Return of The Former Hero ch.119

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 119. Former Hero – Talks about the Essence of Recovery Magic.

[Yes. With this, it is finished.]

My shoulder was being treated by the female doctor-san in the first aid room on my request.
Even if simple recovery magic can be applied, it doesn’t allow for a complete recovery. It can only stop the bleeding.

[Thank you very much.]

I offered my gratitude after I checked the condition of my shoulder.

The bleeding on my left shoulder has been stopped by recovery magic but now it’s being covered by the bandages.

When I tried to move it lightly, it’s still painful.
Trying to raise my arm was the most painful one.

However, it’s not that I cannot move it so it shouldn’t become an obstacle.

Not being able to receive anything but a simple recovery magic in the aid room was because I was a winner.
Sometimes, the losers were injured to the point of even losing their arms, so they needed to receive an appropriate recovery magic. As expected from the tournament sponsored by the Royal Capital.

However, I heard that the victors usually have to advance and win the tournament while accumulating the damage till then.

Of course, if you can use recovery magic by yourself, you can freely cast it with your own magic power.
Since I am not able to do it, I can’t do anything about it.


I let out a sigh.

This injury on my shoulder; I have no problem with it at all.
I am accustomed with injuries of this degree.

But more importantly, the reason why I felt depressed was because of my clothes.

These clothes are my favorite ones which I picked during my date with Celes at great pains and now it’s completely torn from the top of my shoulder.

It’s a very depressing concern for me.

No… let’s think about it from a different perspective.

I can think about about it as me going on another date with Celes to buy new ones, can’t I?

I’ll feel bad for everyone if I only go on dates with Celes.
Let’s arrange a date with everyone in turns.


In the worst case, I’ve already assured myself as a runner-up in the tournament.

With the prize that I will get, I can arrange for an expensive spree date with everyone.
Party. Feast. Guhehe.

[Amagi-dono? Are you alright?] (Aura)

When I was imagining about the feast of debauchery, Aura anxiously looked at me.

[Eh? What is it?] (Haruto)

There should nothing to worry about though?

[No, your face was very depressed a moment ago, but then it suddenly changed into a strange one so I was a bit…] (Aura)

What’s with the “out of this world” kind of thing?
Certainly, I am a person from another world, but still.

However, it’s no good.
It seems like my thoughts show up on my face a lot.

Until I came to this world, I have no recollection of anyone saying something about this after all.

It seems my face gets loose whenever the matter is related to girls despite trying to be poker-faced.
Well, it can’t be helped. It’s about the girls after all.

[No, I’m alright. Sorry to make you worry.] (Haruto)

[No, no problem! I just said something without thinking.] (Aura)

[That’s not true. Thank you for worrying about me. I’m happy.] (Haruto)

[…U! T-thank you very much…] (Aura)

When I thanked Aura who was worried about me, Aura was visibly shaken and responded with a voice that almost faded away at the end.

This girl is weak against a fastball. Isn’t she cute?

She has said that she doesn’t understand things that are related to love, so she pretty much has no immunity to it.
She will fall if I push forward!

[Yes. Then you also should take off your armor. Your neck; it’s turned blue.] (Haruto)

When Aura and I generated a love-comedy field, the female doctor-san intervened from the side.

[Eh? I should? Ah alright. I understand]

The voice from female doctor-san returned Aura back to her senses.

Oh well.

When I saw Aura’s neck, I noticed that it had certainly turned blue.
It most likely because of my strong presses. I’m sorry.

When I was still looking at Aura’s neck, Aura began to take off her armor in that place.


The armor on this world… The protector part is basically affixed with magic.

It is necessary to adjust the attachment magic that matches with your own magical power first and you need to cast it regularly but as long as the magic is on, you can detach it with simple magical power like on / off button.

Aura removes the armor without any doubt, even while I am still next to her.

Aura took off her armor in no time and shows her upper body.

Th-this is…

Her underwear resembled something like a high-necked sports bra and she wore clumsy protectors on her arms and legs.

What is this? It is really, really good.

I could also see the bulges that weren’t visible while she was wearing her armour, and on the peaks of each of those bulges I was able to see a slight protrusion, making me think she’s wearing nothing underneath.


Does she not understand the meaning of what she has done?
This is war. This is already a war.

How can I say this?

At least, I was unable to stand up.
Both mentally and physically.

[It has been pressed quite strongly, hasn’t it? Even the shoulder area has become blue too.]

[No… Yes. It’s true.] (Aura)

Hee, where?

When I listened to the conversation between the female doctor-san, who checked Aura’s neck and diagnosed it, out of curiosity… It’s really out of my curiosity, I moved from my chair and stood in the front of the Aura and looked at it.

[Uwaa, it’s very splendid.] (Haruto)

What I saw; I accidentally blurted out those words.

As she glanced behind and saw me, the female doctor-san was scarily glaring with enough vigour behind it to even make the Demon King shrink back but even so, I’m a former hero.
I would rather you don’t think I’m weak enough to falter away at this level of pressure.

I magnificently ignored that glance of the female doctor-san that said [Leave now!].
Even if it’s the female doctor-san, since Aura didn’t say anything, she couldn’t do anything more than sending gazes at me.

[Amagi-dono, you don’t need to worry. This is the result of the battle, we’re same in this regard.] (Aura)

I obediently received Aura’s word and responded it.

Uuu… What a gentle girl.

I ended up feeling guilty somehow so I dejectedly got back to my original position and decided to look at her from the side.

Watching the bulges from the side is also good.
A straightened back and a tightened waistline that I can see when she extends her back.
It’s beautiful. I want to rub it.

I didn’t reflect at all.

From Aura’s neck to the shoulder, the female doctor-san casted recovery magic.
Then the bruises which had become blue disappeared instantly.

Recovery magic is interesting no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

But at such times, the most noteworthy clue is the facial expression rather than the wound.

That moment when the injury and the pain are recovered instantly; there is a pleasant sensation that cannot be experienced anywhere.
That is seriously pleasant.

It’s a pleasure of another dimension than the one when doing it with a girl.

Therefore right now, there is a slightly ecstatic expression floating on Aura’s face.

So erotic!

This is the truth that I noticed for the first time after I came to this world and saw the treatment scene of a girl.
I did not notice it before because I had not even seen the recovery procedure.
Rather, I want to cry when I think about seeing the old man’s face he was making at such times. (TL Note: Refers to his old party)

By the way, I recently learned recovery magic from Celes.
I still cannot grasp the ropes at all, but if I settle down in the future, I want to be a female-specialized doctor.

I will spare no effort for that purpose.

Within every world, in the shadows of technological development, lies humanity’s hidden pursuit of eroticism.

[Yes. It’s finished.]

[Thank you very much.] (Aura)

The bruises on Aura’s neck are gone without a trace and she regains her normal white and smooth skin.

I wonder why I want so much to lick the girl’s neck. It’s really strange.

Apart from that, Aura finished her treatment and wore her clothes and armor.
The scene of her taking it off was good but the scene of her wearing them is good as well.

To have no problem at all at this level. I am exactly like a monkey.

I firmly printed this once-in-a-lifetime moment with my eyes.

If I had my smartphone, I could record it in secret.
Though that would likely be beyond creepy, I won’t actually go through with it. (Note: This means that stalker-like behaviour.)

[Then, the treatment for both of you is finished.]

[Thank you very much.] (Aura)

[Thank you very much.] (Haruto)

Aura and I expressed our gratitude to the female doctor-san again and after that, we left the first-aid room.

Until we returned to the hall, I was looking at Aura from the side.

Although I cannot see anymore, under that armor…

The spectacle printed out on my brain a little ago, it sticks in my mind like the layer.
A pleasure of seeing an invisible part. It is good.

Somehow, I manage to hold myself.



When I was in a daze imagining about Aura, I heard a voice from the front calling out to me.

When I looked at the source, there was small and tattered Tanya running toward me.

[Haruto!] (Tanya)

[Ofu.] (Haruto)

Tanya, with all her momentum, clung onto my chest.

It hurts. It really hurts. Don’t move your hand to my shoulder. It’s really painful.

[I lost!] (Tanya)

The teary-eyed Tanya looked up at me from my chest and made a simple report.

Ah, you lost, huh?

[Is that so? That’s regrettable.] (Haruto)

I hold Tanya who has stuck to my chest and pat her head.

[Uuu~!] (Tanya)

And then Tanya pressed her face further into me chest while crying.

I’ve told you already, it hurts. However, it cannot be helped. I’ll let her do as she likes for now.

A little while later, Leon came.

He looked quite worn down with the scratch wounds here and there.
Tanya seems to have put up a good fight against him.

[Although it was dangerous, but I managed to win.] (Leon)

Leon said clearly.

[Yeah.] (Haruto)

In a situation where I was holding Tanya, I hesitated to congratulate him.

However, a strange flag didn’t occur. With this, the final will be between me and Leon according to our promise.

My gaze meets Leon’s and the two of us exchange glares.
I think I’m really cool for a moment.

Leon’s each and every move have become much sharper and he looks really cool.
Whenever I’m with him, I feel like I can ride on his coattails and become cool as well.

But it feels like whenever I’m alone, I seem to make a face which seems to be out of this world!
And so, I think to myself as my feelings hurt while I hold a grudge against the world.

[The final seems to start in 30 minutes.] (Leon)

[I see. You’re gonna go for first-aid treatment, right?] (Haruto)

Tanya and Leon, even though both of them are not heavily injured, there are many cuts and bruises on them.
You two better get treated quickly.

[Yeah.] (Leon)

[Then let’s go. I will accompany Tanya too.]

In the end, Aura and I returned back to the first-aid room.


[Haruto! Please get revenge for me and Sharon!] (Tanya)

Tanya, who finished her treatment, said that while crying and still clinging to me.

[Yeah, leave it to me! I’ll beat him and get revenge for you.] (Haruto)

[Un!] (Tanya)

[S…scary.] (Leon)

When I declared cheerfully to Tanya, Leon smiled wryly as he listened to my energetic answer to Tanya.

[In this case, whom should I give support to…. Should I support Leon because we’re in the same party? Or should I support Amagi-dono because he defeated me?] (Aura)

Aura muttered strange things while being worried by herself.

Wouldn’t it be fine if you supported Leon?

If you support me, I will gladly welcome it though?

At any rate, it’s about time for the final match.

Return of The Former Hero ch.120