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What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C4. Unmet Expectations

After I finally got to bed last night, and tried to get some sleep, I had that strange dream again.  It keeps happening. It feels odd, every time like it’s actually a different reality. A bit like I’m stuck in another strange world when I’m dreaming.  It feels more real than lucid dreaming, more solid.

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C3. Too Much

After I was done feeling super embarrassed, I put myself back together.  I took a seat after sliding my back down the nearest tree. The intruding bearfolk woman did as well, sitting next to me.   “It’s unusual to see such a thing in this forest.  Actually, it’s unusual to see humes or other dryads

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C2. Surprise

In an odd turn of events, another female bearfolk comes to greet us today.  It is the first I’ve seen of a female ursine, aside from Dubhe.   “Dubhe, why do you bring these two here?  It is forbidden.” This new ursine holds her head high as she talks to Dubhe, looking down on us

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C13. A Farewell to Friends

My answer came from an unlikely place.   “Mika Food is a very sad food.  She broke. She needs to put down her roots, lift up her leaves, and let the light heal her.”   I… don’t think I’ve ever heard something quite so profound from this dryad’s mouth.  While I choose an appropriate response,

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C12. Subjugated

The Arbitrator gestures for Dubhe to come forward, and explains the situation.  “Regardless of what I’ve said, you first have a prior engagement to fulfill, as dictated by Gaia.  To that end, Dubhe will be taking you to the bearfolk’s Central Library. On this trip, you’ll need to learn about their culture.”  The Arbitrator pauses

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C11. A Paradigm like no Other

  “Clearly you don’t understand my purpose here.  Think back. Think about the ‘Punishments’ I passed down.  Did they really ‘punish’ these townsfolk for their supposed crimes?  If you live over three hundred thousand cycles, what is a few thousand here or there?  Will that truly teach someone to not act a certain way?” She

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C10. Misconceptions

“…”   “What do you mean?”  It feels like time has stopped, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my heart and lungs.  Breathe. Think. How do I get out of this?   “You aren’t excluded from this inquiry.  You played a role, in fact, a very large role, did you not?”  I can’t dispute that.