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Slave Harem 223 – Okawari

Recap: I was worried whether I was fooled out of the equipment, but it seems to have been a needless anxiety Translated By: airsblue Edited By: ThePlaneskeeper ___________________________________________________________________

Slave Harem 222 – Unnecessary Worry

TL: airsblue Editor: ThePlaneskeeper Recap: I made Enamel High Heel Boots of Swift Horse ==========================================================   “I’ll drop in for a bit at The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge” I informed Sherry.   “I understand”  She replies.   I warp us out from the merchants guild.  There is no particular reason to take someone along, and

Other World’s Monster Breeder ~ 64

Aria: Just a bit of intro, but since Rumanshi will probably explain everything. Rumanshi:  Well, it’s time that Other World’s Monster Breeder got fixed…  So I’ve recruited Aria into doing it for RTD.  In addition to this, I’ll be working on getting the earlier chapters Edited and TLC’d and moved over to RTD.   Please give