Shinka Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Poison Resistance

「Ughhh ……」

I am about to die.

I understand what I am saying. Right now I am tired, mentally and physically. One week has passed since I ate the paralysis grass and acquired 「paralysis resistance」. After that, I visited the habitat of the clever monkey several times, but I did not find any more seeds after those nine.

「Amu mmhh …… so bad」

I put a fruit of the evolution in my mouth and mutter so. By the way, the fruit of the evolution I am eating is today’s meal. Because I eat them at a pace of one seed per day per week, only two remain. After that, probably because I earnestly kept eating the seeds and appraising various things, I got strange resistances that were different from paralysis resistance. By the way my present status is:

«Hiiragi Seiichi»

Tribe: Mass of filth …… Oh, human ass

Gender: Male named filth

Occupation: Smelly homeless

Age: 17

Level: 1

Magic: 17

ATK: 1

Defense: 1

Agility: 1

Magic attack: 1

Magic defense: 1

Luck: 0



Ultimate weapon: the school uniform. Ultimate weapon: the student pants. Underwear of sure death. Shirt of sure death.


[Analyze], [Absolute Disassembly], [Paralysis resistance] [Wind resistance], [Sleep resistance] [Confusion resistance] [Charm resistance], [Petrification resistance] [Hindrance resistance].


Evolution x 8. Fatigue

Uhhh. I have a lot of material to use in a Tsukkomi act. Race first. It seems that it forgot that I am Human. The correct sex isn’t male; it’s filth. Occupation has evolved since the last time in a bad way. My equipment smells so bad that it can be used as a weapon. What the hell is this. Ultimate weapon? Underwear and shirt of sure death. Amazing. And look at the Charm. Is it blank? At least do you not even want to write words?


「I say, what should I do…’’

I dropped down onto both hands and knees on the ground. Just who has a grudge on me?! Ahhh! I don´t have a proper status beside the «skill» . I took a deep breath.

Calm down…. Yosh …. Fuuuuu. Now that I calmed myself down. I confirmed again that I got new skills.

[Sleep resistance]

To disable forced sleep by sleeping gas, etc.

[Confusion resistance]

Resistance to confusion and hallucinations.

[Charm resistance]

I prevent hypnosis caused by charm.

[Petrification resistance]

Disable being petrified by magic or evil eye, etc.

[Hindrance resistance]

Resistance to inhibition of movement due to trap or magic.

Aren’t these five quite amazing? No. More than amazing, these are convenient. Inside this dangerous forest, who knows when a gas such as sleeping gas or hallucinations might show up. Such a resistance will be very important to live. As a result of having analyzed all five of them like that, I ate the mushroom which was there. Before I obtained these skills, when analyzing the paralysis grass, the result was ‘?’. As I continued to analyze and profit, I won’t die.

By the way, when I judged it once again after having learned this skill, I was shown this:

[Sleep Mushroom]: One bit makes me sleepy. All of it makes me pass out.

[Super Dangerous Mushroom]: Somehow a lot of hallucinations are seen. It stimulates. It’s a dream-like mushroom for dying people.

[Charm Mushroom]: All you see is turned beautiful. It makes you happy and unable to stand still.

[Petrification Mushroom]: If you eat, it petrifies you starting from your legs. It’s impossible to deal with it because it petrifies all of you. Bit by bit, the petrification reverses with time.

[Disturbing Mushroom]: After eating, you can’t move from the place. However, even if you can’t move from the place, you can still move your body.

I threw away everything. It was a life crisis, you know?! Like hell I could do it!!! Moreover when I ate a sleep mushroom, I sleep like that and when I woke up, there was a smart monkey near me which scared me shitless!! Because I have a strong smell, I thought it will notice me!! I was prepared to die!! Furthermore, super dangerous mushroom?!! Just like that!!?? Moreover it isn’t that like a drug!! I just pulled a tsukkomi act there. Seriously just a bite and I felt invincible. When I thought I could defeat the clever monkey, the effect wore out just before I could enter their habitat. Not a good drug, for sure. Then it was a charm mushroom. When I returned to normal, I despaired at my own sexual desire. The petrifying mushroom is pure horror. Freaking scary. The disturbing mushroom was interesting. You can move your body, but at the same time, you can’t move from the spot. Well, I was worried thinking what if that monkey will show up.

「To speak frankly, I don’t want to put something unknown in my mouth anymore….’’

In don’t have the 4 right of the consumer? (TL note: The right to safety, The right to be informed, The right to choose, The right to be heard). The right of information is important!!! But, god is being cold to me. Well, the god who sent us here won’t interfere with this world though.

「This… is clearly dangerous isn’t it?’’

Currently I put the seed of evolution in my mouth and eat it. Farewell my last meal.

Suddenly —-

「A dangerous atmosphere to the max, but…’’

With my right hand there is one mushroom. It was dark purple, a mix of blue and red, with yellow spots and furthermore a white spot at the top. So, why white? It’s the opposite! Absolutely bad!! Will I die? Me? It’s a lump of poison!! Just tell me to die already!!! Bu..but I still haven’t appraised this mushroom. There exists the possibility of this mushroom being just a edible mushroom. The moment the appraisal isn’t 「?」, it isn’t an experiment anymore and it will become a fact…!!! Oh God… please have mercy..! With that thought, I use the skill [Analyze].


「Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit」 [ED note: Exactly what I would say]

「Should I disappear from this world?!!! It’s your fault that I have to do a life experiment by putting my body on the line!! Mou, can’t you treat me a bit kinder already!? Please be serious , ooohh!」

「I…… did my best….. everyone, from everything thank you…!!」

Now after saying my last words, I put this dark purple dangerous mushroom in my mouth. Is this the vision everyone sees in the end when they die? I see revolving lanterns, but the quality is more real than that of an illusion. But, seriously, what should I do with this dangerous thing? I know I shouldn’t eat it. Maaaan. It would become a problem when I have to eat it, isn’t it? Currently there is something else to eat. There are two things, medicinal grass and seed of evolution which is already gone. I have searched for something to eat even if it is a little before the fear of starvation makes me think it twice.

By the way, for some reason after eating one seed of evolution, I became full…..

「As I thought. Stop!」

It’s scary! Super scary!! Is it ultra poisonous?! If I eat this joking, I will die right?!

「It’s useless…. I am not confident at all. If I don’t tell this to someone, this anxiety won’t disappear….」

In the first place will it even make a person sad if I die? For example my parents, friends, lover…

「I don’t have parents!!! Very few friends! And a lover? Yeah, sure…!」

It’s dangerous. It hurts. I became sad. I, perhaps, have no living value. The moment I became negative, this type of thoughts starts popping around.

Somehow by living a difficult life, my spirit drains.

「….If I eat this, I will die…」

Right now, I can say I became weird. Maybe because I’m thinking about committing suicide? I understand the reason. Even I have thought to myself that I am an idiot.

「…..Ei!」 Munch

「In the end I ended eating that mushroom……」

「……… a,are? Nothing happened?!」

I confirmed that I ate the mushroom. Wait, is this seriously okay? Finally, I had hit the jackpot at last!!!?


I lift both arms and somehow I feel like shouting, so I shouted. The happiness had spread all over my body.

「Finally, my time has come!!!!!!!」

I started dancing from joy.


I am seriously happy. This feeling was like having a lover!!!… Not that I have one.

「Fufufufufu. This time it is my win!」


「Cough cough」 I started vomiting blood.


I sure don’t have any luck. As expected, there is a 0 in the status.

「It can’t be…. It’s a delayed poison?」

No. When I think about it, the poison took effect in a short amount of time. Is it an immediate effect? In the end, it seems this time was a failure.

「I understand… I know….」

I was idiotically in high spirits. It is like a punch line I read somewhere….! Fuck!

I collapsed on my knee.

「Cough!!! cough!!….buee, bueee….」

Seriously, this time is really bad…..

「…..I will die from poison?」

Uwaaa…… I really don’t want. Starvation is unpleasant, but this is worse. Can I have a bit more pleasant death? But right now, I have this poison in my body. Seriously, in the end, I have zero luck. And just like that, I collapsed


「Haa, Haaa」

I can’t breathe properly. My body won’t respond. Even with the detoxification grass, I won’t make it. With [Analyze], it says it can heal injuries. After all poison has to be cured by poison grass….or antidote grass? It doesn’t matter.

「Cough!!…. If this is gonna be the end… I will eat this….」

I just put forth some willpower and took two seeds of evolution out from an item box.

「Eh… thanks to this, I had managed to survive…」

So, in this collapsed state, I quietly watched the seed of evolution that was in front of me. True. If that smart monkey hadn’t dropped this, by this time I should have become a corpse. Even though they taste horrible, this thing did satisfy my belly. This week I didn’t suffer from a lack of food thanks to this seed. Seriously I am thankful to this seed….. In the end, I didn’t understand its effect.

「… Thanks for giving so many thing to a person like me」

After saying that, I put the seed of evolution into my mouth. Munch, munch, munch….. I ate one seed of evolution. Ahhh somehow I can eat another one. Munch, munch….. I ate the last seed of evolution……

「I am completely ok!」

I awake suddenly. What the hell happened!? Just now I was about to die! Somehow after eating the seed of evolution, I started felling well but…!!

「cho! What about the deadly atmosphere that was there? Soo embarrassing!」

I started blushing! What the hell! It hurts! Where did the poison go? While burning with shame, I thought of a hypothesis.

「…..It can’t be. That [seed of evolution]’s effect, no…?」

But, the fact is that after eating it, the poison in my body vanished…. Seriously?

「H-Hey, wait. If it were true……」

Now I don’t have more seeds in my hands…..

「UEEEEEEGH!!! Throw up! 1 is fine!」 I throw up with all my strength. 「Well, yes, yes, oh!」

I try my best to throw up the seed of evolution I just ate.

「GET OOOUTTT!」 There was seriously an effect to erase the poison; I should have just eaten one!!!

Wait, now that I think about it, it had quite the amazing effect even when I was starving as well! At that time, to reach the seed of evolution, I had broken my nails while starving and blood was flowing from my nails. Without realizing, the wound was gone. I wanted to return to before I ate the seed of evolution.

「Mooo, I am a big idiot!!! I want to punch the me before I ate the seed of evolution and stop me!」

….Ah, if that the case, I might as well return before I eat the mushroom. That way I wouldn’t be in this mess.

「….. Haaa. Moo, now that I ate it, I give up…」

A voice then told me that the skill [poison resistance] has been acquired and Skill [Analyze] evolved into [Intermediate level Analyze], a voice I have been hearing in my head recently. Wait, I wonder whose voice it was.

「Wait a bit, [Analyze] evolved in [Intermediate level Analyze]?」

Until now, like the skill [poison resistance], a new skill has been learned, but now in my head, the voice I heard said, 「Rank Up to [Intermediate level Analyze].」

「I don’t understand…」

So while I said that, I opened my status.

«Hiiragi Seiichi»

Race: Ultimate potential hidden in mankind

Gender: Male

Occupation: Unfortunate homeless

Age: 17

Level: 1

Magic: 17

ATK: 1

Defense: 1

Agility: 1

Magic attack: 1

Magic defense: 1

Luck: 0



Ultimate weapon: the school uniform. Ultimate weapon: the student pants. Underwear of sure death. Shirt of sure death.


[Intermediate level Analyze], [Absolute Disassembly], [Paralysis resistance] [Wind resistance], [Sleep resistance] [Confusion resistance] [Charm resistance], [Petrification resistance] [Hindrance resistance], [Poison Resistance]


Evolution x MAX Fatigue.

A,Are? A lot of thing changed? The race is now human and the gender had become male… However, about the ultimate potential hidden in mankind or so it say, I think it’s exaggerating a lot. Ultimate potential, eh. But as always, nothing is written in charm.’s not like I am sad, okay! (TL note: Tsundere?) [ED note: Tsundere level: Kirino from Oreimo]

«Skill»’s turn. [Analyze] had disappeared and [Intermediate level Analyze] appeared in its place. Now I can learn more from using the skill. [Intermediate level Analyze]…. I can learn more than analyze. Moreover a new resistance [Poison Resistance] was added. Moreover it prevents poisoning.

「This is amazing!!! Super amazing!!!」

Poison resistance is a god send! Thank to this, I can eat the food around here… How desperate was I. Putting this aside, now I can’t eat the seed of evolution anymore.

Above all, I am thankful for [Intermediate level Analyze]. Now the ‘?’ I saw before should show up less….

Finally «Status»’s turn, what does it mean by Evolution x MAX?

Now that I don’t have another evolution, I can’t learn about the new [Intermediate level Analyze]…

「Well, this time the result is that I survived that」

I alone cheered for myself. In short, stop thinking because I don’t know!! Being alive is wonderful! Only, in that moment, I completely forgot. That was—–



Near me, a clever monkey stood.


If I think, I will understand it.


I made too much noise!!!!

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