Chapter 8 – A change of Perspective

Author’s note:  Hi guys, so here is where the story stops being in third person and begins to be in first person.  Why? I enjoy writing in first person. If you have any complaints, speak now or forever hold your peace.    Also, my many apologies for my awful nature. Am trying to fix. Close door cultivation yada yada. There is now artwork for the novel.  You can either check it out in the Original Novels section on the site, or wait ’til the relevant chapter comes up


My name is Taki.   I am a person who has just graduated his school, and I have dreamed of becoming an adventurer for a long time.  I had long hoped that Mimi, my girlfriend, could follow me as a wife.

For a second there, I was concerned.  It was going to be impossible for her to even become my wife.  Luckily, I turned out to be the owner of some of the most interesting skills I have seen.   Almost like I was a protagonist! Well, I am. After all, I am the main character of my life.  

Even better, Mimi had a skill activated that makes life easy for me.  She won’t be the problem with me having multiple wives – that’ll come when I meet some more troublesome personalities.  In fact, Mimi will probably help me in my goals. She’s just that kind of person.

If one were to describe her personality, it would be:  “Helps others, to the detriment of herself”. This is a useful personality trait.  One time, a younger kid stole from her. Rather than report him to the authorities, she tried to help him out, thinking he was needier than herself.    She ended up skipping the morning meal for a week. I put a stop to it after that.

So, what I’m doing right now?  

Nothing much, just doing the adventurer test.

Initiating Magical Interference.

Oh.   If I recall correctly, Magical Interference is a skill that the third ranked adventurer can use.  It stops the use of active skills… Passive skills are much harder to interrupt. There is actually a skill that can prevent Magical Interference from messing with active skills.    As its use concerns me, obviously I don’t possess it.

Hmm….  So the test is not for our skill possession then.  Ah, I remember. Once the test is over, they will appraise your skills.   Depending on how this first test proceeds, the second test will judge what the status as an adventurer is.   The roles I remember are:

  • Adventurer (Negative Grading → Poor Grading → Okay Grading → Fair Grading → Good Grading → Great Grading → Extreme Grading →  Superb Grading → ??? Grading)
  • Receptionist (I don’t remember the gradings…)
  • Rift Master
  • Rift Deputy
  • Liaison

There are actually other specific roles, like strategists and assassins but they aren’t well known as the royal family doesn’t activate these roles unless a war begins from a world beyond the rift.   That is, they theoretically exist, but the people who are given this role are hidden from common knowledge; They even agree to have their own minds brainwashed, only knowing they are of that role until they get activated.  It is not something that interests me.

“Are you done thinking?”, a gruff male voice asked me.  

“Was just waiting for you to show yourself”, I replied.  

“I was here the whole time.”  

“Oh.  My bad.”  


“So, what are we doing then?”  


The owner of the voice, a man with a green mohawk and skin so white I thought he was made of marble for a second, rushed forward at me with his fist raised.   


I step to the side and he punches the wall behind me.

“Owowowow.  You were meant to block it!”  

“Why?  You take more damage if I dodge.”  

“… Grrr”, the mohawk guy growls and attempts to kick me in the chest.  

Well, he is the instructor.  I can’t actually dodge this one.  I guess he was going really easy to begin with.   If he wants me to block, the least I can do is try.  

I make a motion to grab at his leg, but he shifts his leg a bit lower.  Oh, damn, that’s a little low… I crouch down, to take the damage to my chest.   It is better than taking damage down there.


After taking the damage, although it was reduced, it was still a heavy kick and I’m unable to fight anymore.  The last thing I did before passing out was appraise the damn instructor.

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