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A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Seven: Nine Days; A Good Day

It took ten minutes to walk to the hotel.  Sora okayed her two acquaintances with security and they made it to the main lobby, Eyia eyeing the guards.  Both Jin and Eyia talked in Asgardian as they entered the hotel. They sounded impressed, examining the three leveled lobby and grand architecture.  The tenants called the

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C4. Unmet Expectations

After I finally got to bed last night, and tried to get some sleep, I had that strange dream again.  It keeps happening. It feels odd, every time like it’s actually a different reality. A bit like I’m stuck in another strange world when I’m dreaming.  It feels more real than lucid dreaming, more solid.

11 Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions 1

Chapter 5: Conflicting Conclusions   Thin golden beams lit the path ahead as rays from the sun pierced through the tiny gaps in the thick canopies above. I was flanked by tall, towering trees that formed endless rows both in front and behind me, as if seemingly stretching far beyond the horizon with no end

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Four: Nine Days; Out of Character

Sora’s mind jolted awake as fire crept up her chest, her heart pulsating with every muscle fiber, yet she was paralyzed.  Her nails were being torn apart, the skin underneath lacerated with paper thin blades. Her joints twisted within her body as bones compressed into powder.  Spikes drilled into her skull all along her scalp.

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Two: Ten Days; A Small Snag

Returning to her senses, Sora shivered slightly as she walked to her locker.  She’d just stocked it today. She had extra clothes, showering supplies, and towels inside. Wendy was trying not to make eye contact with her as she cleaned up what remained of Sora’s clothes and school supplies.  Opening her locker, Sora’s hands hovered

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter One: Ten Days; Free?

Sora rubbed her left shoulder nervously as she stood before Miami Beach Senior High’s psychologist’s office.  Doctor Mary Jernigan borrowed the office to meet with Sora during school days since the time suited Mary’s schedule.  Taking a deep breath, Sora knocked on the door. “Come in.” Mary responded. Sora entered.  The office was cozy, with

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C3. Too Much

After I was done feeling super embarrassed, I put myself back together.  I took a seat after sliding my back down the nearest tree. The intruding bearfolk woman did as well, sitting next to me.   “It’s unusual to see such a thing in this forest.  Actually, it’s unusual to see humes or other dryads