Return of The Former Hero ch.138

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Chapter 138. Former Hero – Staying up All Night


The abandoned demon girl seemed to be unaware of her situation yet as she got up and looked around.

Really, now what?

[The armor guy is gone…?]

After a while, she managed to grasp her situation a bit and muttered in a small voice.

Armor guy…?

Did she mean that Bau-something something? I suppose it’s safe to assume it is.

I didn’t know her name nor recognize her face.

Is she truly not Baurova’s companion? He actually left her behind after all.

No, Baurova even told his name in front of that demon girl earlier. There is no reason for her to not know.

Either she didn’t feel like to remember it or she didn’t want to refer to him by his name.

[If you mean Baurova, he’s already gone with that huge bird just now.]


Hearing my reply, the girl was speechless.

I felt sorry for her to be left behind like this, but there is nothing I can do to remedy it anyways.

I can imagine already how this would be a troublesome thing. I wish the girl could just leave as quietly as Baurova did..


I thought of how to speak my mind, but it’s as if a cat got my tongue.

No, I should just say it….out loud.

Then why did I not?

Apart from feeling sorry for her, she’s actually pretty cute.

Why couldn’t I speak up, it’s not like I should be the one.

No no no, that’s not it.

[You, do you know…..hero?]


Of course, Leon is the hero.

[That, well, yes I do.]

The other side is one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

I wonder why I said that I know. This would just make the situation even more murky.

What’s done is done.

If only I told her that I don’t know, then perhaps she would’ve gone home quietly.

No, wait a minute…..

While she’s still here, I think I can make use of her presence somehow.

[Do you know where the Hero is?]

The demon girl asked me.

It appeared to me that she’s clueless of her where about and what she should do.

Well then, should I reply that?

I couldn’t sense any hostility coming from her, perhaps due to that so called Demon King’s order.

Because of that reason, there would be a need for her to hold back.

And since she’d have to hold back, let’s just make use of this situation.

[I know. I know, but what will you do after you meet the hero?]

[Oh…of course…..I will kill the Hero…perhaps?]

I wonder why she tilted her head as if unsure of what she should do herself, but as I thought Leon’s [where about] picked her interest.

[Then…where is the Hero?]

Leon is currently handling the third group of bandits, which should be south from here.

But there’s no need for me to tell the truth.

[Where is he? Actually, he’ll be in this city about a week from now.]

The truth is I expected that we’ll meet up in two days.


The demon girl seemed to buy that very easily. So I proceeded to ask more.

[In that case, do you want to stay here until the hero arrives?]

[Ee…is it alright? You….are really kind.]


I guess she considered my reply as [I’ll take care everything for you], which is why she’s looking at me with those sparkly eyes.

This girl is so simple.

[Yeah, it’s fine. Then come along with me until everything calms down.]


After that conversation, when Ieft that room, the demon girl followed me obediently.

[Oh. By the way, what is your name? I’m Amagi Haruto.]

[El. Elcure]

El Elcure? No. El is probably her nickname.

[So you are Elcure. Well, it’ll be only for a short while, but nice to meet you]

[Nice to meet you…..kind guy.]

Kind guy, eh…?

This fellow, she simply doesn’t want to bother with remembering people’s names.

Oh well.

Let’s plan out what to do next.

Given that Elcure’s goal is to kill the hero, we can’t just go straight to meet up with Leon.

However, if we still have to meet up by any chance, even if I would be there as well, there is a chance that she would unexpectedly go for the kill.

Since Leon is a hero, he’s already prepared to die in the middle of his duty.

It’s a bit cold, but that’s how it is from my own experience of fighting as a hero in another world. In case Leon got killed.. I stopped my reverie there, not wanting to imagine that kind of future.

Case in point, it’s unacceptable for me since Aura would get involved as well since she’s in Leon’s party.

If the hero loses, the result will be as such.

When I gave it more thought, the confusing things only keep increasing.

I’m happy to be able to meet a lot of girls who later become my brides as well, but, I’m still unable to avoid getting myself  involved with the hero and the demons’ matters.

I know it’s probably due to my lack of discipline, maybe?

Anyways, the fact still remained, Leon might end up getting killed when we meet up if this demon girl stays by my side…

Until then let’s just try to make full use of her presence.

While I was doing some calculations, I became aware of the noise coming from downstairs.

It seemed that Rithina had returned along with the knights.

When I went downstairs, I saw both Rithina and Mina as well as the knights that were currently taking the bandits into custody.

The two girls also saw me. They promptly stopped what they were doing and rushed up to me. 

[Thank you for the hard work. Has the situation outside been resolved?]

[Haruto-kun! There is no problem…wait, who is that…..?]

Rithina ran up to me, but then immediately asking for explanation regarding the yawning Elcure who was standing behind me.

The husband who went out to defeat bandits actually brought a demon girl back home. But as a member of Royal family she is, Rithina did not lose her composure.

[About that, this girl here is Elcure. Apparently, she wants to kill the hero. So, she decided to stay here for a bit.]


Rithina was wide-eyed upon hearing my rough explanation.

Mina seemed confused too.

Well it’s confusing alright.

[……nice to meet you.]

[Eh? Well…..uh, yes…….?]

Rithina tried to respond to Elcure’s greeting, but obviously she felt troubled by this. Cute!

Am I a pervert or something?

[I’ll explain the details later.]

[Eh….er……ye, yes. Understood.]

When I immediately followed up with that, the two regained their calm. I’ve decided to treat  Elcure as our guest for the time being.

They are my wives.

If only Laurier and Tanya were here, then this matter won’t be a problem at all.

At the end of the day, the bandit subjugation is a success so I’m gonna drown myself in their cuteness tonight.

And I’ll drown them in my love.


[Eh…..? You are…. A demon as well?]

Suddenly, Elcure quipped from behind me.

What did she mean?

[No, he’s not.]

[It’s different.]

Do you want me to punish you?

And why are Rithina and Mina laughing like that?

Was my face just now looked that evil?

Well pardon me then.



An hour later.

[Oh, it’s quite a comfy bed.]

While the knights handle the captured bandits downstairs, I took the chance to get some rest.

Since the town’s inn is not operational yet, I went to the master room upstairs.

I just killed a few bandits just some rooms away, so it felt a bit off but I swept that thought away from my mind.

Elcure also decided to take a rest on one of the still usable rooms downstairs.

Regarding that girl, I’ll settle things down and try to deal with her tomorrow.

After some more talks, it’s been confirmed that it’s unlikely anything will happen tonight.

Well, I’m fine with that.

Thanks to my hard work, there were no casualties in the knights’ rank.

At most, some were lightly injured when the bandits hiding in the town fought back.

Meanwhile, many of the bandits were injured, and the bandit leader himself was killed by Baurova

I didn’t plan to kill the leader, but since it’s been done, I actually don’t really mind about it.

And now, for something more important than any of that.

It’s been about a month.

I’ve been holding out well.

Seriously I didn’t think I could.

This is exciting.

While surveying the quality of the bed in the midst of my excitement and huge expectations, someone knocked and opened the door. It was Rithina and Mina.

Just looking at those two’s figures, I felt my blood surge up.

The door was in bad shape, but Mina opened it without making any sound regardless.

It’s as if the person herself is unconsciously emitting the soundproof field magic around her, but that’s just my imagination.

Umu. It’s a possibility though.

So what’s the story here?

[Haruto-kun. Thank you for the hard work.]

[Yes. You two as well.]

[Thank you for the hard work.]

Rithina, Mina and I worked really hard in this subjugation.

Rithina had removed her armor and was now only wearing a light dress, while Mina already changed back to her usual maid outfit. I circled their waists with my hands, embracing them tightly.

The two bodies were pressing unto mine.

The feeling of their bodies pressing against me and their waist in my arms made me a bit lightheaded.

This is bad; my reasoning is collapsing.


Wordlessly, I caressed their thighs and breasts, kissing them fiercely.

I’m already at my limit.

Even now, even if you fight with the holy sword, you will be proud of the strength that is neither lacking.

[… promised, I’ll serve you well, dear master]

As Mina whispered on my ears, her hand stretched.

Her right hand crawled under my shirt, while her left dove inside my pants.

It was both gentle and passionate. Most of all it felt good.

Rithina turned my head around towards her and promptly kissing me with fervor while hugging me from the side.

I groped her big breasts from behind, causing her to tighten her thighs and leaked out a moan in between our kiss.

Rithina pushed her body onto me until there is no more space between us.

This is great. This is love.

At that point, I glanced around for a bit.

The time was around 2 o’clock.

Even plants and trees sleep at 3 o’clock.

But even so, the three of us didn’t get to sleep that night.

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