Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – The Hero ‘Guld’

TL: Aria Red
Editor: Ruman Shi

“Hey, isn’t that the kid from the rumour? The one who defeated the wraith…”

“No way, man. Isn’t he just a brat?”

On the next day, as I arrived in front the adventurer’s guild, I could hear the adventurers gossiping.

In actuality, it was all thanks to Carolina but somehow rumours about me being the one who defeated the wraith had spiralled out of control.

That was a bit unexpected.
It had been just yesterday that I took the Wraith extermination quest.

Wasn’t it a bit too quick for the rumours to spread this far?

There was a possibility that people had been exaggerating the report I gave to Chloe-chan when I saidー “I don’t think the Wraith will be making any more mischief”.

“Heya, so you’re Kazehaya Souta, right. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you for a bit, do you have time?”

Guld Westburg
Sex: Male
Age: 22

The man appeared in front of me seemingly out of nowhere.

“Pardon me, but have I met you before?”

“That was rude of me. My name is Guld Westburg. I’m of the family lineage of the descendants of the valorous and mighty hero.

“Eh, heroes?”

“Hmmph. So I have to start explaining from there. 300 years ago, my ancestor gained a tremendous achievement during the subjugation battle against the Demon Lord Iblis. Ever since; the family lineage of the Westburg has been recognised as the descendants of the hero.
However, it’s a bit saddening that in this world, with great power comes great responsibility. And so forth, in order to prevent the rumoured revival of the demon lord, we of the Westburg family have been training every day to gain more power…”


This guy…he just started talking out of nowhere.

It was really a waste of his good looks.

“So in the end, what does someone from the hero lineage need from me?”

“Hmmph. As someone who has the power to subjugate a wraith, we have deemed you worthy. Therefore, we would like to ask you to aid us in hoping to fulfil our long cherished goal of defeating the demon lord.”

“The demon lord!?”

“Yeah, what do you think? I can’t disclose any details here, so if you’re interested just drop by the bar at night,” said the self-proclaimed hero before leaving.


Now then, what should I do?

Subjugating the demon lord had been the original goal delegated to me when I was first summoned here in Alterhyde.

By defeating the demon lord I would be able to return Aphrodite to the celestial realm safely, and I, myself would acquire the right to go back to modern Japan.

Having come upon this unexpected opportunity, I have decided to consult this with the female group inside the ball for now.

Having suddenly received the demon lord subjugation quest from the Hero called Guld, I approached my three female teammates for suggestions after returning to the inn.

“No way! Definitely, no way! I’m absolutely against it!!”

Once I finished explaining, the one who was against it the most was surprisingly Aphrodite.

“Hmm? Why are you against it? Weren’t you always telling me to defeat the demon lord so you can go back to the celestial realm?”

“Uhh, that is…”

Aphrodite became incoherent when I pressed her for answers.

“Can I ask something? Once you defeat the demon lord, you’ll be returning to your previous world alone, right?”

“Ah, that is…will it turn out like that?”

I hadn’t really thought about it that deeply regarding that.

According to Aphrodite, even if I defeated the demon lord and returned to Japan, I wouldn’t lose my possession ability.

In the first place, my ultimate goal in the world had been to collect beautiful girls inside my capsule ball and to bring them back to earth with me.

I have decided to return to my previous world…but are Carolina and Cielle willing to come along with?

I started to feel uneasy when I thought that.

“In that case, I’m absolutely against it after all! What happened to you, Souta!? Shouldn’t this be where you start acting like a coward as per usual? It’s not too late to defeat the demon lord after grinding for experience first!”

“Uhh, well, you do have a point there.”

By any chance, maybe Aphrodite just doesn’t want to go home?
Does she like the kedamaro bed that much?

Considering that she preferred sleeping to meals three times a day, that conjecture was entirely plausible.

“Can I ask for your opinion on the matter, Cielle?”

“This a bit too abrupt so I can’t fully believe it yet, but if the demon lord had really resurrected, it’d be bad if we leave it alone. I think that the earlier we defeat it, the more lives can be saved”

“Fair enough. Well, that’s also a good way of thinking about it.”

No matter how strong the demon lord actually is, if I threw my capsule ball at him, I could probably capture him, no doubt.

Going by the pure winning percentage, I felt morally obligated to represent humanity to face the demon lord.

“What about you, Carolina?”

“I honestly think that thinking about it is a complete waste of time, because the demon lord whom that guy was talking about is definitely an impostor.”

“Eh, is it, really?”

The answer which came out of the most dependable person, Carolina, was quite unexpected.
Judging from her wordings, it was as if she knew the current whereabouts of the real demon lord.

“How did you get to that conclusion?”

“Uh, thaーthat is, because…”

Carolina started to avert her eyes when I pressed her for answers.

“My deepest apology. Saying ‘definitely’ was certainly a bit too much. I still think that it is most likely an impostor, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to at least go listen to the reports.”

“Got it. I’ll take that as your approval..”

With this, I’ve got two approvals and one objection.

I’ve decided.
Like what Carolina said, I could just refuse if it sounded too dangerous, and there’s no particular problem in simply hearing him out.

There’s no gamer in this world who wouldn’t be interested in the last boss’ info.

I’ve gotten approvals from my teammates, so let’s go gather some information about the demon lord from Guld tomorrow.

TL Note:
Iblis is basically the islamic version of Satan, it’s written as イブリーズ or イブリース in Japanese.
And I chose Guld for ガルド because there’s a chara with the same name which was romanised to Guld in Macross Plus.

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