Shinka no Mi – Chapter 128

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Hitsuji-san, Again

Level… up?

Just when things finally calmed down, that ruthless string of words froze me up in an instant.

….No, calm down. it’s not decided yet that the result is gonna be another ridiculous outcome. Well, all level ups so far have been just ludicrous things one after another though!

Al who noticed that my expression just froze up all of a sudden questioned me suspiciously.

「Hm? What’s the matter, Seiichi?」 

「 …..Erm, I think I leveled up…」 

「You’re STILL getting stronger!?」  

That’s what I want to know! Can’t you please tell me, Mr-my-body? Just where are you going?

Anyway, just mulling over it wouldn’t make the situation better, so I should check my Status already.

When I was thinking that it had been awhile since I last opened my Status, what I found there was——- 


【Dear Hiiragi Seiichi-sama】 

Congratulations for leveling up.

I am happy to know that you are gradually getting stronger.

However I am afraid that displaying your current Status is a task too magnificent for me, and thus I cannot display it.

I am terribly sorry for my incompetence.

From the bottom of my heart, I beg you to please forgive this worthless self.

——However, I have no intent to give up. 

Even if I am inadequate right now, I will embark on a journey so that I can display your Status some time in the future.

Please, don’t search for me.

I would be very happy if you may wait for the day I return, grown and matured, to display your Status.

I sincerely pray for your success in the future.

Well then, until the day we may meet again—— 


——-It went on a journey. 



Why would Status abandon the Status!?!? I never knew that there was something even worse than the Status using polite words!

Wait, not that! It won’t be coming back!? No, really, where did it go!?

This is weird no matter how you look at it! This is weird, right?! I’m beginning to really lose my own self-confidence here!

I was definitely afraid the result would be ridiculous, but I never predicted it would be THIS bad!

As I retorted, swallowed by my emotions, I was given a surprised look by Saria and the girls.

「Seiichi? What’s wrong?」

「My Status…. ran away….」


Everyone’s voices overlapped

I wish I can react the same! But I couldn’t since I’m the one trapped in this mess! I’ll cry, and it’s not a threat!

Everyone looked astonished, but then they nodded as though they had understood.

「I see… it’s Seiichi, after all!」

「…Seiichi’s status must’ve been pushing itself so hard this far… No, wait. Statuses can have an ego!?」

「I see… so even your Status has given up in front of your prowess huh, Milord!」

「…Seiichi-oniichan. That is obviously not normal, but… it’s weird that I’m convinced that it’s the truth」

「Shishou. …Just what should I do to reach the height you’re at? I can’t see myself catching up to you at all…」

「Seiichi. I understand now. I had thought that the 【Demon God Cult】 is a very dangerous organization… But, now that I’ve seen you, I feel pitiful for the Demon God.」

「Eh? Eh? I don’t quite understand, but… good for you?」


Especially Saria! Yours doesn’t even have a basis!

Everyone was convinced of it so Zola just tagged along and accepted it as something normal.

My mental state was overwhelmed and in pain, but then I remembered I haven’t introduced myself to Zola. Let me escape this reality!

「Aah… come to think of it, I haven’t said my name to Zola, huh.」

「Ah, yes! ….I have heard everyone’s names during the time you made the glasses for me.」

「I see. Then, let’s make it formal. I’m Hiiragi Seiichi. You can call me Seiichi.」

「Yes! Seiichi-san, is it!」

Looking at her lively expression, much different from before, my roughed up heart was healed for a little.

「———No no no, I can heal it even more than that, you know?」


The voice that we suddenly heard.

Al and the other girls immediately readied their weapons upon hearing it, but for Saria and I, that was a voice we were not unfamiliar with.

「Eh? This voice?」

「D… don’t tell me….!?」

In the front of my eyes that were filled with fear, that guy——that Hitsuji, appeared. 

「Long time no see! It’s me, everyone’s most favorite Hitsuji! Now, have yourself healed upon my sight!」


At the sight of this smug Hitsuji wearing a tailcoat and a silk hat, I shouted with my all.

And just when I thought I could find peace! You made my heart sink into the abyss!

As I was drowning in this unexpected mental attack, Al asked me with her tone full of shock.

「What is it? Seiichi, Saria, someone you know?」 

「Yeah, that’s right! His name is Hitsuji-san!」

「Yup, yup, Saria-ojousama is lovely as always. In contrast, Seiichi-sama well… finally left behind by his own Status, huh. Yup, yup, inhuman as always.」

「Why do you keep adding insult to my injury!? Rather, how did you know my Status left on a journey!?」

「I was watching it happening and rolling on the floor from the laugh, after all.」

「Stil an ass as ever I see!」

He doesn’t change at all! That’s relieving though!

Al, watching our interaction, stiffened her face.

「H, how do I say… quite the perky fella, huh.」

「Oh you, I’m embarassed.」

「That’s not a praise!」

The hell’s wrong with this guy’s conversation function of his brain!?

「Well then, as our preamble became longer because of Seiichi-sama, let’s get into the topic.」

「MY fault!?」

「Okay, okay, just lay it off already.」

I’ll kill this guy

「Now, Saria-ojousama and Seiichi-sama, don’t you already know the reason why I am here in this occasion?」

「Ah? Aah… if I recall correctly, it is when you capture a dungeon in its truest sense?」

「Exactly. And only dungeons that have residual thoughts can be captured in their true meaning…. In actuality, I am not supposed to show up in this dungeon.」

「What? Is that so?」

Come to think of it, I recall him explaining about residual thoughts and such when talking about capturing dungeons in the true meaning.

Then, Hitsuji turned its attention to Zola

「Yes. Originally, this dungeon was just a naturally spawned dungeon created by mana, but the existences of Zola-sama and Serpent God-sama were sealed in it. As a result, this dungeon itself grew to the point where it developed an ego of its own.」

「Hmm… but, both Zoila and the Serpent God are still alive, so there shouldn’t be any residual thoughts of them, right? I mean, that’s exactly why the dungeon gained its ego…」

When I questioned him so, Hitsuji shook his finger on my face.

「Hmph…. naive aren’t you, Seiichi-sama?」


「Indeed, I did say that most of the time it’s the residual thought of the Dungeon’s boss, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the residual thought of other beings. And in this case, within this naturally occurring dungeon, heaps of residual thoughts of the Naga who sealed them also took residence. Well, it wasn’t regret or thoughts of the same notion, but rather a very powerful… hatred. So strong it was close to a Curse. That was the reason why this dungeon, not only gained an ego, but also transformed into one that could be captured in its truest meaning.」

「I, I see…」

Zola was the avatar of the Nagas’ residual thought…. and it was one of the Hatred sort. Her expression was sorrowful as she learned that.

The reason behind that hatred is hardly of any matter. She can’t help it, as the memories she left inside her relatives and tribe wasn’t a good one.

As I was thinking such, Hitsuji said further, flabbergasted.

「Sigh…. even so, Seiichi-sama is still absurd as always.」

「Ha? Wh, what are you talking about?」

There’s too much to address, I don’t know which one he’s touching.

「Are you listening? The dungeon this time was indeed turned into one that could be captured in its truest meaning, but if you ask me whether such a feat is possible or impossible, the answer leans to the latter.」


I let out a stupid voice upon hearing his words

No… impossible? But, isn’t it precisely because I did it that this annoying Hitsuji showed up?

「Mainly, what you need to do to capture a dungeon in its truest meaning is to address the residual thoughts so they may be free from their lingerings. However, as I said before, the residual thoughts of this dungeon in particular was the hatred of the Naga tribe. Without them here, addressing their residual thoughts would be impossible, no matter how. Am I right?」 

「That’s… well… 」

「Then, how come you did it? ——-Well of course, none of that matters if you simply blow away the whole dungeon.」

「Th, that’s not true, right!?」

Receiving his words, my eyes began to swim around.

「No, no matter how you think about it, isn’t this weird? Not only destroying a dungeon, something that shouldn’t be destroyable, but you even blew away the residual thoughts that lingered in it? What even are you? Not only that, you even released some people from the dungeon’s shackles before you destroyed it, like what you did with Zola-sama. Can you stop claiming yourself as 『Human』   already?」


My heart is tattered here! My mental state being ganged up on! Even if I don’t think I’m a 『Human』, but my Status——RIGHT, IT RAN AWAAAY!!!!

Hitsuji’s words rendered me gripping hard on my head, but he continued on regardless.

「Well, let’s ignore that self-proclaimed human alone. At any rate, a dungeon has been captured in its truest meaning is an event worth to be celebrated.」

「You didn’t need to roast me that much then!?」

「Ara. You notice? Clever boy.」


「Hiieek! I’m against violence! I’m against!」

When I approached him whilst cracking my fingers, Hitsuji overreacted to me. This guy must be mocking me.

「Well, calm down. …Now then, Lutia-sama.」

「Eh? M, me?」

Lutia was surprised when she was suddenly roped in.

「Yes, I am talking to you. This dungeon is indeed a one of its kind, but the dungeons you are related to… in particular, the dungeon where your esteemed Father lays await and the Black Dragon God-sama’s dungeon where Seiichi-sama and his companions went to, both are dungeons that can be captured in their truest meanings. If they do get captured that way… Both your esteemed Father and the Black Dragon God-sama will be released free.」

「I, is that true!?」

Lutia opened wide her eyes, drawing closer.

「Yes, indeed. I am a gentleman after all, I can’t lie. Why don’t I provide everyone here a piece of information then, like Lutia-sama here.」



With a smile, Hitsuji told us so.

「——In the near future, two dungeons will be captured in their truest meanings.」

「Two dungeons?」

「Yes. In addition, one of the dungeons is the one I mentioned to Lutia-sama beforehand, the Black Dragon God-sama’s dungeon.」

「Black Dragon God’s!?」

Heeh. So that dungeon will be captured in its truest meaning, huh… 

「Hm? What will happen then if that dungeon captured in its truest meaning?」

「Let me see… Perhaps, the Black Dragon God-sama will be released from the dungeon’s spell and allowed to roam free outside? For that reason, I’m sure Lutia-sama will soon meet him.」

「…I see… by the way, who will capture it?」

「Humm…. Originally, I am not supposed to say any more due to the rules imposed, but since it is a special occasion, I will tell you it as the reward for the reward for today’s capture.」

Ah, come to think of it, you are awarded something for capturing a dungeon in its truest meaning, huh…. well, in my case, I got a helmet though!

「I can feel some turbulence, but good enough. The ones who will capture Black Dragon God-sama’s dungeon are Zeanos-sama and Lucius-sama, everyone besides Zola-sama should be in acquaintance with them.」

「Aah! Zeanos-san and his group, huh!」

「…The people Seiichi brought back from the Netherworld the other time… or rather, 『brought back from the Netherworld』  sure sounds dangerous, huh.」

「If I recall correctly, those two are now acting together with Sensei’s parents, aren’t they? In addition, they’re the mentor of the previous hero and the first demon lord…」

「Yes. Those two individuals. The requirement to capture that dungeon in its truest meaning, is to bring the First Demon Lord, Lucius-sama with you. That being said, bringing a dead person is impossible… and yet you brought him back from the Netherworld, just how insane are you?」

「I’m aware of that.」

「…Good, then. In any case, apparently the two of them will dive into that dungeon, which means it will be captured in its truest meaning in the near future.」

「So that’s how it is… Then, what’s the other dungeon?」

I understand the matter with Black Dragon God’s dungeon, but what about the other dungeon?

All I know are this dungeon, the Black Dragon God’s dungeon and the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, so whichever dungeon he’ll say, I won’t know it, but… I’m worried, after all.

Then, Hitsuji told us with a serious face.

「———it’s the Demon God-sama’s dungeon.」


We all lost words.

「D, Demon God’s dungeon?」

「That’s right. In other words———in the foreseeable future, the Demon God-sama will be resurrected.」

「What!? Oi, you’re called Hitsuji-san, right?! Can’t you prevent it!?」

Al snapped at Hitsuji’s words, but Hitsuji leisurely shook his head.

「…Unfortunately, it’s impossible. My job is to manage dungeons… I cannot, or rather, am made to be unable to bring actions that will jeopardize them.」

「That’s… Th, then, at least tell us its location…!」

Right, if we know where it is, we can at least prevent it ourselves.

That was my thought when I heard Al’s question, but Hitsuji shook his head again.

「…I cannot tell you the location.」


「That is also a rule, but…. even more than that, the Demon God-sama’s dungeon currently isn’t in this world」


When I heard his obscure answer, I involuntarily replied like such.

「Originally, it existed in this world. However, members of an organization called 【Demon God Cult】severed the dungeon from this world and transferred it into a different space… As I am unable to manage a dungeon that doesn’t exist in this world, even if I were allowed to tell everyone its location, I don’t know where it is to begin with.」


All we could do was fall into silence.

However, as though to blow away such a dark mood amongst us, Hitsuji spoke cheerfully.

「…That being said, it still takes place far after the capture of the Black Dragon God-sama’s dungeon. Even if I said stuff like, it is only compared to other dungeons. Making haste perhaps maybe a good idea, but I can assure you that you don’t need to prepare for it immediately.」

「I see… well, for the time being, we can’t do anything as long as that Demon God dungeon is still not found, right?」

How do I say it, they sure did something troublesome.

Those guys are just creepy, aren’t they.

They’re using some inexplicable power, and they’re attacking on us for negative emotions and whatnot… Nothing good from you, huh!

「But, well, a troubling variety like this one is rare, but some dungeons can be captured in their truest meaning」

We were just listening to Hitsuji speaking all this time, but suddenly Luthia opened her mouth with a serious expression.

「…Hitsuji-san, may I call you that?」

「Yes, please do.」

「Thank you. My father is, indeed, sealed within a dungeon. …And you said that he will be released free if we capture his dungeon in its truest meaning. Then, what is the requirement to fulfil it?」

「I see, I see… And you want to hear it?」

「I can’t?」

Watching at Luthia asking him with an uneasy face, Hitsuji instead gave me a meaningful look for some reason.

「Let me see… I had prepared a suitable reward for capturing this dungeon, apart from the information I just gave you. If you choose to abandon that reward, I shall can you the answer. How about that?」

Ah, this bastard just said something shrewd.

…But, well, honestly, I’m not really interested with the capture reward… Although,  if that reward is something absurd like the『Fruit of Evolution』 just like when I captured 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, then the story is different. 

「I don’t mind, you know? It’s an information important for Lutia, after all.」

「I’m fine with it too!」

「I was originally invited by you to come down here, Seiichi. I leave all decisions to you.」

「Sensei. I’ll follow your will 」

Al and Louis said so, too.

As for Rurune and Olga-chan, as well as Zola who looked like she was really at loss, they didn’t seem invested in the talk. Olga-chan yawned, even.

「…Can I…. really?」

Lutia said so really anxiously, but we really didn’t mind it.

「Yeah. Don’t be reserved.」

「……I understand. Thank you. Hitsuji-san, can you please give us the information?」


After Hitsuji bowed respectfully, he showed a wide grin.

「Well, if you bring Seiichi-sama to that dungeon, everything will be resolved though.」

「What kind of info is that!?」

Exposed to such a halfhearted answer, I unintentionally retorted.

However, Hitsuji continued without minding me at all.

「No, I’m serious. I mean, not only you can release someone from a dungeon, you even blew away a whole dungeon. Why ask it now at this late hour?」

「That’s, right but! That’s not right….right!?」

「I don’t understand」


I won’t admit it! Why is the info we got for capturing the dungeon is just to bring me along!? But, considering that I really feel like I can manage it, my hands are tied here.

As I was clasping on my head, Lutia looked at me with an even deeper anxiety.


「Aah… Yeah. Lutia’s dad is sealed in a dungeon, and his matter will be solved if I go with you, right? Though, I don’t know how my involvement can solve it…」


「it’s fine, let’s go」

「Eh? A, are you really?」

「Although I don’t mean right now, but we’ll definitely go. Then, we’ll release Lutia’s dad. Okay?」

「yeah… thank you…!」

「We’re still not sure I can release him, so don’t thank me yet.」

「What are you sleeptalking for? With you in the equation, you can just bulldoze it. Well, since you have so many gorilla brides, you 『Gorilladoze』 it. Get it? 」


As I was petting Lutia who was still looking anxious, Hitsuji threw me such a bad pun. 

「Hahahahahaha! I’m relieved to see that Seiichi-sama really hasn’t changed.」

「That so… I’m relieved too to see you’re the same… NOT」

「Oya, that’s unfortunate. …Now then, it’s time for me to take my leave.」

Having said so, Hitsuji took off his silky hat and tapped the ground with the stick he held.

「This place is no longer a dungeon. Therefore, I am unable to teleport everyone outside… But, Seiichi-sama, you can get out, right?」

「Well, yeah」

「Very well. Then, I shall pardon myself here. …Ah, right. Seiichi-sama.」


As some kind of magic circle began to glow under his feet, Hitsuji opened his mouth as if just remembering something.

「While your Status seems to have run away from you, you can still use your Titles slot and such. So please check it as well as your Item Box.」

「Hah? Well.. I understand why you said Titles, but…. is there something in my Item Box?」

After I asked so, Hitsuji just grinned mischievously—— 

「Well, that is a surprise for when you check it.」


「Well then, have a nice day!」

In the end, without saying any detail, Hitsuji went away in the front of us.

「…How do I put it, what a really peculiar fella he is.」

「Yeah… I’m mentally exhausted…」

「That’s…. well… don’t mind.」

Whilst still hesitating for a bit, Al stroked my head. …This is embarrassing, but sure makes me happy.

「Whew…. I’d like to say it’s about time we go back, but I’m worried about what that guy said. Can I check my Status for a bit?」

「Yeah, you can!」

「We’re just heading back anyway. Sensei, while you’re doing that, we’re going to talk with Zola-san for a bit.」

Saying so, the girls started to chat with Zola in the distance.

…Putting Louis aside, I’m sure Saria is being considerate with me since she knows how I suffer various mental damage from looking at my Status.

Thinking so in mind, I searched for the Title slot Hitsuji mentioned.

And, just as he said, while my numerical statuses, such as my level and ATK, had fled, I was able to see my Title slot properly. Wait, so there are duty disparities within a Status? Normally, you’d say a Status is just a Status, right?

As I was skimming through the Title slot with that in mind, I found some entries I wasn’t familiar with.

Those entries were——-

『Dungeon Deleter』 …….A title given to those who doesn’t just destroy a dungeon, but rather eradicates it. Normally, dungeons can’t be destroyed. Much less eradicating it, what is that if not ridiculous.

『Bosses’ Natural Enemy』……A title given to Natural Enemies of all kinds of powerful beings. Bosses become garbage in your presence. Your status is doubled when facing an enemy classified as a Boss. 

『He who Saved the Planet from Crisis』……A title given to those who saved the planet by defeating the invaders from space.

『Savior of the Entire Universe』……A title given to the savior of the entire universe.

『Oops, a Savior』……A title given to those who saved numerous beings by mistake. When you make a mistake, everything will move in the right direction.


First, that 『Dungeon Deleter』! A dungeon normally can’t be destroyed, you said? Well, I did though! I eradicated it clean and smooth! 

Rather, 『Bosses’ Natural Enemy』!? Isn’t that cruel!? A Boss is a Boss precisely because they’re super strong and super dangerous, right!? Turn to garbage, you said… Aah, I don’t care!

『He who Saved the Planet from Crisis』!? Where!? Where did I save this planet from crisis!? Why did you even give me a title like this when I’m not even aware of what I did!?

Moreover, that 『Savior of the Entire Universe』! So it’s not just the planet!? Where did the situation where I could save the entire universe come from!? And if you think about it, both this planet and the whole universe were in a crisis!? Ah, I don’t understand anymore!

And the last one, that 『Oops, a Savior』 …….EH, what? Since it appeared together with the rest of them, you’re saying that I saved the whole universe by mistake? Was that crisis something easy to be saved from? Someone TELL MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

No matter how hard I lamented, nobody ever came to tell me the answer. Damn it all!

I was overwhelmed with just the Title alone, but Hitsuji told me to check my Item Box as well. And when I went to do so, I was overwashed with a bad premonition.

But, I wouldn’t know what it was without checking it, so…. Eei, I’ll just peek!


I gently closed my Item Box.

Eh? What’s in it, you said?

HAHAHA! Coz nothing was in there! Right, there was no 『Highest Performance Starship』, or 『The Heart of The Great Space King』  or 『Dragon God Emperor’s head』 …None! At least I didn’t see them! Okay, end of discussion!

I, who had chosen to completely abandon any thoughts, went to where the girls were with a refreshed smile.

「Ah, Seiichi! Finished?」

「Yeah, I’m finished! As a human!」

「…Is he really alright…」

It’s just something trivial, yup.

Even Status has fled from me, so……  it’s too late, yeah!

For that reason, can I go home and cry already?

I, who in the end complied to what Hitsuji said and checked my Titles and Item Box, suffered a great deal of mental damage at the end of the day.

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