Return of The Former Hero ch.155

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Chapter 155. Former Hero – Leaves the Labyrinth

After checking the safety of its surroundings, we tried climbing back up from the hole jumped in to go down.

That said, there was really no obstacle. It’s pretty much just climbing up a large hole.

Leon carried the huge magic stone we obtained from defeating the giant slime by wrapping it in his cloak.
I suppose it’s quite heavy, but do your best, Hero.

I had Tanya who was still unconscious on my back.
I was originally a little bit worried since she didn’t regain her consciousness right away, but since Celes assured me that she’s alright… well I guess there is no need to worry.

In addition to that, I also had to carry Elcure as well, since she’s still weakened and unable to exert any strength.

There was no hindrance in climbing even with all that load, but the bulges pressing against my back, even if there are clothes between us, still distracted me quite a bit.
This girl, what a body she has right there…

Look, if I become a bit unstable like this… see, she would cling tighter onto me, making her body press onto my back even more.
In addition to that, her legs wrap around my waist, which is… very good.

Even so, don’t leak on me now, please? We clear?

And just like that, I climbed while enjoying the temporary fun while it lasted.

[Yosh… okay. Here it is.]

Around the edge of the hole were the baggage I had left behind before jumping down.

It didn’t seem to be damaged by labyrinth monster.

I let Elcure down and reached down to help Celes that was climbing just right behind me.

Leon can climb up on his own. Good luck, boy.

Now that everyone had climbed up safely, we took a break…not, we immediately went to leave the labyrinth.

There was no need to mine more magic stones after all.

Needless to say, it’s because we had the gigantic magic stone.

Nn? …, isn’t it a waste to break apart such a huge magic stone into smaller pieces?

I wonder about that? But, whatever.

For the time being, we still had to spend the night inside the labyrinth.

We had to backtrack a bit, but it’s better if we had some rest along the way.
Screw the labyrinth exploration. Honestly, it’s troublesome.

Then, after some labyrinth strolling, we finally arrived at where we stayed the previous night.

[Yosh, we arrived. This is it for now.]

Once there, the party was divided into roles to prepare the camp.

…..camping? We can’t do it since it’s inside labyrinth?
Doesn’t matter. The night is coming.

Anyways, Leon was monitoring the only pathway and setting up some light, Celes was preparing dinner while Elcure strangely observed her, and Tanya who finally regained consciousness was preparing the beds.

As for me, what I’m doing is crushing rocks and stones into sand, then hardening them into a mould. Basically, I’m building a bucket.

Everyone got drenched at the bottom of that large hole.

Now our clothes had already dried up, but it felt uncomfortable.
So I’m thinking to wash them up.

I can make a bathtub, but the labyrinth is mainly composed of bedrock so I had to grind them down first. Otherwise I won’t be able to use Earth Bind to form them.

If everyone can fit it in, all the better, which would make me more eager to build it. But Leon just had to be with us to kill the excitement prematurely.

Therefore, I simply made a simple enclosed space enough for one person to take a bath.

Leon’s cloak would be used as a blind for the entrance.

That was a quite convenient cloak alright as it can also be used as bag by wrapping it around the things we need to carry.

[The prepwork here is complete, now we can take turn to take a bath and wash our clothes.]

I filled the bucket with magically produced water, then heat it up with magic.

[Bath~ bath~]

Tanya was the first to respond to my call, and immediately entered the makeshift bathroom.

After a bit of noise from clothes being washed, she threw her clothes away to me.
Catching it, I used fire and wind magic together, invoking hot air to help dry the clothes faster.

Ugh, the smell is a bit annoying.

This is actually more tiring for my magic reserves than fighting that giant slime.

If Leon wasn’t here, we could just hang the clothes and let them dry by themselves while we have some fun.

With only me and my wives, it won’t matter if we kill some time while naked.

…..oh well.

Must make do with what we have.

Spreading Tanya’s underwear, I immersed myself in the drying duty.

After Tanya, Celes and Elcure entered the bathroom together.

Elcure is probably still not feeling okay. So she needed some help, perhaps?

[Yes, okay, Elcure-san. You can take off your clothes. Raise your hands…. Take it off just like that. Nn… right.]

I could hear what sounded like a yuri scene coming from behind Leon’s cloak.

Receiving the washed clothes soon after・・・・・・・・while waiting outside, I eavesdropped on something ambiguous.

[Next is the skirt….] [Nnnn…..]

The sound of clothes rubbing to the skin and the voices of the two entered my ears.

Elcure-san, you’re just taking off your skirt. Why do you have to do so while letting out such a sexy sounding voice?

Celes-san, how did you take it off exactly?

I felt uneasy.

[Your skin….so white…. Are you… an elf?]

[Eh? Ah, thanks for the compliment. Yes, indeed. I’m an elf.]

Right right, Celes’ skin is indeed beautiful translucent white.

Kagura-san’s skin is also white, but it’s nothing like Celes’. Amazing.

[Are all elves’…skin… white? Eh? Even though it’s such beautiful skin… why is there a hickey around the chest area…?]

[Eeee….?! That is, well, I mean…]


It was me who marred that beautiful white skin.

It will stay there for a while.

Replying to those conversations in my mind, more washed clothes were handed down to me.

[Ah… onii-san? This, please.]

[Nn? Ah, okay.]

I took the clothes and spread them out to dry them down.

Jacket, shirt… hotpants and skirt.

Socks, high socks, inner…

Ehh? Where is the important item?

I mean, there is no underwear here.

[Wind spirit, please breath a life in this. Earth Wind.]

I could hear Celes chanted from inside.

Could it be… no way… what the hey.

You chose to dry the underwear… by yourself?

Am I going to accept this just like that?

Celes-san. Are you still my wife?

…no, I can understand why.

Because there is Elcure as well, Celes might have put into account that something like this might happen.
Rather, she had made a concession by leaving the clothes and skirts to me.


I carefully dried their clothes.

After that, Leon and I took turns washing our clothes and taking a bath.

By the way, I had to thoroughly wash my trousers. Why of course.

When I was drying Leon’s clothes, I practically felt empty.
Because I worked near autonomously, I didn’t really remember what I did.

Afterward, we had dinner with the preserved food we brought, decided on the guard order, then went to sleep.

Celes slept alongside Elcure, while Tanya dozed off while hugging me.
It’s nice to be hugged like this, but it’s frustrating that I couldn’t go way beyond a certain borderline.

Because it’s frustrating, I just settled with caressing Tanya’s butt after making sure that the other guy in the party couldn’t see it.

At least, I got to sleep that way.
Maybe I was unexpectedly more tired than I thought.

The next morning, we packed up and resumed our journey up.

When I talked to Celes regarding the magic stone, we didn’t have to mine anymore because the magic stone we found was so big, we could just chip it off bit by bit for our use.

And I’m still carrying Elcure who was still feeling unwell.
Thinking back, she didn’t really do anything in this labyrinth exploration.

Truly nothing at all.

Since she didn’t do anything worthwhile, I’ve been touching her butt gently while I carried her as a form of punishment.

Elcure wore that wonderful string underwear after all, so I get to feel the soft feeling of her butt directly with my fingertips.

Under the guise of correcting position, I could dig my fingers deeper into her butt, feeling the elastic sensation on my palms.

Such a good ass. Wonderful and smooth.

I don’t know whether she’s too weak to resist, or she had come to accept it but Elcure didn’t say anything when I touched her butt.

No, she probably didn’t realize that I was touching her on purpose. That’s why she’s okay with it. Whatever floats your boat, girl.

Noo, it’ll be more satisfying if she put forth some amount of resistance though.


The exit of the labyrinth is finally close by. Tanya cleaned up the monster on our path, then we finally reached the exit.

It was labyrinth exploration. The purpose has been served, and everyone managed to come home safely.

Feeling the warmth of the sun after quite a while, I bent my body slightly forward to better savor the sensation. I was rewarded with a soft sigh coming into my ear.

[….you perv. We need to have a talk… later.]


I could hear Elcure’s hateful tone clearly in my ears.


I immediately fixed my posture to stand upright.

Kuu… it hurt..

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