

It’s useless. I’m just making myself suffer needlessly here.

Well, the pain causes the embarrassment from before to decrease.

Thanks to that, my cheeks really hurt. But, as one would expect from a monster-class status. My attack power is monster-class, but the defence power is also monster-class. If I can only feel the pain, and no blood is coming out then my teeth aren’t broken. I wanted it to produce a nice sound, ya know!?

Even so, just now, it really was a love affair talk.

Aaa…… It’s hard to deal with beautiful girls like Saria and Al, in quite a few ways since my immunity against females dropped severely since entering high school.

Up until middle grade school, I only rarely concerned myself with my childhood friends Kannazuki-senpai and Shota’s little sister Miwa. After entering high school, I avoided people so I’m struggling now.

No, I was bullied back then, wasn’t I?

No matter how much you try to clean yourself at home, you’re still going to get dirty again if you go to school, right? With the way people treat rubbish, just saying it makes me feel disgusted. And yet, the way people treat filth, even though it’s not my fault…… it’s unreasonable.

That’s why no matter how much I cleaned myself at home, I continued to be unmindful of getting dirty and ultimately receive cruel treatment from girls too.

There’s no way that my immunity against girls could continue after that. It’s gotten to the point where I have what could be classified as mild gynophobia.

But at some point while living in the『Forest of Endless Love』 with Saria, those feelings came to pass. Maybe it’s because that she didn’t appear as a beautiful girl, but appeared as a gorilla that I was able to overcome it little by little.

While thinking about the past, and thinking about Saria being the opportunity to slowly overcome my trauma, I arrived at the table.

「My bad, I made you wait.」

「No, it’s alright~!」

Saria said with a big smile on her face.

Looking at Saria, I sat as I’m enveloped in a feeling of kindness.

「Well then, let’s order our food.

As I said that, I called Fina’s husband, Lyle the cook over.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. Haha, Seiichi has flowers on both hands.」

「I also think that.」

Really, I can’t help but feel being out of place.

While thinking that self-ridicule, I kept it to myself and we ordered our dishes.

After a while, our dishes were carried here.

「Today, it’s 『Ruruno Berry’s jam』 and bread, the salad with 『Bebefish’s soup』. The soup might be a bit hot, so be careful.」

When Lyle-san said that, he went back to the kitchen.

But still……what’s this Ruruno Berry? Bebefish? Crap, I don’t know those names.

But I occasionally eat dishes made with ingredients I haven’t heard of at this inn, but since they are nevertheless delicious I’m not worried about that.

By the way, while I was still living in the forest, Shota and the rest of the heroes had the cuisine reformed as Gassur said. They incorporated Eath’s style in cooking here in this world making it more delicious.

Suddenly, while I was thinking about it, Saria and the others asked me.

[Come to think about it, what will everyone do for today?]

Then, Al answered first with a look on her face that showed she was thinking.

[Let’s see…… I want to move my body for a little, so I’m going to do a subjugation quest.]

[I see. Speaking of which, immediately after returning from the labyrinth, you were tired because all that happened.]

[It’s like that. And also, um…thank you… for saving me at that time. ]

As Al said so shyly, I shook my head.

[Don’t worry about it. I only saved you because I wanted to save you.]

[I see.]

Hearing my answer, Al laughed joyfully. Then we resumed eating.

[Today, I will go to the orphanage!]

[Hee. Did something happen there yesterday?]

After Al said her plans, Saria spoke up.

[Hmmm… Though nothing really happened but I promised that I’ll make snacks for the children.]

[I see.]

I still think it’s mysterious how Saria was able to make such delicious food in the middle of that forest. Well, it’s not like there was some kind of problem with it, so it’s fine.

Well, Saria’s a good cook, so the children will surely enjoy it.

[For me, today I’m thinking of buying a horse.]

[A horsie?]

While I said so, Saria tilted her neck, and Al asked me curiously.

[Hee. Seiichi is buying a horse. But, why?]

[Well, Gassur recommended me to. If you’re living as an adventurer then isn’t it like a necessity?]

[Well, yeah. It’s not like everything can be put in the item box. So, they help carrying tools that can’t fit in the item box, and can play a great role in escorting, so horses are important to adventurers.]


Well, in my case, I don’t think I need horses, though.

I mean, my running speed is comparatively overwhelmingly faster, my power is overwhelmingly stronger too.

But, as I’ve heard, to live as an adventurer it seems it’s a good idea to have a horse.

It’s not like I’m planning on taking on any subjugation or escort quests, but still, it will at least serve as camouflage.

……At first I was just planning on taking on collection quests to make a living, but my power has already been found out by Al, and Gassur seems to have noticed a few things too.

While I was thinking about a lot of things while finishing our meal, we moved out respectively to where we want to go.

Al returned to her room to prepare for her equipment, while Saria went to the orphanage as planned, and I accompanied Saria partially along the way.

[Everyone’s healthy today too!]

While watching the people in the city, Saria said that with a smile.

To Saria, the people also looked at us with a pleasant smile.

[You’re right. I hope that we could spend our time peacefully without anything big happening peacefully.]

While I was also enticed by Saria’s smile, I laughed as I said that.

But to think that my words would trip a flag, I didn’t think about it at all.


[Hey, bro. You’ve got a pretty girlfriend there.]

[Hey girl, why don’t you just leave that shady guy and have fun with us?]

[We can treat you some tea~?]

—–To have gotten caught in such a cliche development…!

And, this kind of invitation……. Even on Earth, there’s no skirt chaser who’d do it like that…….

While thinking those things, I was glaring at these three who’re messing around.

I don’t know if this world has hair dyeing techniques, but from what I can tell, their hair seems pretty damaged and their ears pierced. The looks are so cliche that it contrarily left me astounded.

Probably, these three are the ones the men talked about back in the inn. The adventurers from another town.

How to say this, their atmosphere is different from the townspeople.

[……Who’re you?]

Then, the person who is being hit on, Saria, after thinking for a while asks this.

She genuinely just wants to know who the three in front of her are.

[Hey, Seiichi. Do you know these people?]

[No, I don’t know at all.]

[Hmmm. Then, do you need something?]

When Saria asked while inclining her neck to the side, the leader of these three wears a disgusting smile.

[Yes,yes. We just want you to follow us for a while~.]

[We won’t do anything bad to you.]

[Ah, but you won’t be joining us.]

Politely, a gun was fired at me.

If it was still the me from Earth, I would be scared and be on my knees immediately.

But, what is this……I’m not scared at all.

Is it because I was fighting with the Clever Monkeys, and Zeanosu, also the Black Dragon (God), those kinds of monster-classes continuously? I think that my status is also a part of why I’m not scared of even monster-classes.

Anyways, from what I’ve seen from these three, there is nothing that makes me remotely scared about them.

While thinking of such things, Saria makes a look as if she’s figured out and is convinced of something.

[Ahh! I see now!]

I don’t know if they know about picking up girls, but it seems that at least Saria knows about it. Because she seems to understand it…… She’s conscious of being picked up I think.

Then, Saria turned towards me.

[Seiichi, it’s alright. Leave this to me!]

[Wha? Saria, What do you mea—]

Before I was able to spoeak to Saria, she moved in faster, and spoke to the three.

[Okay. I’ll come with you! Where are we going?]

While Saria asked in an innocent way, the three’s disgusting smile deepened.

[Hehe, it’s good you’re fast at undestanding.]

[You see that alley there, there’s a really nice shop at the back of it.]

[Yeah,yeah. Well then, shall we go then?]

For some reason, Saria was planning to follow them, so I hurriedly stopped them.

[H-hey! Saria, you……]

[Don’t worry! I’ll be fine!]

Well, it’s obvious you’ll be alright.

Because Saria-san, you’re over level 700 you know!?

Even if these three group together, they will certainly be instantly annihilated.

While thinking that, Saria and the three disappeared to the back alley.

I became worried and went after them.

Who am I worried at?

Of course who. It’s—.

—Those three!

I rushed at the back alley.

But, the moment I reached the back alley, I watched the three of them, pale-faced, run away at full speed.

Just what the hell did you do!?

As I arrived, I peeked at the back alley.

And then, what’s there was…….

[Ah, Seiichi. It’s already over.]


……Gorilla-form Saria—Shortened, Goria stood there. —–In a one-piece dress.

Since I wasn’t sure what to do, and it’s the first time I’ve seen Goria come out, I involuntarily shouted out.

Stop transforming while wearing a one-piece like that! Your bursting pectorals are going to stretch the one-piece!

This, if this one-piece wasn’t from that sheep, it’s certain that it’ll burst off, right!?

As I involuntarily screamed inside my head, looking dissatisfied, Goria says.

[Muu…… how cruel, yelling like that.]

[Ah…… S,sorry.]

[You might as well become madly in love with me?]

[You’re asking the impossible!]

No matter how hard I try, I’m not going to be able to fall madly in love with a gorilla wearing a one-piece!

After having such a conversation, I asked what suddenly came up to my mind.

[Come to think about it, why did you went along with those three?]

[Eh? But, didn’t they approach me because they wanted to see my transformation?]

[I think it’s different!?]

To begin with, I should be the only person who knows that Saria can transform.

In other words, Saria didn’t even realise that she was being hit on by those three…… How sad.

[More importantly, you should revert back to being a human again, Saria.]

[Well, if someone sees you—-]

[Well? If it isn’t Seiichi-kun! Do you know about the muscle training?]

This is why you should have transformed back……!

As I let out a cold sweat and looked behind me, Gassur takes on a Muscle Pose and stands there.


[What an unexpected meeting! Right now, I am doing my daily routine, just finished my running! Not only muscles, but physical strength is also important! You should consider doing it too!]

Well, concerning health that’s certainly true……!

It’s just that, I don’t want to meet you in this kind of situation.

However, as Gassur shouldn’t know that, he is looking at my back where Saria is.

[Oh? The one at Seiichi-kun’s back is—-]

As he saw Saria’s appearance, Gassur’s face was astonished.

Ah, this…… How should I explain this…….

But, I misunderstood.

In the first place, Gassur isn’t the type of person to press me for details like that.

In other words, what I wanted to say is—-.


Gassur suddenly dropped his head and started lamenting.

[Bursting with chest muscles….. Spine swelling….. The biceps reminiscent of mountains…. They all far exceed my muscles……!]

[In this town……no, in this continent, I am confident that no one can beat my muscles! But someone just easily……]

[Kuuuuuu! I can’t be left behind…… Seiichi-kun! I’m sorry but I need to train even more now! Well then, I shall excuse myself!]

While shouting that, Gassur looked back at Goria.

[Fuu…… I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you opened my eyes that had been ignorant to the world. I thank you. ……Farewell!]

After saying that, Gassur disappeared from our sights while bunnyhopping.

[……Saria. Hurry up and revert back to being a human.]


In this town, if you cannot sufficiently pick up girls, it’s not strange for them to turn into gorillas.

[What the hell was that……!]

[Like I knew something like that……!]

[Damn right! Who would’ve thought that woman can transform into a gorilla! On top of that…… It was wearing a one-piece dress, ya know!?]


The three who were flirting Saria said that at the square, catching their breaths.

[Ah……Damn it! From yesterday, we haven’t succeeded in flirting even once……!]

[Really, what’s wrong with this town!?]

They said while being dissatisfied while letting the time pass.

[You guys, haven’t seen your faces around?]

Someone spoke to the three of them.

As the three faced the direction of that voice, they saw somemean-spirited, similar-looking people to the three standing there.

[……Who the fuck are you?]

One of the three asked with caution.

And then, one of the mean-spirited guys, responded.

[Well, it’s nothing really…… it’s just that, we thought that you’re newbies since we don’t recognize you three.]

[Ah? …… Well, we came to this town yesterday.]

The three, not knowing the mean-looking guys’ intentions, inclined their necks.

But on the contrary, the mean-looking guys had a look as if they found their prey.

[I see, I see…… You guys, do you want to do something reeeally nice??]

—-At this time, the fate of the three was decided.

At the words of the mean-looking guy, the three’s eyes sparkled and nodded without hesitation.

And the result was——.

The three’s screams were resounding throughout the town.

Kaizer Empire; The Emperor’s room.

There, the current emperor of the empire, Shelder. Wol. Kaizer and an old man wearing a robe…… Helio.Roban were talking concerning the heroes.

[Your majesty. There’s something I’d like to report about one of the heroes…….]

[N? Did something happened?]

[Actually, the heroes have apparently been saying they wanted to have combat experience.]

[What? Shouldn’t they already be gathering battle experience under Zaika??]

[Perhaps, that Zaika, probably doesn’t want to send the heroes to fight the demon king.]

Hearing Helio’s words, Shelder frowned.

[According to my subordinate’s reports, by now, Zaika is making the heroes get used to handling weapons mainly, but in terms of combat training, they haven’t done it once.]

[What is that guy doing……!?]

Shelder was furious after hearing Helio’s report.

[You understand this? before we can exterminate these damn demons so that I can gain the resources in the Makai, the Demon Lord is in the way! In the first place, the demons have since long ago raised the same livestock as us…… and the same as us humans, building a country is not something that we can forgive!]

[You are absolutely correct.]

[In spite of this…… They still haven’t started their combat training? If the Demon King is completely revived, do you know how much damage it’ll cause!?]

While hitting the desk with all his might, Shelder screamed.

Helio advised indifferently to calm Shelder down.

[Your majesty, at this rate, don’t even mention the heroes being a threat to the demons, they won’t even end up gathering the diversion supplies to other countries. ]

[Well then, summoning them will be all for nothing!]

[It’ll be alright, your majesty.]

At that time, Helio smiled for the first time.

[As I’ve said a while ago, I heard that the heroes wanted to have combat experience.]


[From there…… I’d like to recommend them to be enrolled to Barbador Magic Academy.]

[What did you say!?]

Hearing Helio’s words, Shelder’s eyes opened wide.

[Why’d you enroll them to that place! There are a lot of students from other countries studying in that magic academy, you know!? Even in the case where the heroes commute to the academy, instead of such a plebian academy as that, commuting to our country’s Academy is much more beneficial, is it not!?]

[I understand that so much it hurts. But still, when the lot over at that other country gather this time…… it will work out well.]

[……What do you mean?]

After hearing Helio’s words, Shelder got interested and encourage him to go on.

[The heroes, despite not doing combat training, I will make them practice magic training. And, with the heroes’ nature, all of them can use at most 3 attributes in magic and they are at the level where they can use intermediate magic.]

[Barbador Magic Academy, just as their name implies, focuses on magic. And as I said earlier, the heroes can use intermediate-level magic at least. And there, there are almost no nobles or talented people studying there.]


[But, if the heroes were to attend that academy, they would inevitably end up monopolising the top. In other words, the heroes will end up displaying their power for a lot of people in the other country if they go to Barbador Magic Academy, where a lot of foreigners assemble.]

[I see.]

As Helio wanted to show off the power of the heroes to the other countries, dared to enroll to Barbador Magic Academy .

Because such a large group of multinational students assembled together, it just means that the information about the heroes can be spread all around the country.

[And, there is also one more advantage.]

[And what is that?]

[In Barbador Magic Academy, there is a lesson of acquiring combat experience, to satisfy the heroes. If we always grant the heroes needs, we can easily control them with gratitude.]

[Will it go well?]

[It’ll be alright. The Adult heroes are still in the prison……. Even if the heroes train, in the end they are still kids. To take advantage of this opportunity, I will give you one condition.]

[What are the conditions?]

[I’ll have them wear the [Bracelet of Slavery]]

The [Bracelet of Slavery] is originally a forbidden magic tool, but the heroes are from another world and didn’t know about it, Helio and Shelder thought.

[Just, the bracelet of servitude can only have two orders engraved. Then, depending on the revival of the Demon King, you can smoothly have a subjugation order ready, and for the case of the demons deciding to invade our country, you can have an order etched into it immediately cope with it. If we do that, even with the Magic Academy being there, they absolutely cannot escape. Even if the bracelets are removed, we still have our power.]

[But, the problem is to keep them docile while installing it…….]

[For that, you can just lie about the effects to them. In the end, it’s not like they will find out.]

[I see…… That’s also right!]

Shelder at first was in a bad mood, but now in a good mood.

[Well then, let’s immediately make our move. Helio, can I leave this to you?]

[Certainly, your highness.]

In the Emperor’s room, a conspiracy is made without the heroes’ knowledge—-.

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