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Chapter 64 – Carolina’s Training

TL: Aria Red
Editor: Rumanshi

After confirming Aphrodite’s condition, it is now time to check on Carolina. By the way, I wonder what she typically does inside the ball?

I can somehow imagine her reading a book elegantly while enjoying the taste of a refined tea, but I wonder what she is doing in actuality.

Including her usual mysterious demeanour, her private life is shrouded in mystery.

I wonder why.
I feel a bit scared to check now…

But well, I can’t keep hesitating like this forever.

I can’t waste this once in a lifetime opportunity, let’s check at once.

“One hundred and eleven…one hundred and twelve…one hundred and thirteen…one hundred and fourteen…one hundred and fifteen…”

I heard Carolina recite some numbers as she stopped after walking for a short while.

As I headed towards the origin the voice, an unexpected spectacle unfolded before me.

“Hmm. Exhausted already?”

In front of Carolina was, a group of goblins swinging their weapons.

It seemed to be a considerably hard training regime.
While swinging the iron maces that Ciel made, the goblins were sweating like waterfalls.

“If you can’t even follow this level of training, you’re not qualified to become Souta-sama’s underling.”

It appears that Carolina was holding a training session for the goblins.

I thought it was particularly weird that their levels were increasing even though they haven’t been defeating any monsters recently, but I have finally solved the puzzle.

Caroline had been so hard-working even while inside the ball.
“You there! Who told you to slack off!”


Carolina kicked a goblin with the boots she was wearing.

ーーーOi Bastard! You Goblin!
Getting kicked by a beautiful girl in a maid outfit and boots…isn’t that too much of a reward!?
I can’t stand this! Trade place with me!

System Message
(Please select your target monster)

Carolina Burton
Ciel Ortholud
Adamite Golem
⇒ Goblin Knight
Light Mush
Will o’ the Wisp
Mud Mush

I selected the Goblin Knight at once and waited for my soul to be transferred.

When my consciousness returned, my soul had been assimilated into a single Goblin Knight.
“Go, gobu!?”

ーーWha-what is this place…

I didn’t really understand, but my body felt so heavy it felt like I was being crushed.
As I stood up, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of extreme exhaustion.

“You maggot…”


“…Who told you to rest?” asked Carolina, absent of even a single bit of the respect that she usually directed towards me.
Carolina gave me a super condescending look as if she was looking at something disgusting.

“Let’s implement a collective responsibility from now on. As a punishment, I will increase the gravity from 5 times to 10 times the normal.”

As soon as Caroline snapped her fingers, the burden on my body felt like it was doubled as I fell, grovelled on the ground.

ーーI see!

She had told me before that the time flow inside the capsule ball was slower than it was outside, which made training inside to be incredibly inefficient.

Thinking that regular training would not have any effects, Carolina came up with the idea to use her magic to increase the burden by amplifying the gravity.


ーーWait no.
Even so, isn’t this too extreme?

By increasing the gravity from 5 times to 10 times, rather than training this already felt more like in the realm of torture.

But I was the only one pathetic enough to stay crouching on the ground. All the other Goblin Knights were still standing, seemingly fine.

“And…How long do you plan to keep sleeping!?”

Caroline walked over to my face that was still stuck on the ground and mercilessly showered me with kicks.


Having my face stepped on by leather boots, I unintentionally let out a disgusting voice.

Because she raised her foot up firmly above me while I was still tumbling on the ground, Carolina’s underwear was fully visible from under her skirt.

It was black.
And it has a garter belt which made the black underwear even better.

The sight that I saw from under her skirt while still grovelling on the ground was the embodiment of erotic violence.

I would love to get a permanent residency in her skirt.

“Urgh! I wonder what this is…this unpleasant gaze!?”

ーーThe joy of being able to look up the underwear of a beautiful girl in a maid outfit while being looked down upon scornfully!

Everytime Carolina stepped on me it felt like I was one step closer to developing a new fetish.

“You maggot…Why do you keep staring at my body!?”

It was a matter of fact, but Carolina had no idea that I was inside all along.

All the responsibility fell on the goblin.

The usual Carolina who called me “Master!” and treated me kindly was attractive, but there was a certain charm to the Carolina who looked at me like I was trash and stepped on my face.

ーーWhat a blessing!
I don’t even mind dying now!!

“…It’s suspicious no matter how I see it. Are you really…a Goblin Knight?”


This is bad.
As I didn’t even try to listen to her after getting kicked so many times, she started to grow suspicious of me.

Even though it was like a buffet of her underwear before, she started to become vigilant and held down the hem of her skirt.

“Your gaze from before, it was like a human’s…No, it felt like the gaze of a vulgar beast.”


Carolina has finally started to realise my existence inside the Goblin Knight’s body.

ーーThis is bad!
Really really bad!
I’ve received enough reward from Carolina…So, this should be the perfect time to move on.

As I thought so, I immediately used the Soul Manipulation skill to move to my next target.

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