I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 5

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Hey guys, usually this would be at the bottom, but as you know I’ve been on hiatus for a while (Longer than expected) and this is the first chapter in a long time.  I’m looking into improving the stat calculation for Taki, as at the moment it will be ridiculous to calculate. Please take care of me as I introduce myself back into your reading schedule!  🙂 If you take a look at https://rumanshi.com/schedule/, you’ll find the future plans for me and you guys.  This will be changed every so often, so make sure to keep updated!




In the short span of half an hour, Taki and his entire class had found themselves varying levels of drunk.  Some were almost puking, while others were only beginning to lose their balance. However, what was very clear, was that they would all feel it the next morning.  


Obviously, Taki and Mimi were too included.  If they looked at their watches, they would have read [Status Effect:  Intoxication. Severity:  Why did you do this to yourself?  Cure: Sleep and water.] and [Status Effect:  Intoxication. Severity:  What are you doing tonight?  *Shifty eyes emoji* Cure: Stop drinking] respectively.   In other words, they were incredibly drunk.  

As mentioned before, other members of the class were also drunk.  Here are what some of their watches read.


[Status Effect: Intoxication.  Severity: You’ve had this much and you’re barely drunk?!  Cure: Eh, don’t bother. Drink some water.]


[Status:  Intoxication.  Severity: You’re almost dead!   Cure: Time.]


[Status Effect:  Intoxication. Severity:  Meh. Cure: Drink some water.]


Thus, the conversations which were occurring at this time could be considered gibberish.  


“I love you, maaan”, said  one person in the mob.


“I’m so glad,” another replied.  


“LET’S RULE THE WORLD!” one said, hanging off a ceiling beam.  


“Get down from there, please,” the bartender requested.  


“You can’t stop-”, the guy hanging from the ceiling beam fell down.  


Disregarding the others, Taki and Mimi had decided to go home.  However, before they managed to leave –


“Kiss! Kiss!  Kiss!” Someone chanted.  


“Kiss!  Kiss! Kiss!” The crowd slowly began to join in until the entire pub was filled with people chanting for the new married couple to kiss.  


“I guess we shouldn’t leave the crowd waiting”, Taki said drunkenly, closing in on his wife.  


“…” Mimi stared awkwardly at Taki, unsure of what to do.


“Kiss!  Kiss! Kiss!” The crowd continued chanting.  


As the chanting continued in the background, Mimi was slowly drawn in until she followed suit with Taki’s advances.  


“Woohoo!” The crowd cheered, watching the couple.  


… … …


Taki and Mimi did not go home, but instead stayed in the rental room at the pub.  


… … …  


In the morning, Taki and Mimi both awoke with searing pain in their heads.  


“Ugh…  How much did I drink?” Taki complained.  


As he asked that, his watch made a sound so he checked.  


[Status Effect:  Hungover. Severity:  Sucks to be you. Cure:  Drink water and eat a sandwich.]   


Similarly looking at her watch, Mimi’s said


[Status Effect: Hungover.   Severity: Poor thing. Cure:  Drink water. ^.^ ]

“…  Too much, it seems”, Mimi responded to Taki’s complaint.  


“Fair point.” He groaned in response.  


Disregarding his current ragged state, Taki noticed a new icon on his watch.  Pressing it, he found a new menu.



{Ouch:  Drank way too much and felt the pain.  +1 Def.}

{ 😉  : You know what you did.  + 1 Charm.}


“That’s an interesting feature.  Mimi, did you get the same Achievements?”  


“Huh?  I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  


Even after she checked her watch, Mimi did not have the achievements menu that Taki had.  


“Perhaps there’s a prerequisite that you don’t meet,” Taki pondered before continuing, “anyway, let’s go downstairs and get some water.”  


After they walked downstairs, glasses were immediately handed to Taki and Mimi.


“Here’s your water, lovebirds.” The bartender had prepared water for them in advance.  


“Thank you…”   


“Mmm, thanks.”


“Well, after this you too best go meet your parents.  I’m sure there’s plenty to be discussed. And I wish you well on your dream, Taki.  Take care of yourself.”


Age: 16
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Health: 100 + (Mimi: 1)
Mana: 100 + (Mimi: 1)
Defense: 11 {+1} + (Mimi: 1)
Attack: 10 + (Mimi: 1)
Magic Attack: 10 + (Mimi: 1)
Charm: 11 {+1} + (Mimi: 1)
Wisdom: 10 + (Mimi: 1)
Skill: 4 + (Mimi: 1)
Speed: 10 + (Mimi: 1)
Elemental Affinities
Fire: 0 + (Mimi: 1)
Water: 0
Earth: 0
Air: 0
Dragon: 0
Holy: 0 + (Mimi: 1)
Evil: 0
Light: 0 + (Mimi: 1)
Dark: 0
EXTRA | Dimension: 25
EXTRA | ???: 10


[Mimi] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (expandable)


[Rash Individual]

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