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A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Fifty-Six: The Inner Brotherhood

POV: Kari (the daughter of Alva; granddaughter of Fenrir; Wolf 3rd Gen Founder) Recap: Kari trails after the new cult Fen’s create and has discovered some iffy things about them. Something’s wrong with how easily they believe people, and Fen’s already thought about anyone trying to interfere and put in safeguards. She’s now following this

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 16 – Rumble with the Destroyer

With the tournament in full swing, the competitors were quickly whittled down through 1-on-1 matches. Eryn herself was already on her third opponent, having quickly downed the first two challengers with only a single blow. Her current opponent was a grizzly looking man with claw-like weapons. He was apparently a visiting adventurer who just happened

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Fifty-Five: Fen’s Game

POV: Kari (the daughter of Alva; granddaughter of Fenrir; Wolf 3rd Gen Founder) Recap: Kari just had an encounter with Frankenstein and Nilly. Inari and her mother are concerned about the unexpected meeting, but Kari’s a little frustrated that she can’t really follow the conversation and is now focusing on figuring out what Fen’s been

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Fifty-Four: A Message

POV: Kari (the daughter of Alva; granddaughter of Fenrir; Wolf 3rd Gen Founder) Recap: Sora finally met her Shadow and made peace with herself. She now has a new drive pulling her toward Kari, and she left Alice to take care of Gurakuqi and Mimi. She’s now carrying Emilia with Mary holding her tails, and

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Fifty-Three: The Path Forward

POV: Sora Moore Recap: She learned a bit more about Shadow and learned that she’s not pure evil and that she’d been trying to crush her out of existence. Shadow brought back a few parts of Inari’s lecture to connect the dots. Sora couldn’t look at Shadow; she kept her eyes down, hand gripping her left

My attack stat… – V1 Chap 14 – Trouble in the Mines (2)

Elsewhere in the mines, a band of men were in the midst of cleaning up their gear and removing all traces of them ever being there. A particularly large man with an eyepatch walked around hurrying others along. This man was Zeick, who was currently the boss of this ragtag group of thieves. A few

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Fifty-Two: Foe Or Victim?

POV: Sora Moore Recap: Sora managed to find her way through the damaged sections of her Spiritual Network to pull her conscience back into her Inner Core.  She met her aunt, found out she’s dying, and needs to go down to meet her Shadow. They didn’t hit it off really well … and now Sora’s attacking her.