Return of The Former Hero ch.140

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Chapter 140. Former Hero – Making A Suggestion

[Heave ho!]

I threw away the debris I’ve been carrying on my shoulder to the waste storage area outside town.

It’s been three days since the bandit subjugation.
The stagnant air around the city had somewhat returned to the original.

In the meantime, now that they are gone, we are cleaning up the buildings that have been damaged by the bandits.

I took the initiative to help by transporting the debris.

[I’m sorry for disturbing you, but please allow this lord to help you]

The uncle who was sorting out the scattered stuff looked at m, and replied to me gratefully.

[Well….no, it’s only the natural thing to do. Let’s make this town a better place together.]


The uncle was visibly moved by my model-leader-speech, even to the point of nearly shedding tears as he asked me for a handshake.
I, of course, accepted that handshake.

I felt like a politician running for election.

I guess my current position is no different than a politician already.

By the way, that model-leader-speech was taught to me by Rithina the other day.
It’s a necessary thing to learn how to win the peoples’ hearts and support.

Since I’m not too busy myself, with Laurier and Tanya still away, I had too much free time. So I suppose it’s also a good way to use up my excess energy.

Saying goodbye to the uncle, I returned back to the mansion.
It’s almost time for lunch.

I can just eat in a nearby restaurant, but knowing the maids had worked hard to prepare the meals for me, I had no heart to eat outside.

I know it’ll be troublesome if this continues, but since they’re just doing it to repay the favor, there is nothing I can do with it.

Anyways, let’s observe the situation as we walked through the city.

Since the town is located on the foot of a mountain, it is divided into three levels with the entrance at the flat ground level and the rest of the territory above.
The climbing is a bit tiring. But the scenery makes up for it.
Even so, because it’s occupied by bandits for a while, the scenery was tainted by devastation here and there.

The town will definitely be a looker if it’s well maintained.

Now that the bandits are gone and, with a new lord being I, the third princess and in charge, brightness had returned to the townspeople’s faces.

The fact that I’ve become their lord hasn’t sunk in for me yet, but I do want to make this town even brighter.

And I arrived back at the lord’s mansion while thinking about that.

[Thank you for the good work!]

[Yeah, you too.]

The knight guarding the entrance greeted me as he always did so I slightly raised my hand and replied back before going through the gate.

According to Rithina, I need to be humble and polite to the townspeople and resolute when dealing with the knights.

I knew that.
At first I thought it’ll be hard to do since the knight was older than me, but turned out it was easy.

……am I ready?
Maybe. not.

Oh well.

The main entrance was blown apart when I rushed in back then, so it’s currently off-limits.

The carpenters are working hard to repair it and it should return to its former glory by tomorrow.

After saying a word or two to the carpenters, some of them are still working while the rest are having their lunch, I headed to the temporary entrance on the side of the main building.

And then, sensing something, I looked up and saw Elcure there.

Elcure was doing nothing in particular. Just sitting there on the window on the second floor, showing glimpses of her inner thigh as she swung her legs around.

I need to think about what I should do with that girl.

Rithina and Mina are not at the mansion right now.

The two of them had left town yesterday in order to contact Leon’s party which was supposedly joining up with us here today or tomorrow.

I need to tell Leon to delay the rendezvous, and if we’ll still have to meet up later, it should be done away from here and in secret.

Normally I should do that myself, but Elcure might sense that something is wrong and chase after me, so I remained here to keep her in check.

But, now what?

Although Elcure is a demon of demon king’s army, she doesn’t show any kind of hostility.
If only she showed clear hostility, I won’t hesitate to eliminate her.

If she just gave up on looking for the hero, she might just return to stalk Baurova again.

Well, in any case, Laurier and the others will be joining us here soon. Adding Leon’s party, there is no way for Elcure to win.
Worst, she might die.

No, we are talking about Leon here. Would he choose to avoid the fight given the circumstances?
If I determine that things have gone dangerous, I just have to force the fight to an end.

Un. That’s more like it.

I concluded my thought as I looked up to see Elcure.

I could see her panties from here.

Elcure hadn’t noticed me yet. Although, if only she just look slightly downward, she would’ve seen me.

I quickly hid behind a tree to prevent myself from being found easily.

The panties of that girl who sat on the window sill of the second floor
I couldn’t see it at the moment due to the shadow of her skirt, but from my position, if the skirt is not in the way, seeing the sacred delta zone is possible.

Normally you won’t be able to see anything on this distance. But I AM the former hero.

If I infuse my eyes with magic, my eyesight will be improved greatly…..yes! I can see it!
With my improved eyesight, I was able to see the shadowy part of Elcure’s thighs from my position!

However, I could only see shadows.
It’s impossible to see through that dense depth of the mysterious veil.


The wind…..if only there is a wind, my former hero eyes will be able to see through that veil of mystery!

Why of course.

I do have that kind of power.

I could shoot an air bullet with minimum power at it. Should be enough to move that damn annoying skirt away.

And with that, the divine light of the sun will reach there and Elcure’s final line of defense will be breached.

Yosh, I can already imagine it.

The image of her skirt as it flutters in the air.
I made a small simulation image through magic, it’s so lifelike I almost thought that it’s real.

This is what makes mundane life so good. Isn’t that the very reason why I live?

Such a thing doesn’t matter now.
This is a battle. The result will be decided in mere seconds.
The little imagination will come to life now.

…..yosh, the imaging is perfect. Now what’s left is doing it for real.


I put out the magic imaging, then peeked to reconfirm my target. Unexpectedly, Elcure was also looking straight towards me.

Even though I already hid behind the tree, it’s still a fact that she’s looking directly to me. No mistaking it.
But how!?

Before I could form an answer, Elcure already kicked the wall and jumped off from the window.
She held her skirt tightly so as not to let it flutter too wildly.


Because she’s holding the skirt, despite the fact that it slightly flutter due to the force of air, I still couldn’t see her panties.
I may not be able to see the panties but she can’t hide her juicy and smooth thighs.

Well, well, well

This is probably the next best thing I can hope for after failing my main goal..

Wait, that’s not important now..

As I thought that out, Elcure already landed on the ground with a thud, and she promptly dashed toward my location.

W-what do I do now?
I hadn’t done anything yet. Couldn’t see your panties after all so no need to be so fierce.
She must’ve noticed my gaze back then. That must be it.

[What are you doing… this place?]

It was an unexpectedly normal question.

Are you not going to get mad at me?

[That…..I, well, I’m just taking a break under the shade of this tree…]

That’s a fairly smooth excuse if I say so myself.
I have prepared for anything from the time I decided to peep on Elcure from behind the tree. Nothing less from me.

[Taking a break…under the shade of the tree?]


S-she…definitely noticed.
And since she knew, she deliberately showed hope of survival before crushing it out.

Not half bad. As expected. She’s a demon after all.



Elcure didn’t hesitate to ridicule me, while I could only remain silent.

I can accept the first three, but definitely not the last. I don’t wanna die.
I simply couldn’t deny that.

[I-I’m sorry. But…how did you notice?]

I started talking. First let’s ask how Elcure found me. I’ve shifted to the tactic of [Shall we put this away and let’s not touch upon it again].
How cunning of me.

[Magic….I sensed large amount of magic being gathered.]

Even though she threatened me with death just now, Elcure surprisingly answered my question normally.

Large amount of magic being gathered…is it….?

Even though I look like this, I’m actually pretty adept at concealing my magic…..for former hero to actually forget about that in a fight…what a shame…..!

[I-I see….]

After replying to my question, Elcure didn’t say or do anything else.

Well….is it alright for me to go?
I wish I could escape right away, but the situation and positioning prevented me from doing so.


Elcure was staring at me intently. No, is she observing me?

Is she on her erotic delusion again?

But even if that’s the case, she’ll throw more crap at me if I try to put my hands on her, right?

This is like traversing through a tunnel full of needles.


While I was thinking on how to excuse myself from here, Elcure apparently was troubled by something as well.

[What’s the matter? What is it?]

[Nn…..your magic power…. I’m interested in it, but I couldn’t lay my hands on you…..because there is that order…. What should I do?]

I listened as Elcure replied honestly.

Ah, so she was worried about that.


Could it be that she refused to live up her erotic delusion because of that [Don’t touch him] order from the demon king?

Oya oya?


[By ‘don’t touch’, I think it means to not aim for my life. Other than that I guess it should be alright?]

I tried to correct Elcure.
If this succeeds, then all the best…I guess.

[Ah? … even knew…..that order?]

Yes, I knew about it.
But let’s not cause anymore misunderstanding.

I spoke out loud.

[Rightー. Ermm……well then, what’s with that just now? You are interested in my power?」

[From the beginning….I guess?]

Is that so? I guess that’s it.

I get it now. I see.

[Uーn…… is that so…..]

I don’t want my life to be targeted so I supported the demon king’s order wholeheartedly.

However, the fact remained that Elcure is aiming for Leon.
It’d be better if the damage can be minimized, so I think it’s also good to see Elcure’s capability in advance.

Un, that sounds like a good plan. Not bad.

[Well then, as long as you’re not trying to kill me, how about a practice match? It won’t be a violation of order if both sides agreed to it, right?]

I suggested that to Elcure.

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