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What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, C5: Elephants

OOF. As I wake up, I find several children on top of me. DUBHE!  Bearfolk children are HEAVY! “Children!”  I gasp and start pushing them all off of me.  The hume children are riding the bearfolk again, laying low on the bearfolk’s backs, clinging on using tufts of fur as handholds.  The added weight is

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, C4: Context

It must have been a motherboard of some type when it was in use.  The ink on the CPU is all worn off, but oddly, the CPU and some of the surrounding circuit board are the parts that survived.  It must have been military, since everything is fused, and the thick layer of unknown, clear

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, C3: Memories

“Shh, it’s fine, Hun.  We’re here.” Dubhe comforts me and comes close to wrap me in a hug. I’m so pathetic.  Sobbing over messing up a conversation.  These types of things always happened in my previous life, but I keep screwing them up here too.  It’s no wonder that none of my relationships ever end

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.3 – A1, C2: What?

I open my mouth to confirm, then close it.  This happens a few times, but I still hold onto Melsy.  For some reason, I feel awkward all of a sudden. I remember reading a book in High School Biology about how procreation works in some birds and reptiles.  I had never thought of that before

What Side Didn’t Know – Art!

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!  I am in your care! This week, we have some images (it’s been almost 9 months since I commissioned them!) These are scenes from Vol. 1. The artist does not want to continue (at this time, well, to be fair, it was more of a “I’m just not sure”);

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1. Character Wrap (incomplete)

Notes Current Party/Hamlet: Adult Men: Tristain – Void?/Hume Male, Reincarnated Previously a computer programmer…now a womanizing vagrant.  Previously a father of two daughters. Currently married to Melsy, Lillia’s beloved, and secretly dreamed about by Dubhe… Otsu – Bearfolk Male Maimed once upon a time, saved by the Arbitrator.  Currently the protector and in situ family

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – Epilogue: Home.

“Goddess?” “Yes, sapling.” “I love him.” “Yes.” “It hurts.” “Yes.” “…” “You did well, child.  He will be safe. Reach out.  You can feel him nearby whenever you want.” “Ah.” “Goddess?” “Yes?” “My children?” “They will be safe.  All six of them.” “Ah.  I’m happy.” “Yes, sapling.  When you are ready, I will return you

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A5, C10. Forever

“Husband.”  Melsy is standing behind me. It’s been a week since Lillia became a small-ish Gaia tree.  She isn’t nearly as big as the others we’ve seen, but she has fairly low hanging, sprawling branches, all laden with ripe or nearly ripe fruit. “It’s been a few days, I think you need to do something