What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C6. Delicious

“I feel like people are throwing the term ‘Married’ around like candy…”  This hume who is now my husband is making my head hurt.

“What is candy?”  Dubhe, the fluffy ex is interjecting herself.  It irritates me. Know your place, ursine!

“Well, maybe as a hume, you might not understand the significance of being flexible with your partners.  Living forever is quite troublesome, after all.” Take that, you little cublet. I’ll answer my Husband’s question.

“Hooooold on.  That is a loaded statement there.  First, Gaia said I’d live for about a thousand years, so I get that my perspective is… skewed… since I’m only 40 or so?  But dragonfolk live forever? Like Dryads? Also, does that mean I need to be worried about some possessive partner from old times coming to kill me over… er… doing his girl?”  Oh, how cute, he got red there at the end. It’s quite apparent with those runes, as they turned red too when his face flushed. O ho ho ho, so cute, makes me want to pinch his cheeks.

“Tristain, Dragonfolk have their own traditions.  Mostly they just sleep, so it would be bad luck to encounter another one unless you’re actively looking for one.  We don’t think you’d be dumb enough to do that. And, we’re very concerned that you want more kids.” Tch, this bearfolk needs to just stop interjecting.  This isn’t her husband anymore.

While we’re all talking, Tristain makes something like a bright light on the tips of his fingers.  He slowly makes a box motion with his hands against my inanimate former body, and the smell of cooked meat wafts into the air.  It doesn’t smell delicious, I don’t eat. Eating is gross.

“Well, I don’t particularly want more kids.  But thats one of the perks of being married, right?  Not the kids, the act of creating kids.”  He’s got this dumb smile on his face.  Are they really talking about what I think they’re talking about?

“Huh?”  Dubhe voices her confusion, but both Dubhe and Lillia are tilting their heads.  I hate to admit agreement here, but I’m also confused.

“Well, it’s fun and it feels good.  And I like it.” I-is he really drooling?  Hopefully it’s the meat smell in the air.

“Oohh…”  Dubhe is acting like she understands the mysteries of life now.  “Can you finish cutting up that… delicious… meat?” She is also drooling.  What is wrong with you people?

After an awkward silence, he goes back using his hand to cut up my body , then serves Dubhe a piece.  Next, he cooks a sizable slab for himself and the hume girl. It definitely doesn’t smell delicious. Watching them chomp into it, juices dripping down their chins… It’s disgusting.  It doesn’t look appetizing at all.

Tristain looks at me.

“You sure you don’t want any?”  He offers me a piece. Juice drips down off of it, the smell dominated the area in front of my nose.  It’s definitely a revolting smell. Definitely.

“N-no.  Dragonfolk don’t eat.  We get all the sustenance we need from our runes.”

“That’s kinda neat that your runes also change color.”  He has a very naughty smile on his face.  I can feel my tail whipping about in annoyance.

“Oh, I can see them now.”  This bearfolk. Go home already.

“Here, just try a piece, it’s really delicious.”  He puts it very close to my face. I can smell it.  I-it’s definitely not delicious. Dragonfolk don’t eat.  He’s very pushy. “If you don’t like it, I’ll wait on you hand and foot for a whole day.  Whatever you ask.” How can I refuse that?

I open my mouth, and let him put the piece of my old self, cooked, into my mouth.  It’s delicious. I knew it’d be delicious. But dragonfolk don’t eat. I can’t admit that it’s flavor is overwhelming.  “I hate it.”

He frowns.  I chew… and chew… I don’t want to swallow.  If I swallow, It’ll be eating.

“Are you going to swallow that?”  He is certainly persistent.

I take it from my mouth, and offer it back to him in my hand.  “No.”

I can feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“T-that would be a shame.  It’s so delicious.” He’s right, it is.  Dragonfolk don’t eat, though.

“Dragonfolk don’t eat.  We get everything we need from our runes.”  It’s true after all.

Lillia has been idly ignoring the whole scene, sucking on a large piece of ice.  Dubhe, however, has been watching me with a sharp eye this whole time. She decides to speak up.  “You’re not a dragonfolk anymore.”


Lillia reinforces her statement.  “Tristain’s family is considered its own race.  Gaia says.”


“See, eat it.  You’re not a dragonfolk.  You’re a part of my family.”  That same smile again. I want to hit him.  I’m a bit weak right now. It’d just make everyone laugh at me if I couldn’t actually hurt him.

“I-if I eat it… then that will happen.”  Maybe I can explain why dragonfolk don’t eat.

That?  What happens when dragonfolk eat?”  How do I explain this to him without being crass?  You poop if you eat, you idiot. It’s gross! I can’t say that!

“Er, the same thing that every other race does when they eat.”

Everyone stares at me.

“Dubhe.  Give the children to Lillia and the hume girl.  Then go hold Melsy down, she’s going to eat this.”


Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!  I am in your care! Tristain is still up to his occasional womanizing… Tisk Tisk.

Editor: DungeonPalmz

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