Return of The Former Hero ch.129

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Chapter 129. Former Hero – in a Massage Session

I’ve been sparring with Sharon for god knows how many times already today.

Just in case, she wouldn’t attack me with all her might from the onset, so I aim at Sharon’s wooden sword and parry it.

It’s not like it’s hard or anything.
Sharon is more capable than this.

However, unless she’s driven by motivation, it’s quite hard for her to get fired up.
The wild types like Laurier and Tanya can do it naturally, but Sharon who grew up in a village seems to be unable to.

At the end of the first day, as I feared, Sharon was unable to give me any amount of pressure.
She’s developing gradually. It would be weird if she were to master all this after just a day of training.

[Let’s end it here for today.]

It’s already afternoon, the clock showed that it’s 3 o’clock. Anyways, that’s how it is.

[…..tha-thank you very much…..]

There was barely any ambition within Sharon’s voice.
Caroline’s magic could heal any physical damage, but not with mental fatigue.

[Are you okay?]

[Un…..I’m okay. I want to take a short break.]

Sharon replied to my worries.
But contrary to her words, she’s breathing raggedly and her face was downcast.
She didn’t even have energy left to stand up, thus remained sitting there on the ground.

This is……I suppose we should take it easy for the rest of the day and let her rest at the inn.


[Kyah!? Hold on! Ma-master?]

With haste, I put my coat around Sharon’s shoulder and lifted her up in a princess carry.

[I’ll take you back to the inn]

[Ee? No, no, I’m fine. I can walk on my own.]

[There there, don’t say that. Here, hold on tight, okay?]

[U, un. Thank you……..Haruto]

Sharon is weak to my persuasion as usual.
But well, since the girl herself didn’t say no with all seriousness then I won’t hold back.

Sharon circled her hand around my neck, and clung tightly. Soft.

[Aura. We’ll be going back early. I will leave the luggage to you]

[Ha! Roger that! …….how nice]

I told Aura just that.
Aura responded readily, but her line of sight……..well, she seemed to be extremely envious of Sharon being princess carried.

I’ll give you a turn tonight.

And so, Sharon and I left the arena.

The day is still quite clear so on the way back, we watched how Laurier and Leon took on each other and fought fiercely.


Magic is forbidden on the simulated battle. Is that why Leon can keep up with Laurier?
He’s the current hero after all.

Well, Laurier seems to be superior though.

Next to them, was the excited Tanya who kept shouting [There! Kill him!] at Laurier.

That’s this world’s Hero you are shouting [Kill] at.

Maybe she lost to Leon again today.

After I’m done with Sharon’s special training, I guess I’ll get her next.

[Now then. Errr……the inn is in here, right?]

Leaving the arena, I headed to the inn.
While carrying Sharon, I thought about walking back, but then I don’t want Sharon to be seen while still wearing bloomers so let’s try a shortcut.

Then why didn’t I let Sharon changed clothes first?
Well, that’s….yeah.

[Alright. Sharon. Grab on me tighter.]

[Ee? U, un?]

Sharon followed my words obediently.
Sharon clung even tighter. At this point, it’s no longer a princess carry and now it’s just simple hugging.

[Alright, shall we? …….Yo!]

[Fuee?! Hii……kyaaaaaaaa!?]

I put magic power in both of my feet and made a huge jump towards the inn.
I jumped so high to the point that we could look the whole city of Odyssey from above, drew a beautiful curve in the air and landed nicely on the inn’s rooftop.

[We’re here…….eh? Ehh? Sharon? Are you alright?]

When I checked on Sharon after we arrived back at the inn, she was a bit teary-eyed.

[I-I’m alright, but……..please say it beforehand if you plan to jump that high….]

[M-my bad. Are you scared of heights?]

Was it that scary? Sharon clung to me even tighter as if she wants to become one with me.
Sharon’s face was pressed against my neck as she breathed heavily. This made me want to kiss her.
Hold still.

[Un……it’s, from a while back, when Laurier threw me away, I got a little……]

[Ahー……..I’m sorry.]

By the way, there was actually such a thing.
It was back then when we fought a golem at the town of Malt.

Apparently, it gave Sharon some kind of trauma. Although it was to help me, the fault lay mostly on Laurier.

I’ll properly punish her one of these days.

Taking that aside, I brought Sharon to the inn’s room and laid her on the bed.

Now, there’s only two of us here.

Sharon is still in her bloomers.

Exhausted from the training, her breathing haggard, and sweat caused the gym uniform to get moist, and somewhat see-through.


No, I won’t do anything. As expected?
R-right now I need to make Sharon take it easy, right?

[A, ah right. I’ll go ask Mina to give you a massage. Mina’s massage is really enjoyable.

Well, then, I should call her in immediately so relax, Sharon.]

Before I did something unfathomable, I decided to do other things quickly.

Seriously, it’s true that Mina’s massage is pleasant.
Those caressingly soft thighs, being massaged from the neck then gradually went lower, her thighs then moved to the area around my ankles and I turned to lay on my back afterward. Then, it went even more lively from there.

No, calm down.
Why do I have to imagine it right after I talked about it?
Now I should only purely think about helping Sharon relax.

Anyways, I stood up to call Mina at the Kurato.
However, I sensed that something was pulling the edge of my shirt.

Ehh? This situation is just like the other day.
But it’s the other way around.


I asked Sharon. She was bashful but looked straight back at my eyes.


Ee? What is it?]

No, I didn’t hear anything just now.
I had a prediction though.

[Haruto…..should be fine. Haruto, why don’t… do…..the massage?]

Pulling the hem of my clothes, blushing, restless and shyly avoiding eye contact, Sharon said so.


I heard it. I didn’t hear it wrong for sure.
Just now, I heard the sound of Cupid’s arrow piercing through my soul.

[Leave it to me.]

I quickly straddled over Sharon.


She raised her arms upward, exposing her armpits as if trying to emphasize her breast.
I quickly grabbed her breast and began stimulating it gently.


Sharon seemed to be relaxing to my massage.
Well, I guess I have some talent in massaging after all.


I emptied my mind and focused on massaging her breast.
Did I overdo the massage on the breast a bit?

Whoops, focus now.
I shouldn’t think otherwise. This is a massage, a massage……massage……


[Aaa…..annn…….unnnn. Ha, Haruto……]

Sharon who is currently being healed by the massage called out to my name with an ecstatic expression.

Ah, right.
Because it’s a massage, I shouldn’t be focusing on only one part of the body.

I reached out to Sharon’s butt and stroked it through the bloomer.
The sensation of the thick and slightly rough texture of the bloomer quickly filled both of my palms.

I put one hand inside the bloomer and massaged the butt directly.

When I looked at it, the bloomer became misaligned due to my massage and the white fabric underneath became slightly visible.

This…is this the legendary bloomer panties combination that I’ve heard about!?
To think I have the honor to witness it with my own eyes….!

Three years in Andalusia and it’s good that I survived the fight against that demon king.

What kind of devil who would dare to destroy the possibility that such a wonderful thing to exist?
It’s good that I managed to defeat it. Once again, I’m proud of myself for what I did.

Well, there is another demon king in this world.

If it’s also a dangerous being, then I wouldn’t mind cooperating with Leon.

By any chance, if the demon king could understand the greatness of bloomers, I think there is a hope for us to coexist.

No, they definitely need to be informed about the bloomer and its greatness.

I won’t give up that hope! Perhaps, there will be a day when human and demons can hold each others’ hand?

Then, regaining my focus due to thoughts about the world’s fate, my hands somehow got more elaborate in massaging Sharon.


Sharon grabbed me.

Oya? What’s the matter?
[I too…..]

Sharon stared at me with wet eyes, murmuring something.

Ah, I see.
Sharon also wants to massage me.

I massaged Sharon and she felt pleasant.
So if Sharon massaged me, I’ll feel pleasant too.

The exchange has been agreed upon.

After that, I relaxed and surrendered myself to Sharon, who unraveled a certain body part of mine.
I guess it’s a win-win situation? Great.



When I was getting the extra service, I heard someone returned.

No good.

If it’s my companions, then there is no problem.
No, that may not be the thing, and anyways.

If it’s Leon and Unikram, then it’s the worst possible combination.

Another guy seeing my wife naked; I couldn’t forgive such existence.
If that actually happened, I would kill even a hero.

Or so I thought. But the one who returned turned out to be Kagura.
That’s good. I don’t get to become the ally of the demon king.

Perhaps something like that already happened at one time.

While I thought about that, I asked the three who came back, Kagura, Mina, and Celis to wear bloomers as well.

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