What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 15: Disappointment

“Melsy?”  My head is spinning a bit.  I think I might be light headed.  Is that really Melsy? That can’t be Melsy.

Melsy stops and looks over at me.  “Tristain. Tristain? Uh, this, no.  I.” She studders.

“Tch, Melusine, I’m down here, ignore that food at the door, we can eat them later.  Finish me, now.”  The other dragonfolk commands her attention.

“What?  No!” Melsy makes to get up, but the other dragonfolk holds her down.

Forcing her point, she continues.  “Give me a child! I’m right here!”

What the Goddess is actually going on here?  I don’t understand. “Melsy?” I question her to confirm.

“Get off!”  Melsy puts some force into her fight, and the other dragonfolk relents.

The spurned dragonfolk hisses with anger.  “You’re such a child. You were a child before you left, but I thought you had grown out of your delusions.  What was the last two days for you? You keep me company here for two days, and suddenly a male hume,” she points at me.  I can feel the air tinged with electricity.  “He shows up, and all of a sudden I’m not important?  I am a dragonfolk, and a woman. Grow up, child. Realize what you are.”  She finishes with a roar, before hurling herself at me in rage.

I can’t even think right now, but my body reacts on it’s own to the impending threat.  My runes flash, and energize my spear with excessive force. I use it like a staff, trying to bludgeon the woman down into submission.

It doesn’t reach.

Melsy’s mother flashes between us, her hands glowing violet.  I’m not sure what she did, but all of the energy: kinetic, electric, and heat, I had put into my staff just disappeared in an instant.

That’s a full power dragonfolk for you.  I’m no match if they know how to wield their strength.  I could occasionally get a hit off on Melsy, but only by subterfuge.  I get the feeling that not even that will work on this woman.

She clarifies for us the expectations.  “There will be no physical violence in my house.  Not among the guests.”

I’m still quite confused, but happy that I don’t need to fight any more dragonfolk.  I’m am still light headed though. I don’t know when, but it seems I’ve dropped my spear on the ground.

“Tch, such a weak man.  To think he would even consider you over me.”  She literally is arcing sparks of electricity from her body.  Honestly, what the goddess did I just see?

“Tristain,”  Melsy starts, her head down.  “T-this isn’t,” she pauses. “No, this is exactly what it looks like.”  She shakes her head.

I can see the water dripping from her nose.  Tears are pouring down her face. It hurts to see her cry.  I want to stop those tears. Don’t cry!

Walking over, I put my arms around her.  “Let’s talk about it.” I’m crying too. I’m so confused right now.  I’m mad that Melsy was with someone else. I’m hurt that she would do that.  I’m mad at myself for being mad. I pushed her away. I had relations with Lillia.  I have no right to be mad at her. I’m hurt that she felt so sad that she decided that doing this was okay.

There is a pain in my chest knowing that I caused her so much pain.  I didn’t want to do that. I don’t ever want to do that. I just want us to be happy together.

There is a flash of light and I hear the crackle of electricity echo through the room.  Melsy’s mother speaks. “Morgen, go take a walk. You may come back when you’ve calmed down.”

“FINE!”  She roars, her voice modulated by her electricity.  Then she stomps out.

“Go on, child, it’s safe now.”

Suddenly Melsy and I are tackled by Sunshine, her wings wrap around us as she starts bawling.  Melsy begins hiccuping before crying even more. It’s infectious, but I try to keep my wits and console them.  “Everyone is okay, we’ll be fine.” I rub both of their heads, and hug them close.

It’s a good ten minutes before everyone has calmed down enough to hold a rational conversation.

Melsy’s mother has taken advantage of the situation to cut open a few of the fruits Sunshine and I had brought.  She is eating one as we talk. I don’t remember offering any to you? I guess it’s alright. You are my mother-in-law, I suppose.

I take a deep breath.  “Mother, I’m sorry for hurting Melsy, and, erm, not meeting you before now.  Please look after us in the future.”

She looks up and despite having a mouth full of food, manages some sort of response: “Hoh?”

“Tristain?  Does that mean you’re still my husband?  I can still be your wife?” Melsy looks at me with hope in her eyes.  It’s like they’re sparkling. Wait, are they actually sparkling? You’re using your runes for that, aren’t you?

I need to be clear and honest about this.  “I’m very upset, disappointed, and angry. But mostly at myself.  I hurt you, it took me nearly ten days to find you, and you felt so… how you felt, that you had relations with another person.  I’m sorry.”

I can tell that wasn’t the response she was looking for because she’s drawn back a bit.  “You’re not mad I cheated on you? That I likely will have a child coming from another person?”

I am, to be honest.  But that isn’t really fair to Melsy.  “Well, yes, but had I considered your feelings more, this wouldn’t have happened, right?  And I suspect that you’re going to punish yourself much more for this than anything I can honestly do.  Plus, it’s not like I didn’t have relations with Lillia.”

“Hah, yeah.”  Wearing a sad smile, she confirms.

“Touching as your forced maturity is,”  Melsy’s mother interjects. “Don’t forget you are both whelps in a big world.”  She sighs before continuing. “Either way, I suppose I should be proud of my son being accepted as a wife to someone so kind.”  Now finished, she immediately shoves another piece of nut flesh into her face. I think I just heard a “how can it be so delicious?” from her.

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