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A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Forty: Reforging Relationships

Man, the process of healing can hurt and brings out buried emotions in people.  Concede, it’s not a war.  It’s a new day; morning comes and brings new light … everything will be alright. [Everything Will Be Alright – Night Riots] Sora wasn’t sure how long she and Kari held each other, but at some point,

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 11: Sunshine

Well, I need to get going, and that means she needs to wake up and eat while I finish breakfast, or we’ll both leave much later than anticipated.  I poke her cheek a few times, but she doesn’t respond. I look back at the elder.  The elder just looks away like it’s none of her

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Thirty-Nine: Broken

I can’t believe I actually got to this point.  O.o  How long this has been in my mind. Sora glanced around the kitchen as she entered; an assortment of ingredients was spaced around the table with Ashley and Alice standing in the center.  Ashley looked up as she shut the door behind her.  “Sora, you’re

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 10: Family Values

I am so hungry, I stuff my mouth with a piece.  It’s delicious; it’s also filling. It is what I needed after eating so little for days on end. Then I notice the air feels very still.  Very quiet. I look up, and everyone, literally everyone, is watching me.  No one else has food.  There

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Thirty-Eight: Morning People

Sora’s POV A warmth spread through Sora as her mind roused; shifting a little, she felt the soft caress of something brush against her skin.  She took a deep breath, snuggling further into it while hugging the fluffy mass to her chest. The air around her radiated heat as something pressed against her side, and

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 9: Dreams

Author note: Here’s the deal: I’ve been working 60+ hours a week + family obligations. The next chapter will be delayed. This chapter needs more editing. I have a bank of many, many chapters (14), so this will not be abandoned, but I need time to fix everything after my awesome editor tells me I’m

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Thirty-Six: Drifting

Kari’s POV Next week will be from Mimi’s POV to finish up the night, and then we’re back with Sora.  Poor Mimi T_T … leading is such a rough job … and when you’re the middle-Vulpes. Kari ran her hand through her shoulder-length, black hair; she was lying against a soft sofa, head resting on

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, Chapter 8: Angels

It’s not just a mix, but virtually every permutation.  Some with arms and wings, some with just 2 wings, some with no arms and 2 sets of wings.  Some with normal feet, some with talons. “Hm, great water barrier has long kept out Humes.  Dargonkin afraid of what lies below; they rarely venture out.”  A

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Thirty-Five: Night’s End

Sora joined her friends shortly after sending out her Gina army; she found Emilia, Wendy, Eyia, and Jin in the back, looking at yoga pants. “They look so strange,” Jin mumbled.  “Oh, they stretch?” “They are so light,” Eyia stated as she handled her own.  “These are made for a stretching activity?” Wendy giggled.  “Yeah,