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Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 66

Ruman: Heh. You know why. Just Heh. Aria: Really heh, nyan~ Chapter 66 – The Hero ‘Guld’ TL: Aria Red Editor: Ruman Shi “Hey, isn’t that the kid from the rumour? The one who defeated the wraith…” “No way, man. Isn’t he just a brat?” On the next day, as I arrived in front the

Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 65

Aria: This is totally the best chapter of the monster breeder series, and I’m totally not a pervert for liking it. One last note, Cielle is the name of the loli blacksmith girl. Enjoy~ Chapter 65 – Cielle’s Secret TL: Aria Red Editor: Rumanshi When I regained consciousness, my soul was already inside the firefox’s

Other World’s Monster Breeder ~ 64

Aria: Just a bit of intro, but since Rumanshi will probably explain everything. Rumanshi:  Well, it’s time that Other World’s Monster Breeder got fixed…  So I’ve recruited Aria into doing it for RTD.  In addition to this, I’ll be working on getting the earlier chapters Edited and TLC’d and moved over to RTD.   Please give