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What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C6. Limitations

“MY food… … source…!”  Lilia makes a cute kid like growling noise.  It’s like a bird chirp in ferocity in comparison to Dubhe’s growls in its intimidation effectiveness.  Anyways, I’m pretty sure that was a Freudian slip. Good recovery. Not food, food source.   Either way, Dubhe looks a bit startled at Lilia’s growl and

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C5. Gaia

The pillar of light fades and I can see a figure being constructed from within it.  It looks like layers of petals, slowly closing into a flower bud, but in the shape of yet another girl.  Can I escape this torture yet? Give me one that likes me, that’s all I’m asking for here.  

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C4. Personal Battles

After raiding all of the buildings, Glen ensured all persons were both tied up and blindfolded, excluding Mika.  He then starts to carry them, one at a time, into the center of town. He focuses on the men and children first, then the unrestrained women, leaving the chained women for last.  I was surprised by

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C3. Town Asleep

I crouch, which is all the height I could afford without touching the male bearfolk.  The furry female pushed aside two of the males, and they parted like curtains. Wait, didn’t they weigh like thousands of pounds?  How strong is she with those lanky arms?   She motions for us to go through.  I hadn’t

Origin #12 – Man and the Machine (Part 6)

Matt picked her up and as they sat in the lounge with Anna clinging desperately to Matt he told her in a calm and even tone, the events of yesterday. Even the part about trying to bargain with aliens about not being anal-probed. She smiled at the funny parts and asked a lot of questions

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C2. Sheltered Ideals

It must be several hours later now, but I can’t be sure, I don’t have a watch.  To be honest, aside from the rush with our current circumstances, time seems pretty arbitrary in this world.   The sunlight feels like it is high noon.  I find it hard to gauge though, because I can’t identify