I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 4

Alongside the class, Taki and Mimi arrived at the intended location. Hanging outside the door, was a banner, with a picture of a mug and the word ‘bar’ on it.

“It feels odd to be here and actually enter, huh, Mimi?”, Taki asked. To them, entering the building would be the ending of a stage of their life. To a certain audience, it could be likened to a graduation ceremony.

“Yeah. After all, we only just graduated.”, Mimi responded.


Taki and Mimi entered into the building hand in hand following behind the rest of the class.

Upon entry, there was a banner that read ‘congratulations’, and decorational signs hung up around the place. The bar itself was empty beyond the class itself.

“Welcome! You have received your statuses and must be feeling a multitude of feelings! As graduates, you now have the right to drink as per this village’s old law!”, a bulky old man spoke from behind a bar and continued, “I know of something else to celebrate, as this old me has the ability of the stars! Mimi and Taki, congratulations! As I have foreseen, you are now married!”

As the old man finished speaking, the ‘congratulations’ banner extended, and read ‘Congratulations graduates, and Taki and Mimi. May your lives be healthy and fruitful!’

“This bartender… He’s a seer?” Taki murmured to himself.

“What did you say?”, Mimi asked Taki, having not heard him.

“Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about it,” Taki said and continued, “Bartender, a beer, and a cider, please!”

In this village, it was culturally unacceptable for women to drink beer in public. If a women were to drink beer, they would be treated badly, being considered brutes and excommunicated from society. Of course, in their private homes, it was perfectly alright. Thus, when Taki decided that as everything had already been paid for, they might as well make the most of the situation, he ordered the appropriate drinks for himself and his new wife.

“One beer and one cider!”, the bartender announced, beckoning for them to take their drinks.

Taki took a sip out of his large cup, and almost spat the contents out. Instead, he swallowed and pretended like the drink was the most delicious thing he’d had. His watch made a beeping sound, so he looked at it to check what it was.

[Status Effect: Intoxication. Severity: Judgement will not be affected in anyway. Cure: Not needed.]

“I see you’re looking at your watch, Taki. You’ve noticed? The watch can detect when your mana has been put into an altered state. If it’s a commonly known ailment, such as drunkenness, it will be able to inform you of the exact condition and cure.”, Yamato, the teacher, walked up to Taki and lectured even now.

“Then, what about unknown ailments?” Mimi, who was next to Taki, asked.

“Indeed, what of the unknown. Well, Taki, care to take a guess?”

“Hmm… Most likely, the watch can detect the change in condition and announce it, but not provide a cure or what the problem is. Then, the cure and problem are for the wearer to work out?”

“That’s correct. Well, that’s enough for now. Go, drink. After all, this’ll be the last time the class is together like this.”

What Yamato had said brought the fact to mind once again. Soon the class members would be going in their separate ways, where it was unlikely they would all meet up in the same place at the same time ever again.

Taki, taking his teachers words to heart, sculled his drink in an instant.
Mimi, who had been listening as well, followed suit.

Author’s note:  This is the first chapter owed.   Expect more in a short time-frame.  Sorry for the delay!

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