What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C5. Melsy


“Come on, I got you.”  As much as he is being helpful, I’m mad that he’s helping me.  I’m a dragonfolk! I shouldn’t need any help! “You probably haven’t used those muscles in like… a long time, right?  It’s not a big deal, here hold on.”

He’d scaled up my old body, and is now struggling to help me out.  

Nope, that’s not true anymore either.  Seems he’s given up on simply helping, and is picking me up princess carry style.  To my suprise, he jumps down with me in his arms. Instead of falling, we float down like a feather to the ground.  It is impressive, but I’ll never admit that to him!

“Tch.  You’re always too kind to females.”  Debuhe is complaining.

“Well, it’s been fun, but I have duties.  Later.” Seems the queen bearfolk has decided to take her leave.  She probably wanted to bear witness to any fight we got involved in before leaving.

“Oh, pretty wings.”  The smart, little dryadite is complimenting me.  I’m really not sure how to take that. It’s… an infant… right?  I don’t understand dryads.

Two of the newborns start fussing at that time.  The hume female helps Dubhe to feed them and rotate the other children through the line.  Whatever. I’m still covered in mucus and blood. “Tristain. Oh ‘Husband,’ hold your breath.”  Heh.

“Wha-”  I summon an excessive amount of water to douse us.  He doesn’t get a chance to complete that sentence~.

“Wow, that was cold.”  Well, yes. You can’t summon that much water just from thin air.  Some of it also needed to be condensed from water in the air, and some drawn from the ground.  It’s a given that it would be cold.

Suddenly our bodies start to warm back up.  Wait, what did he do? It’s a well known fact that excising runes directly on yourself is prohibitively dangerous.  I can tell he did it though, because I can see the steam rising from our bodies. No one in their right minds would do such a thing.  Further, using runes on another is no different than a violent invasion of space. It’s a declaration of war.

“Don’t do that ever again.”  A stern warning should be appropriate, right?  It’s been thousands of years since I was a wife.  Need to remember how to do this.

“Yes, Ma’am.”  Oh, he’s a compliant child, isn’t he?  Maybe this will be fun after all.

“Food Source Tristain… Food…”  Oh, that Dryad asserting her dominant position now is she?

Tristain sets me down, and walks over to her, hands out, generating ice as he goes.  Huh. That’s actually really efficient. Bravo. I continue to be impressed.

“Pfft.  Don’t look so smug.  His affection comes at a good price.  Lillia will make sure you pay up.” This bearfolk gets on my nerves.  Always has something to say. Ruins my mood.

“Huh, I didn’t notice when carrying you down, but those scales are really quite pretty, and seem to cover your whole body.  Do they really each have a rune on them? They’re such a pretty violet.”

““Huh?””  Dubhe and I both say the same thing.  That irks me.

“What runes?”  Dubhe asks pensively.

“You can see them?”  Humes shouldn’t be able to see this color.  “Hume girl. Come here. Can you see runes on my scales?”

“N-no.  They look like normal scales.”

“Huh?”  Tristain seems confused.

He looks like he’s thinking about something.  

“So… you can’t see this?”  He closes his eyes, and evens his breathing, then in his hands, a ball of violet light glows brightly before disappearing.

“Food Source Tristain.  Dryads are sensitive to that light.  You’re scaring our children.”

“Huh?”  Dubhe is looking at Lillia in complete confusion.  Wait, no, I’m the one confused. How does a hume see violet?

“That’s right, how do you even know the concept of violet, Tristain?”  And to be able to produce it on the spot. He would need to understand it’s makeup.  Intimately. I’m not sure I could make something quite like he just did. Well, maybe now that I’ve seen it…

“Huh?  Huh. So they really can’t see it.  It must be the mixed… err, oh, I probably shouldn’t talk about it with the hume girl here.  Uh. ‘Because I know the Goddess.’ Yeah, that should work.” What? Don’t bullshit me. But he was going to say it.  I’ll ask later when we are alone.

Dubhe and Lillia don’t even flinch.  They must know. He changes the subject before anyone can say more on the subject.  “Well, I’m starving. Is anyone else hungry?”

“Dragonfolk don’t eat.”

“We’d love some meat.”


“U-uhm, anything?”

What a bizzare, mismatched bunch.  How did this assembly even happen?

“Okay, I’ll figure something out.  Ah, two things, err… Wife.” I suppose he’s addressing me.  “First, what do I call you. Second, what do we do with your… er… old body?”
“It’s Melusine.  It’s been a long time, but my mother called me Melsy.  Only my husband may call me that, if that would make you happy?  Also… that… is nothing but a pile of meat now; it’s worthless to me.”  It saddens me to say that. I worked so hard for so long, sleeping, to grow it.  Comfort me, O’ husband of mine! Pretend Swoon. Do your magic? Swoon harder?

Take a hint, hume.  I’m swooning here. HUSBAND!

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What Side Didn't Know Vol.2 - A3,C4. Dragonfolk
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