Return of The Former Hero ch.128

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Chapter 128. Former Hero – Knocks down his bride

I am in the best condition!

I am exactly in the best condition right now.
There is no fatigue.
I can start doing it again even now.
What would I do?

However, by actually narrowing down the number of opponents to 4, aside from me, the satisfaction levels of the female team improved anyway.

Moreover, Kagura-san, who usually doesn’t have a lot of physical strength, she had become excellent.
Mina would need to do the laundry hard.

Even though the number of rounds didn’t decrease, I can enjoy it more than usual thanks to other 4 girls.

Yes. It is often said that failure is the mother of success. It’s wonderful. What a wisdom.

Well, from such a great start, I can now participate with the joint training with the Hero’s party which I skipped out on yesterday.

According to Kagura-san, both my and Leon’s swords would be ready in one week if she does it quickly.
That’s why we’re gonna stay in Odyssey for one week before leaving toward the Millis Kingdom.

During that one week, we use our special rights as qualifiers in the tournament to reserve a part of the arena which we now use for joint training.

Then I want to improve Sharon one step higher in the arena by using this joint training.

I have been thinking about it a little bit before, but through this tournament I’m now convinced that we should do it.

[Good morning.]

Except for Kagura-san, Celes and Mina, when everyone was doing warm-ups, Leon’s group came.


After we exchange greetings, Charoin changed her clothes into bloomers and then we started the training immediately.

[Well then, Sharon. Do you know the reason why Sharon lost against Leon?]

[Yes! Etto… It’s like in our strength? In our experience? I felt there are differences at actual combat too. After that, the distribution of body strengthening too. It was impossible for me to control it midway in the fight, so my movement had become duller.]


She answered smoothly; it seems like Sharon had already analyzed it herself. What a diligent girl.

Although I didn’t watch the match between Sharon and Leon, her analysis is not wrong.

During the work at the guild, Sharon has earned a lot of experience in fighting against monsters.
However, the experience which Leon gained after fighting against the Demon King’s army and the four Heavenly Generals is different.

[Indeed. There are certainly differences between technique and the actual combat experience.]


[However, even if you managed to figure that out, I think there is a more fundamental element that Sharon is lacking.]

[Eh? W-what did I lack?]

Sharon sat straight in her bloomers; she raised her waist while listening to my explanation.
It’s a lip-biter somehow.

[Umu. It’s the definite will to win, that’s what I’m thinking]

[The will to win? N-no, but Shishou! I am fighting to win, you know?!]

Sharon completely stands up.

[Ah no, I didn’t mean Sharon don’t have any intention to win at all.]


I calmed Sharon down by gripping her shoulders when she got closer to me.

More importantly, in those bloomers, I was thought something was missing, now when she got this close, I realized it.

That is: there is no number on it.

Let’s put on the number tonight.

Whether to name it on Japanese language or to make it with the official language of this world, is troublesome… But, I wish I could enjoy it so I guess it should go with Japanese?

After that, the number alone cannot be enough.
The number comes together with school year and the class number.

Since Sharon has the same age with me, if it’s on earth, she should be in the second grade of high school?
Class B… No, class C? Yes… No, as expected she should be in class B.

What class anyway?

Not good, not good. My thoughts have wandered randomly.

[You must correct yourself with the resolution to win. With that kind of resolution, it is occasionally possible to surpass the difference in actual combat abilities in some cases, like what Leon’s shown in the final]

[Occasionally possible? Even though it’s rare, it’s still good?…. Yes?]

Ah. No need to bite that one, Sharon-chan

More like, even if you say that looks like she probably won’t get the point.
After all, I have defeated Leon so, as expected, my persuasion isn’t enough?

[Well, I guess we need an example? Let’s practice together. Sharon, come here.]

[Ah, y-yes! Shishou!]

I urged Sharon to the center of the arena and we faced each other.

In both of our hands, we gripped wooden swords for training. It’s like the bamboo sword in the kendo.

With this, it’s impossible to run away from the impact. As long as it’s not an overkill, there won’t be any severe injuries either.

[Alright. Then, Sharon, you must come at me with a killing intent.]

I prepared the wooden sword and told her.

[Killing intent, no way…]

Even though this is just a training, as expected Sharon was puzzled.

[Hohou. Why do you hesitate? Do you think you have a chance to kill me?]

[Eeh?! No, that’s not what I mean!?]

When I provoked her, Sharon went into the panic. Such a cute girl.

[Then, come without holding back]

[Y,yes… Understood. Here I come?]

To the replying Sharon, I nod at her.


Sharon kicked the floor and approached me at a considerable speed.

But it’s not good.
Thanks from my previous remark earlier, although her usual sharpness is still there, her thirst for blood is weak, I don’t feel any pressure at all.

Well, it can’t be helped, as if it can be executed it immediately at any time.

And so, if I counter the attack, it will end up like the usual so there is no meaning at all.
First of all, I should show her during this practice.

We will enter with our attack range soon.

If I waited as usual, Sharon will start with a feint.
Therefore, I will go from here.


Sharon was surprised for a moment when she noticed that my actions are different from usual.
However, she instantly did a feint while taking the evasive movements.

Sharon’s combat sense is really excellent.

However, before Sharon’s evasive actions succeed, she has already entered my attack range.
And then I, who never took initiative in the training, made the first move.


My low blow strikes Sharon’s right shoulder and Sharon falls to the floor abruptly


Sharon dropped the wooden sword in her right hand and grabbed her right shoulder.

Even if it is a training wooden sword with which the impact would be dispersed, I launched the attack at full power, the effect is not half-hearted.

Knocking down my lover pained my heart, but there was nothing I could’ve done to make a clear example in the training.

[Did you feel my atmosphere was different than usual?]

When I asked Sharon, she doesn’t move from her crouching spot.
She cannot move, I think?

[Caroin! Please heal Sharon]

[Y-yes! Sharon-chan, are you alright?]

Charoin who was looking from the side rushed in and gave healing magic to Sharon.

Since we have an expert on healing magic called Charoin, even if there is a little bit excessive damage inflicted, it should be alright.
There is also a first-aid room established permanently in the arena, but, in the end, we never stepped in there at all. It is also possible to recover as long as it’s not an instant death if you went to the nearby Royal Capital.

The location and situation are perfect for this whole week. Although Sharon will have a painful time, let’s do it thoroughly and climb one step higher.

[Haruto-san. Aren’t you overdoing it?]

When I was waiting for Sharon’s recovery, Leon talked to me.

[Nn, it seems so. But since this is the first time I want her to experience it.]

It seems he understands what I said? Leon didn’t say anything more after that.

[Well, as I just said earlier, did you feel the difference?]

Sharon, who has recovered, sat down and I asked her again the question that she didn’t answer earlier.

[U… Etto… I cannot explain it well, but somehow….]

Sharon whose her shoulder is still injured grimaced and answered me.

[I see. Then, do you know what I do?]

[…. Honestly, I… don’t understand.]

Sharon is really honest.

I have the experience of being in Sharon’s place too but in my case, I didn’t want to feel pain so I lied and I said [I already understood perfectly!] as I remembered it.

[Well, you won’t be able to understand it immediately] So, how is it? I was thinking of doing intense training like that for a whole week; do you want me to stop?]

Even without this, Sharon already has plenty of ability by herself.
There is no need to be unreasonable.

However, the question sounds like a trap, I think.
Being told to you like that, it’s difficult to say [Then, let’s stop].

It’ll be useless for me to refute that but if she wants to stop then I’ll say [I overdid it. Alright, let’s stop] like that]

…. What should I do?

[Un! Please do continue!]

Sharon is cheerful… Though it’s different, she answered with the intention to make herself more stronger.

[That spirit is good! After you recovered, let’s try it again.]

[Yes! Shishou!]

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