Return of The Former Hero ch.156

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Translation: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 156. Former Hero – Forges a Contract with a Demon

――Early morning, alone in the square outside the town――

Yesterday, after getting out from the labyrinth, Elcure told me to meet her here.

Then after returning to the inn, she promptly headed back to her own room, and didn’t even show up for dinner.

Uuーnn… what’s going on with her?

Is she going to get rid of me to clear out the humiliation she probably suffered back at the labyrinth?
She seriously didn’t think that she’d be able to do it on her own, did she?

……hopefully that’s not really the case.

Our goal to mine some magic stone has been fulfilled, so let’s just leave her alone for now.

….now that I think about it again, it’s useless since I’d just meet her again later.

Moreover, she couldn’t beat me in a one on one duel before.

I can’t call myself a … or can I?


Anyways, so far my predictions have been negative.
Let’s try making a positive prediction.

If it’s a positive prediction, then there is only 1 reason why Elcure would want to meet me alone.

Is it gonna be a confession?

She lost in our duel, was rescued by me back in the labyrinth and I even carried her for a while.

There was that of course.

Rather, it’s the most probable.
It most likely is. Un.

Uwah, it’s making me excited somewhat.


When simulating what I’d do as I lay on the bed, Celes who was sleeping on my arm moaned.

I could see the new hickey I inflicted upon her white skin last night.

Snuggling her cute face on my chest, Celes had a comfortable look on her face as she slept.

Dammit, too cute!

Fuu…. fufufu.

Originally, Tanya was sleeping on my other side, but since she moved around a lot in her sleep, she fell off from the bed. From my position, I could only see her legs now.

She didn’t even wake up when she fell. Just how deep a sleeper is she?

Oh well. It’s the usual thing.

When I checked the clock, it’s almost time to get up and go to the appointed place.

Maybe after this, there will be one less companion on the way back home.
Or maybe I’ll get to sleep with 3 girls tonight.

Of course, I want it to be the latter.

I raised my body carefully so as not to wake Celes up. I had to gently untangle Celes’ legs from my right leg to be able to leave the bed.


When I ‘accidentally’ touched her ass.

[Nn…… Nnmm, Onii-san?]

Celes woke up. Stupid me.

[Ah, my bad. I just want to go out a bit, go back to sleep.]


As she’s just half awake, after I gently stroke her head, Celes immediately fell back to her sleep once again.

How obedient!

I got off the bed, then picked up Tanya from the floor and laid her on the bed.


I also touched her ass cheek.


Tanya reacted to my touch, but didn’t wake up like Celes did.

I really enjoyed watching the different reactions from each of my harem.


Anyways, I put some clothes on, then headed to the square to meet Elcure as promised.

The square was still dimly lit and foggy.
I could hear the sound of a bird’s chirping some distance away.

I waited for a while at the center of the square until the appointed time finally came.

5 minutes past the appointed time, Elcure finally showed herself.

After all those thoughts earlier in the morning, hopefully I was worried for nothing.
If it really came to pass, I don’t know if I can recover from the failure.

[Good morning.]

[Good…. morning.]

Firstly, let’s start with morning greetings. Elcure responded in such a low voice I almost mistook it as insect’s sound.

Then, she walked closer until she’s 5 meters away from me, then stopped right there.

What’s with this distance?

Is it gonna be a duel again? No way… for real?

Elcure also said nothing so far. So what to do now?


Becoming a little bit impatient, I reflexively spoke up. Then I heard Elcure saying [Here], while tossing something at me.

For a second there, I thought it was an explosive bomb or something, but turned it wasn’t.

I caught the tossed item in midair.

I gave it a look, and saw that it’s marbles… two of them, in fact.

1 was colorless and transparent while the other one was indigo.


[This is?]

I asked Elcure while looking at the marble-thingy on my hand.


What again?


Contract is quite a big word to say.

[Mumu. A mere human….couldn’t understand….could you?]

I didn’t understand what she meant by contract. Tilting her slim neck, Elcure had this expression as though she had made a mistake.

Is it a popular expression?

I only understand it as human terms, but do demons refer to it the same way?

I’ve never even heard it from a pure demon like Laurier before.
Well, not that she might be aware of it anyways.

In any case, someone from a different world like me might not understand.

[A contract is… between you and me under certain conditions…]

I don’t know what Elcure was thinking, but she started explaining to me what a ‘contract’ is.

[No no, I know what the word ‘contract’ means.]

[Ah… y-you do?]

Who the hell do you think I am?

[I-in short… well… uh…]

Elcure couldn’t keep her line of sight set as she muttered.

It’s… that, isn’t it? No matter how you think, it’s really that. In the previous world, it was the strict ritual that has to be done under the legendary tree.

Only in springtime that is.

After a brief silence, probably making up her mind, Elcure spoke up.

[Ple… please be mine… or something like that.]

When Elcure looked at me, she had the expression as if she’d prefer killing me on the spot. Really now?

Here it is. It’s here, alright.

The “please be mine” part.

Just like Laurier, demons can be stubborn sometimes.
I don’t hate that part. Rather, I like it.

If you say [go die] while striking with that rosy face right now, I will probably lose my belief in humanity.

[Honestly, I’m not a fool. I want to know first why and how do you want to forge this contract with me.]


Elcure obediently answered my question.


[Simply put, the indigo marble already has Elcure’s magic power in it, while I need to fill the colorless transparent one with my magic, then each of us have to swallow the marble with the other’s magic power in it, right?]


According to Elcure’s explanation, it was exactly as I said just now.

Despite using high level words such as contract, it’s basically just a matter of feelings.
Even if I had to swallow the magic crystal, there won’t be any special effect whatsoever.

It’s like exchanging vows.

[I have a good grasp on it now. But I need to check a few things first.]

[….checking what?]

Hearing my condition, Elcure’s face turned lucid.

[It’s a huge premise already so I can’t really prioritize just you alone. You do know this, right?]

What I meant was, I already have 8 wives in my harem as of now.
And I have resolved myself that no matter how attractive one of the girls is, I would not forget everyone else just to prioritize one of them.

Also, the reverse situation is unacceptable.

Another man is not allowed. They will only be my women.
It’s probably just my ego as a man, but that’s how it is.

In other words, if you can’t accept this, then I’m sorry, I can’t have any affairs with you.
It’s a line I had to make.

[Mumu… well, sure… alright… no problem]

Since we first met in Aria up until now, Elcure should already notice from how I behaved. She didn’t seem to be troubled by it and showed her affirmation.

Ooh, for real? Way to go me!

I mentally dabbed inside my mind.

Although, I still don’t know what made Elcure fall in love with me in the first place… was it because of the days we’ve spent together?

….but I feel like I hadn’t really done anything worth mentioning.

I guess it’s my strength after all.

Most of the women I’m in a relationship with were attracted to me because I’m strong. It’s something I am painfully aware of even after going this far in the relationship.

It’s a little sad reality, but my looks and personality alone simply wouldn’t cut it.

Well, I came from another world in the first place after all.

Anyways, if the other party is willing, then we’re good to go. Tension is rising here.

[I see. Then one more thing. What about your affiliation with the demon king’s army?]

If you choose me, then you can’t be in the demon king’s army.

It’s not like I’m worried actually. Is it strange if I don’t mind whether you want to try to become one of the four heavenly kings or not?

[Eee….? Nn? Nnn….?]


Since she apparently didn’t consider this possibility, Elcure seemed to have a hard time deciding.
As I thought, is it impossible for her to leave the demon king’s army for me?

I will decline if she can’t. No matter how much I actually want you.

[Un. I don’t mind… it’s alright.]

I was worried for a split second there.
I guess it’s a foregone conclusion.

Simple. How simple.

Even in Andalugia, the demon king had trouble controlling the entire army, making members have little to no sense of attachment to the army.

Well, it was the mistake of that one of the four heavenly kings for throwing this little fellow at me. When that happened, she was as good as lost already.

Even so, does she have a hometown or any parents left? Since she already gave me an okay, then I guess I shouldn’t ruin it immediately.

[….anything else?]

Elcure asked with a tinge of anxiety in her voice.

Anything else…anything else…nothing in particular… I guess?

For the time being, I had nothing else to worry about.

What matters to me is that I’m getting a new harem member.
The Demon King’s army can go fuck themselves.

Un. No problem at all.

[No, that’s all.]


Hearing my confirmation, Elcure’s face visibly brightened.
Noo, you’re too cute!

If you show me that kind of honest reaction, I don’t know if I can hold it in.


Answering shortly, I infused the transparent marble with my magic power.

It shone dimly in my right hand.

Hoo, this is somewhat amazing.

After confirming that the light had settled in, I opened my right hand.

The colorless marble from a while ago was now dyed in pure white.


The marble containing Elcure’s magic power was indigo colored, but mine was white.

Why did the marble turn white after being infused with my magic?
I really have no idea why.

[Alright. Is this good?]

[It is.]

I gave the white marble to Elcure. It seems just right.

[Now, with this… contract]

After checking the marble I handed over to her, Elcure spoke happily.

Then she put it in her mouth without hesitation.

Actually, I had to put the marble with her magic power at the same time as she swallowed the marble with my magic power. But just to be careful, I waited until Elcure swallowed the marble first.

Well, just in case she’s up for something, but that’s probably just me not making any sense.

Judging from what transpired so far, there are still possibilities for that… no matter how slight.

She might’ve tinkered with the marble, and I won’t know about it, which is a disadvantage.
If it’s poisoned, the worst case scenario is that I’d die.

But there is another possibility and an advantage in this case.

Elcure would really be mine.

Considering the two possibilities, it’s obvious which one I prefer.

What would happen if you take this road
If there is danger, then dangerous it would be
There will be roads no matter where your feet takes you
The road is where your feet takes you
Go without hesitation.



I also imitated Elcure, putting the marble in my mouth.

The moment I did so, the marble promptly melted and the magic power within it spread in my mouth.

Hoo… some new sensation.
It didn’t have any taste though.

It might be just a little amount of magic power, but it seeped throughout my body, giving me the illusion as if I took Elcure into my own body.

And then, I felt my body getting hot.

Especially, the area around my crotch.

T-this is… could it be the effect of the contract?
It’s like how I feel almost every night.

[….wi, with this… the contract has been finalized. Ha ha… now I’m yours… and you are mine.]


Elcure managed to say something, but honestly, her voice didn’t even register properly in my head.

As my body got hotter by the second, I took a look at Elcure.
Elcure was also looking at me with wanting eyes.


I don’t know why, but for some reason I had the urge to embrace her right now.

It’s still early morning now.
There was no sign of people around.

No problem. It should be fine.

Both of us silently reach out to each other’s cheeks.

Then our faces slowly approached each other, ending in a kiss.

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