I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 6

Author’s Note:  I SWEAR I’M NOT DEAD GUYS.

After spending a small amount of time at the bar, their hangover’s miraculously disappeared. It seems the water that the bartender had given them was effective. Perhaps, it was too effective to be simply water.

“I’ll go home alone first”, Mimi said to Taki.

“Are you sure? Shouldn’t I go with you first?” Taki asked in response.

“No, I, I want to speak to mama alone.”, Mimi stuttered.

Knowing the kind of talk she was going to have with her mother when she returned, she wanted to first speak to her alone. This had nothing to do with Taki, rather Mimi was simply a little embarrassed.

“… Understood.”

Tacitly understanding the words Mimi said, Taki didn’t push any further. Although he was curious, forcing a meeting like that would only cause him trouble. As such, it was beneficial for him to let Mimi go alone like she wants.

Given this line of though,

“Then I’ll go and speak to my parents alone as well”, Taki stated.


“Father, Mother, I have returned”, Taki said as such when he entered his home

“So, you’re here to pick up ya belongings and leave, ain’t it?” A gruff voice called out.

The owner of the voice was an extremely buff man with a greying beard and tanned skin. If one were to say he were family to Taki, they might be called a liar due to just how different the two are in their looks. However, it is indeed the truth that they are related by blood.

“Darling, shouldn’t you be a bit more tactful?” A sweeter voice, an owner with dark black hair, and light skin, responded to the voice.

“Father has always been like this. It’s fine, mum”, Taki defended the owner of the gruff voice, his father.

“Anyway, where’ya been, rascal?” His father asked, ‘anything interesting come up?’

“Actually… Mimi and I have married.”

“That’s nice! Take care of her!” The mother said.

“Eh? Ain’t ya personality not the settlin’ type? Fishy, rascal. Very fishy.”

“I won’t be remaining in the village, but she will be. I’ll come back to visit.”

“…” Taki’s mother was speechless.

“How many wives ya’ able to get, rascal? Enough to make ya old man jealous?”

“… I, well… I, don’t have a limit.”, Taki said while scratching his head, not exactly sure how his father would react.

“Say again? Don’cha try and trick ya old man, rascal.”

“Uhh… There is no set limit.”

“Ya better have lots of children ‘en, rascal.”

“… Grandchildren, how many?” Taki’s mother murmured staring at her fingers, sounding oddly happy.

“… Yes, Father. Mother.”

After acknowledging the two, Taki went to his room to pack.

Within Taki’s room, it was quite plane. The walls had a single large parchment sprawled against it, describing a training routine.

The bed was sized for a single person, and the sheets were the cheap ‘magical fabric’ variety, showing that while his family wasn’t poor, they weren’t exactly rich either.

New System Unlocked
Inventory Management.
> Can choose to digitize items that have been scanned. Introductory items have automatically been digitized.

“Convenient, but odd timing”, Taki muttered to himself.

Current Storage: [1xDiluted Health Potion] [How to Be an Adventurer by Irideth Irel] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] (0/20)

Taki refrained from digitizing his ‘Very weak dagger’, instead placing it on his side in its scabbard.


At Mimi’s

“How did it go, Mimi?” A young woman who looked like she could be Mimi’s older sister asked.

“Hi Mama… We got married… He’s not staying, though.”

“Is that so? Well, that’s what falling for a man with dreams of adventure is like”, Mimi’s mother shrugged and then continued, “I still remember the day your father went and ran off…”

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