Shinka no Mi – Chapter 120

Louis’ Determination

『We’re very sorry…!』 

After the mock battle… No, the training ended, the demon people bowed their head to me.

For some reason, instead of me, Lutia was the one who showed a smug grin when seeing their state.

「No, no, please lift your head! I didn’t really mind it, you see…」  

「…How shameful. Even though you are Lutia-sama’s benefactor, I let my rage took over me…」 

「Indeed… it seems like, we’ve completely lost our composure ever since we saw Lutia-sama collapsed….」 

Receiving my words, the white haired hunk and the beauty showed an apologetic look.

Well, I understand how they feel, and I’m not really worried about it either.

Above all, I managed to save Lutia with no trouble, so I thought they would just accept it willy nilly, but… I’m sure it can never be like that, huh.

As my head wandered there, the white haired hunk changed his expression into a serious one.

「If it’s you, we can safely entrust Lutia-sama with. Rather, I’m sure it’s more secure for her to be with you… No matter how vexing it is. Please, protect her for us!」 

「………..Wait, so it’s decided Lutia’s coming with me!?」 

「Of course, why?」 

「What about my opinion!?」 

『Please protect her for us!』 

「And they’re not listening!」 

I can’t refuse now that you all lowered your head! After all, it’s a Japanese trait that we can’t say no!

Even so, the actual problem here is that Lutia will keep being targeted from now on, so is my side really the most secure place for her?

I know I’m so off the chart compared to the people here, but I don’t know for sure how long it can keep saving me from trouble.

「Since you’ve asked me, I’ll do my best to protect her.」 

「Un. Please take care of me.」 

Lutia nodded as she looked at me.

Now…  let’s go back for real.

Saria and the girls might be worried, and there’s also Barna-san’s request regarding the dungeon capture as well.

As I was looking around to report my return to Ranze-san and my parents, I realized they were not in the arena and probably had gone back inside the castle.

Then, let’s return after going back inside. So I thought before I saw Louis coming towards me.


「Hm? Ah, Louis. I’m sorry, I know we just met again, but I have to go back already. Can I ask you to guide me to Ranze-san?」 

「I understand. So I’m following you to the academy, right?」 


Unintentionally, I asked back.

「Urm… Louis-san? What did you say…?」 

「As i said, I’m going to the Barbadora Magic Academy with you, mentor.」 

「“As I said” my foot! How and why did that come to be!?」 

Even though I only asked her to guide me to Ranze-san, why did the talk turn that way!?

Louis who received my retort showed a grim look, so dark I had never seen her like this before.

「…In the last battle, I couldn’t do anything.」 


「In the first place, except you mentor, there was nobody that I could see as my equal save for the 【Black Paladin】, and when I became a 【Transcendent】, I thought I had become a little bit stronger. That was why, at first, I actually wished to meet an opponent stronger than I am.」 

That referred to when I first met Louis, her subordinate Claudia-san told me the same thing about her.

Precisely because there was no one stronger than her, she felt lonely.

That was why, when she lost to me, Louis was elated by her defeat.

「However, if this kingdom was attacked by a person stronger than I am, and I could do nothing but accept my defeat… I’m frustrated. Apparently, I’m such an egoistical and arrogant person beyond help. It was fortunate that mentor’s friends came to our aid, but if they didn’t back then… I wouldn’t be able to protect those whom I treasure.」 


Upon me who couldn’t say anything, Louis showed a piercing gaze.

「Mentor. I want to get stronger. So that I won’t lose to anyone. So that I can protect the people I want to protect.」 

Louis’ speech resonated deep within me.

My strength is, indeed, off chart. That is something that I have no control over.

However, I can’t say for sure how far it can take me.

Perhaps there is someone that stands way above me somewhere.

And if that someone attacked Saria and the others———I don’t have the confidence I can protect them.

In fact, I haven’t the slightest idea about that creepy guy’s power, and my body didn’t react to the demonkins’ mysterious powers either.

There’s no fault that I am overflowing with strength, but perhaps I should take after Louis and get even stronger.

———So that I can protect Saria and the others without a shred of doubt. 

「…I understand. I already have one following me, having another one won’t change much. …Louis」 


「Let’s get stronger together.」 

「! ……Yes!」 

Louis was wide eyed when she received my words, but then replied with her face blushing pink.

——The Me at this time was wishing to get stronger little by little, but it never occurred to me just how crazy my body could become later.

Now then, I added yet another follower because I was carried by the mood. Isn’t this weird?

Just how should I explain this? I’m 100% sure Helen and the like would retort me for this.

Well, I’ve told her I’ll bring her with me, so no take-backs.

But really, I should get going now or things will turn sour.

For that reason, I had Louis take me to Ranze-san, as it was my first intent when I talked to her.

When I reached there, I saw my parents, Ranze-san, Zeanos-san and the others chatting delightfully.

「Really, Seiichi-kun has saved us big time.」 

「Please, we’re the one grateful here. It seems like our son has made himself useful…」  

「He’s right, he has grown dependable in the time he was outside our watch… There’s also the matter with Saria-san, so I guess we should cook red rice today!」 

….This conversation is hard to take part, oi.

As I was hesitating to join in this conversation that talked about me, Zeanos noticed my presence.

「Mu? Seiichi-dono, what are you doing there?」 

「Ara, Seiichi. Come sit here.」 

「Y, yeah…. I see you two are close with Ranze-san already.」 

When I expressed the problem, my dad answered with a smile.

「That’s right~ You see, your dad here never had a king as an acquaintance before. I feel so proud.」 

「He’s right. It’s the first time I’ve entered a castle, but it’s really gorgeous, huh. And there are so many Maid-sans here… I wonder how much they are paid?」 

「I don’t know. I wondered that too, but I’m more curious if they go 『Moe moe kyuun~』.」 

「Really you, Makoto-san. That’s Japan’s maid, right? The maids here are the real maids, one that’s graceful. Ah, I’ll ask them if we can take a photo together later!」 

「That sounds good!」 

「………….How should I put it, they really are Seiichi’s parents, huh.」 

「What do you mean by that!?」  

Ranze-san who watched my parents doing their skit looked at me with a baffled look.

No, my parents are the only ones who are odd! Perhaps! My confidence to say that is thinning though!

After I let a single sigh escape, I fulfilled my original purpose here and told him I’m going back.

「I’m sorry, but I have to go already. The girls are worrying about me, and there’s also Barna-san’s request….」 

「I see… Ah, don’t worry about your parents, Seiichi-kun. I heard about it from Zeanos-dono and the others already. They wish to migrate here… so of course, I’m more than welcome. Just the fact that such strong personnel want to live in my country is very much appreciated. That’s including Abel and his party that have helped the soldiers.」  

「Thank you very much!」 

Now that I look around, I don’t see Abel and his party. I believe Garrus-san and other adventurers were here too, but I can’t find them either. They must’ve gone back to the headquarters.

Leaving that aside, I felt one thing had lifted in my heart when I knew their immigration was acknowledged.

As I sighed from relief, this time Lutia opened her mouth.

「King Ranzelf. I’m going with Seiichi.」 

「Huh? …Wait, that was what you were talking about, wasn’t it. It completely slid off my mind, but if your vassals are okay with that, then I don’t have anything else to say. In fact, Being with Seiichi-kun is the most reassuring, after all.」 

「Un. …Urm, our meeting had come to an abrupt end. This time it was due to the  【Demon God Cult】’s interference, but I can assume that many are targeting me for being a demon. Even so, will you still walk side-to-side with us demons?」 

Lutia’s gaze was serious itself, and Ranze-san who was exposed to that look of hers replied.

「That’s accounted for of course. I won’t get spooked just from something like this..」 

「…Thank you.」  

Lutia smiled, relieved.

「Now then, Seiichi! Till we meet again! Next time, take your time to stay 」 

「Yes! Thank you very much!」  

「Now then. …Zeros, Zuroa, Leiyah, Liareta, Urs, Jade. I leave the rest to you.」 

『Yes ma’am! Take care!』 

As I said my farewell to Ranze-san and my parents, Lutia also said her goodbye to her people next to me.

After which, Lucius-san walked toward Lutia.

「And you…..」 

「Even though we’ve met, it’s a shame that we have no time to have a chat. But well, as you can see, I have been revived. We can meet anytime. Let’s have a nice, long conversation then.」 


I see, Lucius-san is the First Demon Lord after all, so of course he’ll have things to talk about with Lutia.

But, just as he said, we can meet anytime.

It was regrettable, but I really had to go back, so Louis also said her goodbye to Ranze.

「Your Majesty. I’m taking a break to train.」 

「Okay. ……………….WHAT!?」 

「Well then———」 

「Wait wait wait wait! Eh, what!? You’re going too!? It’s the first time I’ve heard about this!」 

「I just told you now, after all.」 

「I told you to report things to me! I am your superior! You understand!?」 

It was outside my expectation that Louis didn’t say anything to Ranze-san beforehand. No, Ranze-san is totally in the right here!

In the end, with me being involved, we persuaded Ranze-san to comply.

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