Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 65

Aria: This is totally the best chapter of the monster breeder series, and I’m totally not a pervert for liking it.
One last note, Cielle is the name of the loli blacksmith girl. Enjoy~

Chapter 65 – Cielle’s Secret

TL: Aria Red
Editor: Rumanshi

When I regained consciousness, my soul was already inside the firefox’s body.

With their fluffy fur, the firefox has an appearance that would certainly become popular amongst the high school girls walking around Shibuya and Harajuku.

I’m an idiot!
Why didn’t choose the firefox sooner!

…When I think about it again, I kinda feel bad for the monster whom I possessed for taking the blame earlier.
Anyone would feel on guard if there was a humanoid monster looking up their skirt while breathing heavily.

The plan this time should be flawless.

With this undeniably cute appearance, I’m sure that no girls would be wary of me.

Cuteness is justice!
In the end, looks prevail!

After thinking so, I started looking for Cielle using the firefox’s body with an ulterior motive in mind.

This is!

After walking for a short while I arrived at the hut that Cielle lives in.

This was the hut that Cielle made by using the materials that she had on hand that she brought inside the ball.
Inside of it was a pretty well-made facility, and this was where all the equipment for the goblins were made.

When I look at it up close, it is amazing after all.
So she was able to build something this well-made inside the ball.

Her engineering skills are really praiseworthy.
I knocked on the door of the hut with my foreleg and waited for Cielle to come out.

“Hmm? Ain’t it Kotarou!”

Cielle appeared not long after.

It appears that my name is Kotarou.
By any chance, did she name each of the Firefoxes one by one?

She was probably doing some work just now.
Cielle appeared before me wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts, looking very casual.

That’s so hot!

I can’t endure this!
I want to push her down right now!

“What’s wrong, Kotarou? Your breathing sounds pretty rough today.”


Cーcalm down.
I’m still a virgin all this time because I keep losing my composure like this…

There should be more chance to do erotic stuff.

And I will make sure that today is the day!

“Hey, Kotarou! Come in!”

“Kon! Kon!”

It appears that Cielle wanted me to come inside.

I ended up being carried into the bed inside the hut.

What a good chance!
After losing all self-control, my firefox body jumped into Cielle’s oppai loli’s body.

“Hmm. Kotarou! It tickles!”

“Kon! Kon!”

Thーthis is paradise!
Burying my head in her chest, it felt like I was in heaven.

However, humans are sinful creatures.

Even though I should have been satisfied having buried my face in her chest!
Thirsting for more, I entered the gap in her clothes.

“Wa!? Kotarou! What are you…”

As one would expect, Cielle became bewildered at my action.

The inside of her clothes felt very humid.

She probably had to be near the furnace in order to make the equipment.
Cielle was sweating like waterfalls.

BUT…That makes it even better!
I spun my tongue around and started licking every sweat on her body.


Cielle let out a seductive moan every time I licked her.

Does that mean that Cielle is not really against this?
She was bewildered at first, but after a while, she accepted my tongue without resistance and even seemed to be enjoying the pleasure.


And then, how long had I been licking her body for, I wonder.

Cielle was no longer able to bear the intense heat sweeping through her body and started undressing of her own accord.

So this how a girl’s body really looks like!

I had no idea!
It looks different to the pictures I saw on the internet!

“I can’t bear this any longer. Kotarou…come here, quick…”

I was shocked.
No matter how cute firefoxes were, no would usually take it this far.

Don’t tell me, is Cielle actually…secretly a sexual deviant?

“…Excuse me.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice resounded in the hut.


“What’s wrong, Cielle. You look very flustered.”

What’s with the timing?
Cielle hid her body using the futon and responded to the sudden intruder.

“…Err, What are you doing here, Carolina? You doing some sort of errand?”

“I’m not. It’s not really an errand, but there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now…”

Carolina…can’t you just leave quicklyー
I want to start getting licky lickity with Cielle’s body until my tongue dries up!

“So basically from some time ago….I can feel master’s presence.”

Na! How did she find out!

Let’s think about this calmly.
Judging from her wordings, she doesn’t seem to have any definite proofs as of yet.

“Whーwhat do you mean? Souta’s presence inside the ball…aren’t you just overthinking it?”

“No. I can clearly sense master’s presence from this hut. If you reached my level, you’d be able to sense his presence by the smell of his soul.”


That’s scary!
How does a soul even smell!

It’s really troubling how at times, the things that Carolina does are just way beyond my comprehension.

“I still can’t believe this, after all. Souta is a monster tamer. How would he even get inside the ball? He couldn’t have possibly thrown the ball at himself, could he?”

“I am also of the same opinion…but, he might have some kind of skill as a monster tamer that allows him to enter the ball.”

“Yeah. That doesn’t sound implausible…but we can’t be sure without asking the person himself. I think it’s better if we ask him directly tomorrow!”

“…You have a good point.”

Ah, that was close.
Having heard Cielle’s reply, Carolina reluctantly agreed to her suggestion.

“I’ll have to excuse myself now.”

Carolina bowed politely and started heading towards the entrance.
Cielle took a long breath, thinking that she had managed to avoid arousing suspicion.
Immediately after that,

“…though, Let me give you one last advice. Using monsters to comfort yourself is fine and all, but it’s better to keep a reasonable limit.”


Having been pointed out by Carolina, Cielle’s body burned up.

As expected of Carolina.

She can see through everything.

I have to be careful…
If I made just one mistake…my sexual harassment would be exposed, I would be treated scornfully.

With her being wary of my presence inside the ball, I better refrain from doing any pranks using soul manipulation for a while.

TL Note:
The name of the loli blacksmith girl was supposed to be Cielle, written as シエル (shi-e-ru) in katakana. I don’t know why it became Sheryl. Also, Sherry is the dwarf blacksmith girl in Slave Harem.

It could be either Ciel or Cielle, but I chose Cielle because it sounds more feminine.


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