Shinka no Mi – Chapter 130

Regarding the Academy Festival

「———Academy Festival」 (Beatrice)

『Academy Festival?』 

The next morning, Beatrice-san said so in the homeroom.

「Yes, Academy Festival. After seeing the current mood within the campus, the principal decided to hold the Academy Festival now to lighten up the mood even if a little.」(Beatrice) 

「Academy Festival, that means…. there’s no lessons, right!?」 (Agnos)

「That will be so.」 (Beatrice)

「YOSSHAAAA!!!」  (Agnos)

Agnos trusted his punch to the air, cheering with all his might.

「Hmpf…. do we even have the time for such a thing like a festival? We don’t even know when those【Demon God Cult】 people will come attacking us again」 (Blued)

「Aahn? Don’t throw cold water just when people are having fun!」 (Agnos)

「You shrimp for brain. I’m just stating the facts here.」 (Blued)

「But~ Since we have Seiichi-sensei~ Then isn’t it all fine~?」 (Rachel)

「 ……That’s true enough.」 (Blued)

「Can you not consent with just that!?」 (Seiichi)

Blued nodded to Rachel’s words. No, that kind of reason shouldn’t pass, should it!?

I was surprised by it, but Helen threw her words at me with her hand clutching her head, as though saying she was having a headache.

「Stop wasting your breath, you walking absurdity… 」 (Helen)

「Walking Absurdity!? You’re even calling me an Absurdity!?」 (Seiichi)

「What else then? Not only did you eradicated a whole dungeon, you even brought back yet another character.」 (Helen)

「Well that’s true!」 (Seiichi)

「Ehehehe…. Everyone, best of regards.」 (Zola)

After we went back from the Dungeon and discussed about what Zola’s future prospect, it’s decided that she would enroll the academy with Saria and Rurune.

The consequence of me informing the class of that was me receiving that remark from Helen. Why can’t I deny any of those facts even though I want to!?

Well, putting aside my mental damage, I was worried how Zola would fit in the class with her snake hair and, albeit sealed, petrification eye. But everyone seemed to accept her well.

「It really surprised me. When Seiichi-san asked me about glasses, I was really wondering why would he need them…. to think it could be used to save someone in such a way.」 (Beatrice)

「I understand now! The reason why Seiichi-sensei is so popular…. I just need to destroy common sense, right!?」 (Flora)*

「I think that thought process is weird enough.」 (Agnos) 

「He’s right. Beauty is all you ever need to fascinate member of the opposite sex.」 (Irene)

「I, I feel like that’s wrong too…. Ah, I’m sorry for talking back!」 (Leon)

I was attacked from every direction. No, Beatrice-san was complimenting me honestly. …compliment, right? I’m getting sceptical here.

「At any rate, we need to think of the program for the Academy Festival. Does anyone have any suggestions?」 (Beatrice)


Everyone fell into thought.

「Eh? There isn’t something like a standard program for the festival?」 (Seiichi)

I thought there’s some kind of standard program they usually have, since it’s an Academy in another world we’re talking about…. 

Flora gave out a bitter laugh as she answered my question.

「No, no, no. Sensei. It’s not like there isn’t. Fundamentally speaking, Theatrical Play is the standard when it comes to Academy Fest.」 (Flora)

「A play? Then why don’t we just play a drama too?」(Seiichi) 

「It’s not that simple. It’s hard to assume that the other classes would give us the stage to play, in the first place.」 (Flora)

「Eeh….?」 (Seiichi)

It never entered my mind that they wouldn’t be given the stage at all. 

As I was wondering what program we should do then, Flora called me out as if she just remembered something.

「Ah, Seiichi-sensei! You’re someone who comes from the same hometown as the Otherworld Heroes too, right?」 (Flora)

「Eh? Aah, yeah I am.」 (Seiichi)

「Then, Seiichi-sensei. How was the Academy Fest back in your hometown?」 (Flora)

「Academy Festival in my place, huh…. Let me see, we do stage plays too, of course, but other than that, we also put up booths to sell foods and drink, renovate classrooms to be haunted house, and there’s also Cosplay Cafe too, I guess.」 (Seiichi)

『Cosplay Cafe?』 

The class seemed to be unfamiliar with the words I said. 

「Cosplay Cafe is…. Well, to make it easier to understand, everyone wears costumes like maids and butlers and serve customers like a coffee lounge. ….Now I think about it, everyone in this class is all a beauty and an ikemen, I guess it’s not a bad suggestion at all.」 (Seiichi)

「A, a beauty… 」 (Helen)

「Aniki! Am I an ikemen too!?」 (Agnos)

「What are you saying!? I’m the ikemen here!」  (Flora)

「No, what are YOU saying!?」 (Agnos)

The reaction they showed to my words varied, with Helen blushing and Agnos seemed to steam from his nose. For Flora though, wasn’t she more like a Beauty rather than an Ikemen? Well, she’d make a good Ikemen too, though. 

「A cafe is it… the suggestion itself isn’t bad, but who will do the cooking?」 (Bead)

The moment Bead raised his opinion, Helen talked back with her face cramped.

「W, we can just leave that to the people who can cook, right?」  (Helen)

「That’s true…. If you can cook, please raise your hand.」 (Bead)

In reaction to Bead’s question, every girls except Helen, Zola, and Rurune raised their hands.

「Eh, Helen. You can’t cook!?」 

「Sh, shut up! It’s not like there’s a problem that I can’t! Look at Agnos and the other boys, they didn’t raise their hands as well, right!?」 (Helen)

「No, I mostly make my own food, yanno. I simply can’t make any fancy foods like the ones in cafes….」 (Agnos)

「Wha!?」 (Helen)

Helen was petrified, Agnos’ answer was outside her prediction at all.

I understood Zola since she spent her time being sealed all this time, and Rurune was simply out of question, but… I didn’t expect Helen to not be able to cook.

Or rather… 

「You guys casually raised your hands. Do you intend to join in?」 (Seiichi)

「We can’t?」 (Lutia)

「I mean, we have nothing to do.」  (Louis)

For some reason, Louis and Lutia raised their hands as well. The two of you aren’t even supposed to be here, you know? Look how zealous you two are looking forward for the festival.

Well, since it’s a Festival after all, the more the merrier.

「Rather, looking at how things go, it feels like we’re pretty much decided to do a Cafe, but… is that really okay?」 (Seiichi)

「Isn’t it fine? My beauty can manifest as much as it wants with the Cosplay Cafe, after all.」 (Irene)

「U, umm… I, personally, think it’s alright too.」 (Leon)

Seeing how even Leon who rarely spoke his thought agreed on this, it was unanimously decided that we would do a Cosplay Cafe.

Seeing that everyone had agreed upon it, Beatrice then spoke.

「We still haven’t made the detailed schedule, but it will be best if we think up the Menu and the costume starting now. And for the people responsible for the cooking, since there will be changing shifts between you all, perhaps it’s best if we have you to show your cooking skills first.」 (Beatrice)

「Ooh! That’s Beatrice-neesan for you! Be it for study or just eating foods, you put your guts into it! That suggestion is the best!」 (Agnos)

Beatrice-san answered Agnos’ passionate and honest words with a bitter smile.

「Personally speaking, I want you to be as happy with the study as you’re now, but… very well. Leaving that aside, in order to fulfill the principal’s aim, that is to 『Have Fun』, please make the best of it, everyone.」 (Beatrice)

Beatrice-san had concluded today’s homeroom with those words, but for some reason, the students looked confused instead.

「What are you saying, Beatrice-neesan?」 (Agnos)

「Eh?」 (Beatrice)

「That’s right~ Beatrice-sensei has to participate too~」 (Rachel)

「eh…. EEEHH!?? Th, that’s….」 (Beatrice)

Being exposed to gazes full of anticipation, Beatrice could only show her profound shock.

「No can do, Beatrice-sensei! You have to do the Cosplay? thingy with us too!」 (Flora)

「Ee———b, but that’s….」 (Beatrice)

Being told so by Flora, Beatrice-san lost all words.

Looking at her flustered like so, Flora’s smile only deepened.

「Of course, that means Sensei will have to wear Maid costume too!」 (Flora)

「Y, y, yyyyyou can’t! As your supervisor, Sensei has to——」 (Beatrice)

「No can do, Beatrice-neesan! The principal holds the Academy Fest so everyone can 『Have Fun』, which means Beatrice-neesan has to participate! 」 (Agnos)

「Well, just give up」 (Blued)

「UUEEEEEE!?」 (Beatrice)

Looking at Beatrice-san having fun with the students made my heart warm.

…Even back on Earth, teachers who were friendly with the students would naturally attract students like that.

Well, for my case though, I could only watch from the sideline since teachers hate me too…. eh? Why are tears forming on my eyes?

As I was getting tearful from recalling memories all by myself, Flora then called out to me.

「Seiichi-sensei! Why do you look like it’s none of your concern, you’re in this too, you know?」 (Flora)

「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

「Louis-san and Lutia-san are, of course, part of it already, but Altria-sensei too is obligated to participate, okay!」 (Flora)

I didn’t think they’d include me in this as well, so all I could give back was a stupid look. 

…Academy Fest, huh…. I was bullied back then, so I could never genuinely enjoy such a thing before…

As my mind was wandering there, my eyes fell on the sight of everyone.

…Can I… have fun too in the Academy Fest…?

Perhaps, I could enjoy an Academy Festival for the first time now after I was dumped into another world.


The same time Seiichi and his class were discussing about the Academy Festival—— 

「HAHH!? Seiichi-kun will become a butler!?」 (Karen)


「Ah, nothing. Nevermind.」 (Karen)

「I, is that so… So, was it about the Academy Fest?」  

「That’s right. Apparently, the academy is going to throw an Academy Festival, and we, the Heroes, are allowed to participate as one Class. With that being said, I wish to ask everyone here if you have any suggestion for it.」(Karen) 

The same discussion was held between the heroes as well.

At the heart of the gathering was Kannazuki Karen, the student council president and the heroes’ facilitator, and next to her were Seiichi’s childhood friends, Araki Kenji and the Takamiya siblings.

The heroes’ reacted ill to her words.

「A, Academy Fest…」 

「Y, you’d think it’s the time for that…?」 

「I want to go home…」 

The heroes never doubted their strength after they arrived in this another world, but they were made to learn their own powerlessness due to the previous attack from 【Demon God Cult】, and had been trapped in fear ever since. 

And the one person who was on the verge of being killed by the World itself after running on rampant all by himself——Kisaragi Masaya, bewailed with his scarred face that had lost any shine he once had as an idol.

「Are they making fun of us!? Look at me, I’m gravely injured here! And yet, what? An Academy Fest!? They should know there are bounds to jokes!」 (Kisaragi)

「Kisaragi…」 (Karen)

Kannazuki could only turn a pity gaze towards Kisaragi who had lost all of his composure, evident with him relentlessly scratching his head.

「I’m sick of this world! Let us home already! If it’s Earth… if it’s Japan, then I won’t lose….!」 (Kisaragi)

The heroes who once drunk of their power, Kisaragi included, continued to wail as though they were trying to flee from reality.

However, their wish was never granted.

They had no means to return to Earth.

And, although no one but Kannazuki was aware of it, they couldn’t escape with the 【Bracelet of Slavery】 shackling them.

These people could no longer do anything with their own power.

——-However, if the World were to move for the sake of a certain 『Human』, the heroes might find the way to go back to Earth. But, as the World knew the history that 『Human』 had with them, it would never be easy.

Facing the heroes with their heart contorted ugly, Kannazuki surrendered to a single sigh.

「Haah… I want to let go of this duty already… 」 (Karen)

「Kannazuki-senpai…」 (Shota) 

Kenji, Shota, and his little sister Miwa, knew very well the hardship Kannazuki had gone through, as they turned their eyes to her out of worry.

Receiving their gazes, Kannazuki made one decision.

「……This is a good opportunity. Shota, and the rest of you too, there is actually someone I want you guys to see.」 (Karen)

「Eh?」 (Shota)

When Kannazuki’s tone suddenly turned bright, they seemed understandably confused.

Looking at their sight, Kannazuki’s smile only deepened.

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