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Return of The Former Hero ch.124

Sup everyone, Raizu here. Thank you for everyone who became our patron for this series. We will do our best to deliver a new fresh chapter every week. Rest assured, we don’t have plan to drop this series atm. Another comfy chapter. This is important step for our MC. Especially after he explained to his

Return of The Former Hero ch.122

Heya all, here is your new chapter of Motoyuusha~ I love this chapter. A bit lewd, but it’s fun to read. The MC is likeable (at least for me). Enjoy~ Translator: Raizu TLC: Alex Editor: Shirayuki

Return of The Former Hero ch.119

My first post in the new RTD site! Yay! \o/ Honestly, it’s about time we moving because the old site is already too laggy and slow on stuffs. Anyway, if you interested to join us, feel free come to our Discord channel. Even if you’re not interested to joi, you can chat with our staffs