I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 3

The entire class who had been waiting for the results to show were stunned into complete silence.

“WHAT?!” Shouted the four-eyed boy and cursed, “how the Hindron is that possible?”.

‘Maybe I can still be with him, sort of…’ The teary-eyed Mimi thought.

“This was unexpected…” Yamata-sensei muttered, “well, adventurers do tend to be weird in some ways. No matter.”

Having allowed a few minutes for the shock of the strange voice from the church and his status, Taki left the church.

“Well boy, it seems you’re suited for being an adventurer after all.” Yamata-sensei’s shocked demeanour had been replaced with the usual attitude.

“Is that so… Uh, Sensei, will you give me a minute? I need to do something.” Taki asked Yamata-sensei. For his next request to be recognised, he needed a witness to the event.


Having received permission, Taki headed straight towards Mimi. As soon as he had gotten there, without hesitation:

“Mimi… Will you become my wife?” He asked her to become his wife, a glint of loving in his eyes.


“I mean… You might not be able to come with me, but I can still return home after all…”

“Taki, are you sure? Won’t it be bad for you…?”, Mimi although sounding happy, hesitated for a moment.

“It won’t be hard on me at all. Though…”

Taki thought that although he’d have to come back more often then he was originally planning, it should still be possible. He would simply have to get stronger and receive skills which would make it easier for him to take care of his wife. As an adventurer, he should aim to always improve in the first place.

Mimi understood that she would not be the only wife of Taki’s, and that he might be very busy, as an adventurer often is. Even though, she wanted to marry the person in front of her and thus accepted.

“If you insist…”, she said.

| A marriage has been witnessed. Taki and Mimi are now husband and wife. |

These words came out of the watch, in an odd monotone voice.

As his marriage was recognised by the system, his watch made a beeping sound. However, he ignored it and instead opted to hold his wife’s hand.

“Well, that’s how it is, everyone.” Taki-kun stated and continued calmly, his mouth forming a smile, “we’re heading to the pub to celebrate our graduation, so please treat this as just another thing to celebrate.”

As they walked over to the pub, Taki’s watch began to make beeping sounds again. As he was curious, he decided to look while walking over there.

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Health: 100 + (1)
Mana: 100 + (1)
Defense: 10 + (1)
Attack: 10 + (1)
Magic Attack: 10 + (1)
Charm: 10 + (1)
Wisdom: 10 + (1)
Skill: 4 + (1)
Speed: 10 + (1)
Elemental Affinities
Fire: 0 + (1)
Water: 0
Earth: 0
Air: 0
Dragon: 0
Holy: 0 + (1)
Evil: 0
Light: 0 + (1)
Dark: 0
EXTRA | Dimension: 25
EXTRA | ???: 10

[Mimi] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (expandable)
[Rash Individual]

| New Skill Choice |
> Fire Ball – Cast
> Dimensional Mirror – Cast
> Farming – Cast

On the stats menu, new information had been added. Mimi had been added to one of his wives slots, and the option to choose a new skill had been added. This appeared to be because his ‘skill’ stat had increased by one due to the marriage.

Fire Ball – Cast
→ If Fire Affinity>0, Deal 5 Fire damage + Magic Attack/4 [Cost: 10% of mana]

Dimensional Mirror – Toggle [Initial Cost 30 mana]
→ Communicate with a spouse, costing 10 mana per second.

Farming – Cast
→ Use 1% of mana to do 1 square foot of farming work (Hoeing, Watering, Picking etc).

Taki immediately chose the Dimensional Mirror skill, adding it to his list of skills. Following this, he once again held hands with Mimi.

Authors note:  Three weeks gone by and Taki has now married…    I wonder what’ll happen in the pub?   Now, what are your theories for the future?!

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