Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Discussion with the Hero

TL: Aria Lunaria
ED: TechTrad, Fractal

“Heya. I knew you would come.”

On the night of the very same day, I headed for the designated tavern where Gulf greeted me with a refreshing smile befitting of a handsome man.

This tavern had apparently become the number one spot for adventurers to relax.
When I stepped inside, the stink of men assaulted my nose.

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t really decided whether to take the job or not…”

“Fair enough. So you just wanted to hear the details? Let’s order some drinks first. What would you like to have?”

“Nothing in particular. Just something normal…”

“Excuse me. Get this guy the shop’s special deluxe drink!”

Right after he snapped his fingers, a bartender with a handlebar moustache appeared from the interior of the bar and brought a drink to our table.

There’s actually someone who could give orders by snapping his fingers!?

This was the first time I had seen it in real life.

“Now, let’s talk about the intricacies of the commission. Have you heard about the rumour of there being a demonkin living in this town?”

“Nope. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“There’s been this rumour going around that a demonkin dwells inside a mansion, located in the eastern part of Saint Bell. The guild has actually been dispatching high-rank adventurers behind the scenes to investigate but not a single one has ever succeeded.”

“And you’re saying that’s the demon lord?”

It sounds dubious, no matter how I think about it.
In the first place, when you talk about demon lords I imagine them living on the top floor of a majestic tower, constructed in the rift in space and time.

When you think about it normally, settling down in a run-down mansion in the middle of a town does not sound like something they’d do.

“I can’t confirm it yet, but I think it’s pretty likely. I mean, there’s also the prophecy about the resurrection of the demon lord going around after all. Basically, what I’d like you to do is to subjugate the demonkin living inside the mansion.”


So it hasn’t even been confirmed yet!
You should have told me that first! You’re wasting my time!

“I’m sorry but I don’t believe your story, so let’s just forget about it…”

“I will pay you if you succeed. How does 3 million col sound?”

“3 million!?”

No matter how you look at it, isn’t that too much for a reward!?
30 million col in Artelhyde would be equivalent to 33 million yen in modern japan.
(TL: $300,000)

“Yeah, because my family is the true descendant of the great hero. I can easily prepare that much anytime you want.”

I would have never guessed that the descendants of the hero were living such lavish lifestyles.

Guld’s proposition started to sound extremely appealing.

I can’t help it, can I?
Based on what Guld’s said, it seems very unlikely that the demonkin who’s living in that mansion is the real demon lord.

To be getting 30 million col for defeating a fake demon lord, this has got to be the best commission ever.

I still have a lot of money from mining the ores, but you can never have too much money.

“I understand. I still can’t say for sure if I can defeat it, but I will try as hard as possible.”

“Really!? Thank you so much! Let’s protect the world’s peace together!”

Once I accepted his request, he gave me a refreshing smile befitting of a handsome man.

One hour later.
Once separated from Souta at the tavern, Guld went inside an abandoned building to meet up with his comrades.

This abandoned building was the secret hideout for the demonkin hunter’s group, ’The Rose Banquet’.

“Pffft. Seems like it went pretty well.”

Inside the hideout, Guld was drinking and chatting with his comrades.

They were outlaws employed by Guld. People who would feel no remorse nor aversion to murder.

“You’re pretty rotten, boss. Trying to exploit someone again, heh.”

“Fufu. This much is easy peasy if I use my talk no jutsu.”

According to the contract, he was supposed to give a reward of 30 million col for the subjugation of the demon lord residing in that mansion. But in reality, it was never going to happen.

Both the demon lord and Souta would get worn down after fighting each other, and only he would benefit from the situation.

If the opponent was actually a high-rank demonkin, he would just leave Souta behind and run away.

Using adventurers who were easily lured in by money as stepping stones. This was the usual practice in Guld’s group.

“I don’t like this at all. If it’s only demonkins I could kill them all in one blow, so why are we still doing this?”

The one who was showing dissatisfaction in contrast to the other enthusiastic members was the strongest person in the group. He was called Domon.
His large body was at least 2 meters tall, yet he was able to demonstrate exquisite swordsmanship techniques. He was one of the founding members and he had been supporting Guld from the very beginning.

“Hey, Domon. Don’t be like that. I know how strong you are but isn’t it better to finish things off flawlessly, like usual?”

Trying to humour Domon’s satisfaction, Guld poured more sake into Domon’s long emptied cup which had become empty since a while ago.

ーーAs the ones who inherited the blood of the great hero, Guld’s family have been receiving assistance, in the form of money from the country. This is as compensation for their service in subjugating the demokins.

However, even the blood of the once undefeated glorious hero would weaken with the passing of time, and his descendants would be no longer be different to normal humans.

Guild’s family had been using the status of the hero to collect thugs from all around the world, and started hunting demonkins to preserve their position.

300 years was a long enough time to turn the once glorious hero’s family to a bunch of degenerates.

The money that they received from the country was proportional to the level of threat that the demonkins pose.

They were deliberately putting a lot of emphasis on the existence of the demon lord, because they knew that they could probably gain a lot more money like that.

“Well then. Let’s pray so that our Demon Lord’s subjugation business goes well, cheers!”

Certain about the success of his plan, Guld drank his sake along with his comrades.

(I see. So that’s how it is.)

At the same time, Carolina was using her bat underling to spy on Guld and she was feeling extremely irritated.

The demon lord who was the subject of fear of all the residents of Artelhyde, had been reduced to nothing but history.

Now, there were even people who would disrespect his name by exploiting his influence for some money-making scam scheme.

(To be using the demon’s lord name for something so disgusting, this is beyond preposterous.)

While listening to their conversation, Carolina was burning with a calm, killing intent.

Aria: I’ve been romanising アーテルハイド as Artelhyde, but I just found out that the correct romanisation (if it’s correct), based on the german word アーデルハイド should be atelheid/adelheid. Adel means noble, and heid means nature/character. Although it’s commonly used as a female name.

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