Shinka no Mi – Chapter 129

TL: Saint Devil

Co-TL: Mab

Returning from dungeons and reporting

“——For that reason, the dungeon is now eradicated.”

“For what reason!?”

As soon as I got back to school, I reported our exploration in the dungeon to Barna-san.

However, Saria and her friends went home first to rest. Well, I have to report about Zola, so she’s following me.

“No…I was just going along with the should I say it…I just did it on a whim”


“Oh, life sure is complicated!” 

“Isn’t there a better way to resolve things!?”

You just don’t know, Barna-san.

There are times you saved the whole universe without knowing it.

After hearing my ridiculous report, Barna sighs and looks at Zola who was with me.

“So…… she is the woman who was sealed in the dungeon?”

“Ye, yes. My name is Zola.”

“Hmm…… Those glasses are not ordinary glasses. From what I hear, you turn what you see into stone?”
“…… Yes. But it’s not a power I can control myself…”

“I see…”

That’s when Barna folded his arms.

“Seiichi-kun. What are you going to do with her?”

“Let me see…… Since I helped her, I’d like her to come with me if she wanted to”

“That’s what he said, but…… What do you want to do, Zola-kun?”

For the time being, we had a talk in the dungeon about her following my group, but I reaffirmed it again just in case.

Then Zola looked at Barna-san, determined.

“…… I would like to stay with Seiichi and the others. There is also the fact that they helped me, but most of all, it’s fun to be with Seiichi and his colleagues. It was a short time, but that’s what I realized.”

“Hmm…… If that’s alright with you, then there’s nothing else to say from me. You can be a student at this school, or you can be Seiichi’s assistant. Spend your time as you like.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Zola nodded with her face shining. Matching her feelings, her snake hair also shook pleasantly.

“Well, the report is ridiculous, but thank you for the time being. Thanks to you, the danger is no more.”

Immediately after going out of the dungeon, I restored the clearing in the forest to its original state as much as possible by using magic to grow trees.

Well, there is no monster there now, but the ecosystem there will be restored soon.

“Seiichi-kun, Zola-kun. Take your time today, then.”

“Thank you very much.”


Finishing our farewell with Barna-san, we left the principal’s office.

◆ ◆ ◆

After Seiichi and others left, Barnabas exhaled a big sigh.

“Phew…… Good heavens, there’s still something like this that surprises me at this age.

Contrary to his cumbersome remark Barnabas’ face showed a streak of fun.

“That being said, to think the revival of the Demon God is near… But, according to Seiichi-kun, it doesn’t seem to exist in this world right now…  I wanted to take the initiative on this, but I’ll always lose that initiative regardless. “

Barnabas who just learned the fact that the Demon God was sealed within a dungeon from Seiichi’s report wanted to sweep clean the 【Demon God Cult】 before its resurrection. 

One of the members in his captive, Demiolos, had lost his mind. It was impossible to extract information out of him.

While Angelea, the sane one of the the two, wasn’t even an Apostle in the first place, she didn’t know any important information.

However, even if Barnas knew the Cult’s location, taking care of them would be another tremendous task.

That would be because he was overwhelmingly oblivious of their eerie abilities, much like one Demiolos used.

On the contrary, even if he were to fight them, there was the danger of fulfilling their goal of garnering negative emotion because of the easily predicted heavy loss from the outcome.

“Haa… such is a thing beyond this my control…”

No matter how he saw it, there was nothing the current Barnabas could do.

Moreover, his plate was currently full with other matters.

“……It would be better if the atmosphere within campus was a little bit brighter than now…”

Barnabas looked at the materials he picked up by saying that.

For his blunder this time, that was to let Demiolos terrorize the academy, he had to send apology letters to every nation who had students at the academy.

The situation wasn’t very favourable, as some parents who had lost their trust over the 『Barbadora Magic Academy』 called back their children to their home, while some other chose to wait and see how Barnabas would explain the incident to them.

『Barbadora Magic Academy』 was the only academy that hoisted neutrality.

Barnabas understood well just how significant the meaning it held.

Of course, a perfect neutrality was a pie in the sky, as the school was mostly hanging on donations from other nations. However, there was a good chance of the students joining hands for the bright future, regardless of war and politics.

That was why, Barnabas couldn’t possibly allow the academy to end.

“Would this bring luck or misfortune… whichever it is, I have to let the students have their fun”

The paper on Barnabas’ hand was written as such; 【Notification for the Academy Festival】. 

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