Return of The Former Hero ch.157

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Chapter 157. Former Hero – shows his seriousness

Fuuu… Open – release – feel.

What a refreshing morning.

Even so, Elcure is not an enemy to be trifled with.

It’s her first time, she shouldn’t be allowed to be this lewd.
Does this mean the warning I got about her being an extremely promiscuous kind of demon was right?

She should be called Erocure-san instead of Elcure.

If I just came to this other world and didn’t have the experience forged through countless death battles already, I might’ve been taken down fairly easily by her ball play. It was that dangerous.

But in the end, I won.

I looked on, burning the sight of Elcure’s white figure into my eyes.
She greedily asked [more, more] at first, then it turned to [no more] when she reached her limit, and finally she started begging me [please let me go] near the end.

This is certainly my complete victory.
No one can doubt my victory here.

[Hah hah haa hah haa…, uo…..]

I stood up, trying to let out a victory cry, but my legs wobbled.

It was supposed to be her first time. I expected that it’s going to be a cinch. But to actually push me into this state…
I sat back to recover myself some more, all the while stroking Elcure’s head as she slept.


Before, Elcure had always swatted my hand when I tried to stroke her head. Now she unconsciously sought to be petted in the head.

Even now, in her sleep ,Elcure snuggled herself to me so that her head now rested on my knee.
So cute!

But since the angle was not carefully set, her horns are now lightly stabbing my stomach.
It hurts!

I need to show that much tolerance anyways.

Until we both recovered enough to walk, I continued to stroke Elcure’s head.


[Dragonman? You are a dragonkin? Eh…]

Still in our previous position.

Elcure and I were talking about random topics and stories unscrupulously.

Before this, I struggled to get her to talk about herself. Now we are talking about each other so freely.

[The blood… has long been thinned out… though.]

[I see.]

Certainly, apart from her horns, Elcure’s body looks mostly human.

Her smooth skin definitely had no single scale in it and no tail stuck out from her dainty and cute butt. There is also her breasts which size betrays her slightly petite stature. Those two babies were soft and springy… coupled with those delectable buds at the center, makes for an irresistible pair.

However, although I’m quite sure I’ve touched her up to every nook and cranny, I might still overlook some parts.
In that case I’ll just have to recheck tonight. Wahaha.

[But can you actually turn into a dragon at will?]

I asked when such an idea crossed my mind.

[Ee… isn’t that impossible…? Such a thing… maybe only the Demon King… could do.]

[Ah, is that so?]

[Un. …I mean, the demon king IS a dragon… mostly stays in a transformed state, perhaps?]


That was one good intel.
I don’t intend on facing the demon king myself, but I at least can tell Leon about it.

Afterward, we returned back to the inn while we kept talking about this.
It was still early in the morning, but the sun was already high in the sky.

[I’m back.]

[Ah. Haruto, where were you going this mor…ning… nn?]

When I opened the door and we entered, Tanya who happened to be nearby, greeted me.
But then, she threw Elcure and I, a suspicious glance.

[Nn? Nnn~?]

She then approached me and began sniffing around my chest.

Ha. Dammit.
I forgot how good her sense of smell is.

Well, it’s not like I want to hide it, I just want a proper time and place to explain it.

[Haruto! Cheating!]



Tanya seemed to have noticed that I just ‘played’ with Elcure. That said, she’s pummeling on my chest right now. It hurts, you know?

But, cheating, really?

No, I see.

Thinking back, this would be the first time I sunk my fangs on another woman ever since I got officially married.
So… it’s cheating because I slept with a woman other than my wives?



I didn’t expect it to become such a mess.

Thinking on how I could fix this, I felt my spine freeze.

[Cheating… that’s not it. It’s a contract.]

Elcure suddenly joined in from the side.


Hearing Elcure’s words, Tanya finally stopped bashing my chest.

[Yes. By the contract… I have become this man’s belonging. So… it’s not cheating.]

I couldn’t really understand what she meant.
It’s not cheating because it’s a contract?


Tanya also tilted her head, apparently not quite sure of what Elcure said just now.

[In short, it’s the real deal… kind of thing.]

Yep. Real deal.
It’s certainly not cheating.

[Real deal! Got itー]

[Yes. It’s serious. Elcure is my newest wife. Give regards to each other.]

[I get it now. Best regards!]

[… regards.]

I repeat, it’s not cheating.

Tanya was convinced fairly easily. That’s good.
She’s simple minded after all. Well, me too.

That aside, while Tanya and Elcure were already shaking hands, there’s still Celes, who is now looking at me with a cold gaze.


[Ah, well… I’m back, Celes.]

[…welcome back.]

I don’t particularly hate that cold gaze of hers, but it’s for totally different occasions.
Under this kind of situation, that gaze felt like a needle pricking at me.

[Celes… this is… how should I say it…]

[I’ve heard.]

Ah, yes. Of course.

I was nervous over how I should break it to her, but apparently she heard the previous exchanges I had with Tanya.

[Well, somehow, it happened. So, hopefully you can accept it.]

Why did I get worried over nothing?
Where did that fresh feeling from earlier this morning go?

Well, I guess one can say that I’m cheating, which was probably why I felt guilty.

[Knowing Onii-san’s character, I have expected that this would be the outcome.]

Ah, yes.

[Rithina-sama too, she foresaw that this would happen.]

Eh, really?

Well, nothing less from my wives. They understand me well.

[Celes was just worried that now that the number of Haruto’s wives increased, he’ll spend less and less time with me.]

There was a delicate air between Celes and I. Meanwhile Tanya seemed to have finally finished shaking hands with Elcure.

[Eeh?! Me…I, uh, I don’t mind, actually…]

Celes visibly blushed and lowered her head after Tanya said so.

What? What was really the problem?

[No need to be worried. Haruto has always been like that; don’t think about it too much.]

Tanya said as she tapped Celes’ shoulder lightly.

Damn right, Tanya. That’s right.

[That’s right. This man’s lust… is endless.]

Elcure also chimed in.

[Indeed. In fact, he’s too intense…]

Celes suddenly replied.

[Right? It’s like he’s in heat all year long.]

[All year long… you said…? He must be the incarnation of lust…]

Oi, hold it right there, ladies.

What do you think I am?

You ladies like it when I’m like that, right? Right? Hey?

[I know right?]

Enough already. When I was about to stop their discussion, Tanya turned to me and giggled.

Are you challenging me there?

Right now I can’t perceive that as nothing but a challenge.
Therefore, my reply was only obvious.

[Why of course I am!]

Mimicking Laurier, I turned around and replied cockily.

And since I’ve said so, I just had to follow through.

Consequently, I smooched Celes, Tanya and Elcure in that order.
To show my resolve, I didn’t forget to insert my tongue as well, to give each of them the full taste.

Ah, it’s always like this.

Anyways, with the addition of Elcure into my harem, I need to show that I won’t neglect any of my wives. And so, all three of us climbed back into the bed together.

You see.

I’m in heat all year long after all. And I certainly am the incarnation of lust.

Human… no, my libido has gone beyond normal human already.

Come at me all at once. Only then would it be worthwhile.


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