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My attack stat… – V5 Chap 132 – In Those We Trust

My eyes shot open, my heart fiercely beat in my chest, and I sucked in a deep breath in surprise. If it weren’t for a pair of hands placed firmly on my head, I would’ve bolted upright. I could feel a slight sting on the left side of my face, presumably from Lady Kaguya’s fingernails,

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Fourteen: We Carry On

POV:  1. Sora Moore (Our Vulpes Founder with a new daughter to protect) Recap: Sora has basically taken over the Vulpes Realm, not that she wants to, but feels like her hand is forced because of Niomie’s actions.  She goes to some hidden library with Hallaway’s help to learn how to deal with Loral. However,

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 130 – The Oracle’s Guidance

Later that afternoon, Cornelius, Lau, Katsys and I arrived at Yakuman Castle, where a surprised Lady Kaguya and her two guardians greeted us in the audience room. Ludmila and the younger ones wanted to come along also, but we promised that we’d return the next day. Frankly, I was still a bit worried about the

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 129 – The Words of a Demon

Cornelius cautiously scrutinized every gesture that the Chancellor made. She could not let her guard down against someone as perceptive as him. He had been the one that had unveiled her disguise, one that had nearly everyone in the country fooled. Furthermore, he had been told that the Chancellor had the capability of using mind

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 128 – The King’s Troubles

-One week ago- King Oswald sat on his throne, a half-drunken goblet of wine in his hand. Ever since he had ascended the throne, he found himself reaching for alcohol as a solution to his ongoing issues. Like many newly-crowned kings, the thoughts of his position in respect to his people weighed heavily upon his

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 127 – Behind the Mask of Ice

-Ten years ago- A man and woman of nobility were arguing in their bedroom. Victor and Amelia von Reichenstein, Earl and Countess of their domain, had been at odds with a decision made long ago. “You cannot possibly think that this charade can continue as long as you desire! ‘He’ is starting to become of

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirteen: Loral’s Warpath

POV:  1. Sora Moore (Our Vulpes Founder with a new daughter to protect) 2. Loral at the end (the mysterious councilwoman of the past) Recap: Sora incited sedition among the council members, turning the younger members against the Phebe, Niomie, and Hallaway, with Tola leading the charge; they seal their powers after discovering how much

My attack stat… – V4 Chap 126 – Cornelius on Ice

Cornelius heaved a sigh as he watched the form of Claude slowly freeze in place. He was regretful that it came to this, but things couldn’t go on any longer. If he didn’t bring back the ‘sample’ that the Chancellor desired, then his beloved friend would soon be in danger. Given that Sanshiro’s turmoil hadn’t

My attack stat… – V4 Chap 125 – Aftermath and Silly Titles

“Seriously, who the hell came up with a name like ‘Star Shooter’? Like, what does that even mean?” I grumbled after being surprised by a number of people referring to me by that name. I couldn’t wrap my head around the imagery that had resulted in such a strange title. ‘First ‘Demon Cleaver’, then ‘Star