Return of The Former Hero ch.137

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Chapter 137 – Former Hero – Talks to the Four Heavenly Kings

I came to subjugate the bandits but got the Four Heavenly Kings as well. No no, this is too scary.

I mustered up my vigilance, keeping watch to the two inside the room.

Should I attack without replying?
However, they did greet me in a friendly manner and even introduced themselves.
They might not be hostile after all.

It was a correct choice to let Rithina and Mina out first, but this is also something too heavy to handle by myself.
Someone…. I’ll be fine even if I had to go with only Laurier.

No wait.
This Bau…Bauro…something something? Did he just call me by my name just now?

If they truly are the Four Heavenly Kings, then they won’t lay their hands on me.

That sounded far fetched alright.

I don’t know whether these people will follow that order or not.
The order may have been revoked as well. It’s not the time yet to feel relieved.

This situation kinda confuses me. Calm down.

[No need to be so alert. We have no intention of fighting.You may not know this, but it’s a fact that we have an order to『not lay a hand on you』]

The armored man said so while lowering his sword.
So what Leon and the others said about that order to『not lay a hand on me』was true.

[You came to kill the bandit, not necessarily to fight us, didn’t you? Then please overlook us this one time.]

As that armored guy said, it’ll be a hassle to fight right here.
Regardless of whether I would meet them again later, I at least want to tackle the fight when I’m already a bit stronger.

That guy was saying that I should [overlook them]. But since it’s 2-on-1 situation, to be honest, I don’t know which one of us is actually [overlookng the other party]. I won’t win even if I used everything, but I won’t lose either.

But since the other party started it, then let’s just play along.

[…….alright. But, I can’t overlook this matter for free. You….ermm… what’s your name again?]

[My name is Baurova.]

[Ah, right right, it’s Baurova. If you answer some of my questions, I’ll overlook this matter.]

Baurova of the demon army’s Four Heavenly Kings. This former hero will remember.

[I do not mind. Please go ahead?]

Baurova also played along with my negotiation.

There was a sense of friendliness in this conversation, it’s that kind of feeling.

[Okay. Then here is my question. First, can you take off that helmet of yours?]

Right. This feeling, it’s similar to the sphere inside the golem that time.
However, this guy didn’t cause me to feel [worried] like the golem back then.

But when I looked at that full helmet, I don’t think that a round sphere would fit inside. There is really no way.

[Fumu….. Fine, I suppose. Is this according to your wish?]

After seemingly troubled by it for a while, Baurova relented, but only by raising the visor-like part on the full helmet.

I couldn’t confirm his entire face, but there was no sphere inside. I could make out a pair of eyes of a living being inside.

I couldn’t identify his race through looking at his alone though. Despite the name is demon’s army, its members are not limited to demons only after all.
Even demons are different to each other in the first place.

However, even with what little I saw, I could tell that it’s a quite handsome face. Chi.

…, what?
Those eyes….. Have I seen them before?

Well, isn’t it just a pair of eyes?
How come I felt attached to what appear to be a male?
Wasn’t I bad at remembering a male’s face?

Anyways, let’s just put that aside for now.

[So that’s…how your face looks like.]

While I was looking at Baurova’s face, the demon girl next to him whistled a comment.
What the. You’ve never seen your companion’s face before?

[Of course, shouldn’t you know already? Well then, is this enough?]

Barouva replied the demon girl then to me.


To my answer, he lowered the visor once more.

[Then, let’s begin the questioning. First of all, what are you doing here?]

[By using these bandits, we were meant to have them fight the hero, but we gave up the idea when it turned out that these people are too weak for you. Well, I suppose it is too much for human bandits such as these people]

This guy…..why is he fine with failing like that.?
If all of them are like this, I wonder how the demon army could still run.

[Who killed the old man over there?]

[I merely shut his mouth to prevent him from leaking information.]

Well, there is that thing.

I wonder if it’s really alright for him to answer my question so easily like that.
Well, it’s not like it’s my problem anyways.

That means the dead old man knew something that shouldn’t be leaked.
There is no helping it now though.

Let’s set that aside for now and continue with the questions.

[How do you know my name? In addition to that, how did you understand that it was me?]

[You are famous among the demon army ranks. It’s the demon king’s direct order after all. I determined that you are Amagi Haruto because your female companions called you as such.]

I’m famous because that direct order from the demon king? No way..
And he determined that it was really me because Rithina and Mina called me by that name.

Eh? How did he hear it in the first place? Is the hearing of a member of the Four Heavenly Kings that sharp?

[Why was that direct command to not lay a hand on me was issued?]

[No idea. If you are bothered by that order, why don’t you ask the demon king directly?]

Nonono, that’s a big no.

[Then, why does the demon king know me in the first place….?]

[I do not know.]

Of course, you don’t.

The light tone of the way he replied to my question created an amazing gap with his entirely black appearance.

What else should I ask?

Is there anything good that I should know?
The suddenness of this situation, as well as meeting two of the Four Heavenly Kings, made me kinda nervous.

Even if I want them to tell something good, there is no reason for them to tell the truth anyways.

…..oh well, why don’t we try it anyway.

[Then last question. Do you know Andarugia?]

[Andarugia? I do not know that either.]

Even if I kinda knew he would say that, the possibility still interests me.

But even the Four Heavenly Kings did not know about it?
Baurova….he didn’t seem like he was lying to me.
I felt like he really have no idea what it is.

However, if he did know, it’s possible that he’s also trying to hide it.
I don’t see the merit of hiding it from me though, nothing at all.

Oh well.

[Alright. Enough.]

[Oya? Really? Is that all you want to know?]

I’m talking with the Four Heavenly Kings here.

[But, that is good. Since you are already here, then please excuse me.]

Whilst saying so, Baurova moved to the corner of the room.
The other demon girl didn’t make a move.

What the?

Then, at that point, I noticed a flying object coming towards here.

It’s….a huge bird or something similar.
I was late to notice it since I’m currently inside a shabby place where search is ineffective.


I also rushed to move to the corner, but as if not realizing what’s going on, the demon girl stayed there in the middle of the room.

Isn’t that dangerous?

Why do I even bother to be worried? When I was about to warn her, it already arrived like an arrow.

Dogan! The claws of a huge black bird smashed the wall and into the room.

Me and Baurova had no problem since we have already moved to the corner. However…


The wall behind where the demon girl stood was pulverized, its debris flew and hit her head squarely.

She fell on the floor right in front of my eyes and started rolling around in pain.


She’s in a pose where her butt is facing towards me, the skirt had lifted up due to her rolling around just now, and…no, no, she, she’s not wearing any panties!

No nono, wait-wait, calm down.
I was wrong. It’s a pair of string panties. One with a T-back.

Even so, it’s awesome.
So amazing, I want to bite it.

[That…I don’t mind getting to see it.]


What did I do just now, acting like a pervert in front of my would-be enemies?
The power of 『I can’t see your panties』was great. Yes, too great.

No, of course I immediately looked away, not forgetting to keep an eye on Baurova.

When turned towards him, the black bird had already snatched him away with its claws.

[O, oi, wait a minute. What about this fellow here?]

[No idea. I originally came here alone so she is not within my jurisdiction.]

Ha? Is that so?
Wait, no. That shouldn’t be the case.

It’ll be a problem if he left her here.

[Well then, I hope we will not meet again anytime soon.]

Having said that, Baurova grabbed on the black bird as it took him away disappearing into the dark sky.

Oi oi, he really did leave her.

[Guu….it hurts….]

I could hear a voice coming from behind me as I looked on the night sky where Baurova had disappeared to.

Looking back, the voice of course came from the left behind demon girl, who already got up while rubbing her head with teary eyes.

…… what?

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