Shinka no Mi – Chapter 119

The Demon Army vs Seiichi

Receiving Lutia’s words, my face contorted stupidly.

「Eh, what do you mean bring you with me…」 (Seiichi)

「It means I’m following you, Seiichi.」 (Lutia)

「Lutia-sama!?」 (Leiyah)

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one surprised by her words, the beautiful woman over there was surprised as well.

「You can’t, Lutia-sama! Not only were you attacked just a few moments ago… You need to be under our protection!」 (Leiyah)

「What she says is correct! That guy might be your benefactor, yeah, but that and this are two separate matters!」 (Zuroa)

The beautiful woman and the handsome with white hair said so.

Yeah, I get what you two are on about.

In the first place, I was at a loss when she suddenly said she wanted to come with me. And, for those demons, they’re worried since their treasured person wants to leave with this suspicious hooded being, which is me.

「Leiyah, Zuroa. It’s okay. Seiichi is strong, after all.」 (Lutia)

「Strong… I don’t think that’s the case! Indeed, it is something else that he could lift a 『Curse』, but I don’t think that qualifies him as someone strong!」 (Zuroa)

After the white haired hunk finished his words, a demon with a dignifying aura opened his mouth next.

「…Lutia-sama. I’m of the same opinion as Zuroa. I can’t see the strength you’re talking about from this human…」(Zeros) 

「Zeros…」 (Lutia) 

Considering they’ve said that much, isn’t it better for Lutia to reconsider her choice?

The remaining demons haven’t said anything, but I can see from their response that they’re thinking the same.

…You there, Lucius-san! Why is your face saying things are looking interesting!? I don’t know what you have in mind, but nothing interesting will——- 

「——I understand. Then, if Seiichi wins against you and the others, then nobody will complain, right?」 (Lutia)

「Oh dear me」(Seiichi) 

Yup, called it! I knew it would go that way from how things are going! I even spewed an Onee-sama line in spite of that!

  But, please, let me escape from reality for a bit. I just want to live in peace.

Having been exposed to Lutia’s words, the dignifying demon made a grim face.

「…Lutia-sama, are you serious? You want us, all of us, to fight against that human?」 (Zeros)

「I am. Seiichi is strong」 (Lutia)

Earth to Lutia-san? I don’t think you should sell me that high you know?

「Lutia-sama, stop jesting. You’re saying all of us, not me or Zeros alone, but all of us?」 (Zuroa)

「I’m not joking. Even if all of you fight him at the same time… You can’t win against Seiichi」 (Lutia)

「——Oy, human. Quite the nerve you have there」(Zuroa) 

「Aren’t you being way too unreasonable!?」 (Seiichi)

I’m not the one saying that, so why are you getting angry at me!? Is that the difference between people who have power and people who don’t!? The world is a harsh place, huh!*

「What is this? An interesting development, I see. Why not, then? Go use our training ground.」 (Ranze)

「Oh, now we even have an arena for it!」 (Seiichi)

Fine, I’ll do it! You guys won’t complain if I just do it, right!?

I, who couldn’t help but comply, was taken away to the training ground within the castle walls.

In addition, the people present weren’t just Lutia and the fighting demons, but my parents and the soldiers were also gathering around, making it an even bigger event than I anticipated. Just why did this happen?

In the front of this dejected me, the motivated——Or should I say, blood thirsty demons were there. Huh? This is just a mock battle, right? Not a death battle, right!?

As I was trembling from such thought, the white haired hunk cracked his neck.

「Let’s finish him」 (Zuroa)

「Your wording! It’s weird!」(Seiichi) 

This isn’t good! Their eyes are dead serious!

Ranze-san walked up to the space between me and the demons who straight up ignoring my retort.

「Now, let’s start the mock battle… Anything goes, as long as nobody dies.」 (Ranze)

「…Tch」 (Zuroa)

「Ranze-san, he just clicked his tongue, didn’t he!?」 (Seiichi)

「Must be your imagination」 (Ranze)

「You shitting me!?」 (Seiichi)

「Can I ask a question first?」(Leiyah) 

After ignoring the white haired hunk clicking his tongue, now Ranze-san was asked by the beauty.

「Hm? What is it?」 (Ranze)

「When you said all is fine as long as nobody dies… so, we can beat him up to our heart’s content?」 (Leiyah)

「That’s fine.」 (Ranze)

「That’s NOT fine!」 (Seiichi)

What, you’re allowing something that violent!? Rather, if she asked something like that, doesn’t that mean that’s her aim!?

「Don’t be such a worrywart. You’ll do great, Seiichi.」 (Ranze)

「Just what do you think I am?」 (Seiichi)

「………….Okay, let’s start!」 (Ranze)

「Don’t brush that aside!」 (Seiichi)

As my protest ended up in vain, the demon folks took their distance, ready to fight.

Ranze-san who saw that looked at me to confirm, then——

「Demon Army vs Seiichi… battle start!」 (Ranze)

「Engulf him!」 (Zuroa)

At the same time Ranze-san gave his signal, the white haired hunk cladded his body with jet black darkness, from which a myriad of jet black tentacle-like objects were ejected at me.

I thought it was some kind of magic at first, but since my body didn’t show any response to it, I assumed it to be something else than skill or magic.

…… That eerie guy was just like this too, I didn’t know that there are unexplained mysterious powers in this world other than skills and magic. 

While I was thinking unrelated things in the front of the looming jet-black tentacles, an oni-like macho person was rushing at me.

「I’ll kill you before Zuroa’s 『darkness』can even touch you!」 (Urs)

Despite his looks that showcased enormous strength, I received his fist with my hand until it stopped.

「Huh!?」 (Urs)

After which, he stood petrified with a stupid look on his face. No, you shouldn’t stiffen like that you know, it leaves a gaping hole in your defense… 

「Urs, move aside!」  (Leiyah)

「H, hold on, Leiyah! I’m still——」(Urs) 

「『Phoenix Waltz』!!」 (Leiyah)


As I was still holding the macho oni’s fist, the beauty immediately launched a number of golden rings of fire.

My body also didn’t react to that, so it must be something that wasn’t skill nor magic.

Either way, the macho oni who couldn’t get his fist off mine was also within range of attack… or rather, the attack only hit him, so I suffered no damage from it.

But, the shockwave that came after it made me release my grip, so the oni now became a daruma of fire and thus withdrew.

「Hey, it’s because of you I didn’t get him!」 (Leiyah)

「I’m the victim here, though!?」(Urs)

No, I do feel pity for mr. macho oni, but the victim suffering the most here is me you know, since you guys made me fight out of nowhere. 

The jet black tentacle finally reached me while I was thinking of such a thing.

A lot of things happened in that moment, but in reality, it only took a few fractions of a second to reach.

I can tell just how amazing these demon folks are just from that fact, but… 

When I was thinking of evading it, a very sexy demoness approached me and sent me a seducing look.

「Stop there! 『Bewitching Gaze』! 」 (Learetta)

「Nn?」 (Seiichi)

This feeling… it’s like the 『Charm Mushroom』 I ate back then in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】. 

In other words, this sexy demon wanted to charm me

But, I’ve already said this before but, I already gained Charm Resistance back in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, so her attacks won’t do anything to me. 

Seeing me who showed no sign of being charmed, the sexy demoness began to look into the distance.

「Again, my charm fails to work on my opponent… I’m starting to lose my confidence as the 【Succubus Queen】…」 (Learetta)

「Eeh… I, uh, I’m sorry…」 (Seiichi)

I lost my chance to avoid the black tentacles when I gave the demoness my apology.

No, it’s not like I can’t forcibly make a way to escape… 

While thinking such a thing, the black tentacle encircled me before then swooped down from above.

「Hm, what will happen if I punch this…?」 (Seiichi)

Since that question floated in my mind, I tried hitting those tentacles with my fist.

「Ei」 (Seiichi)

And they scattered into oblivion.

「H…. HAAAAAAH!? My 『Darkness』 got…!? 」 (Zuroa)

「Ooh… I didn’t think it’ll go away that easily…」 (Seiichi)

Or rather, I felt no resistance from hitting it. Perhaps it only received the air pressure of my punch, not the punch itself. I’m such a haphazard, even if I say so myself.

As my cheeks involuntarily stiffened, Lucius-san who watched the sight burst into laughter.

「AAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Seiichi-kun, you are something else! That guy’s 『Darkness』 is something truly unique, and yet… you sent it into oblivion with just your fist, really…!」 (Lucius)

I knew it, I’m something terrible. Damn it all!

「…Zorua, back off. 『Annihilation Sphere』」  (Zeros)

Then, this time, the majestic demon shot something like a translucent ball at me.

Does this thing also disappear if I hit it?

「Ei」 (Seiichi)

I made that translucent ball vanish.

「WHAT….!?」 (Zeros)

「Oi oi, he got rid of that lizard bastard’s 『Annihilation Sphere』, what kind of monstrosity are we fightin!?」 (Zuroa)

「Don’t lose sight, Zorua-chan! He has to have a weak point somewhere!」 (Jade)

「Nn?」 (Seiichi)

The moment the demon with an onee-san manner of speech opened his mouth, I noticed some changes in the atmosphere, or perhaps, the presence of it.

What is… this?

「Ara? To think you can detect my magic… I’m starting to doubt you’re a human, you know?」 (Jade)

「That’s rude! I’m a human! ……..I think!」 (Seiichi)

「Not very convincing, huh…」 (Jade)

After that demon released a bitter laugh, his face turned completely serious.

「Now, why don’t we end this play time already? Off you go!」 


Out of reflex, I pulled out 『(Sword of Swirling Hatred) BLACK』 and 『(Sword of Overflowing Compassion) WHITE』from their sheathes and slashed the space where I felt the oddity.

At that moment, despite it being an empty space, I felt a solid response coming from my sword.

Looking at such a sight, the onee-san demon was wide eyed.

「Impossible! My attack should be invisible…!」 

Apparently, the onee-san demon could unleash invisible attacks, and the place I randomly slashed onto out of discomfort was where it came from.

Then, all of them, including the macho oni and the beauty, fixed their stance and went to attack me again. Earnestly trying to defeat me this time.

Moreover, each of their blows were with superb timing as well as their amazing coordination.

A chance to fight against such pros collaborating with each other wouldn’t come everyday, and since it was a mock fight, I figured it would be great if I also learned a thing or two from this rare occasion. In my own way, I faced the demons whilst thinking it to be good practice.

Wow, relying on techniques to see the gaps rather than brute force is hard.

I continued the fight whilst taking them as a good training practice, but eventually, the demon folks had burnt through their physical strength and reduced into one pile of gasping mess.

「Wha… what the… hell is this fucker….!」 

「Haa…. haaa… I, I can…. n, no longer move…」 

「Fr, frankly speaking… I can’t believe he’s the same organism… from the same planet as us…」 

Aren’t you being way too rude? You’re saying I’m an alien? …Wait, no, I’m not a human of this planet either, so I’m really an alien?

But, the alien one must be that UMA thing on the monster shop outlet! I’m NOTHING like that!

Well, putting that aside… 

「Erm, so the mock battle is——」 

『It’s obviously impossible!』 

「Ah, okay.」 

I was scolded by everyone from the demon army.

Author Note:

I’m done with all the revision of past chapters, I’m also working on a new novel.

It’s not as much of a gag as 『Shinka no Mi』, but I do mix jokes in it. 

I’d be happy if you read it too.

『Good Morning Guardian』

Translator’s Note:

*Seiichi is saying that he’s the person who doesn’t have the strength

Shinka no Mi Chapter 118
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