I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 1

Every morning, Ishida Taki would wake up to a large number of chores. Today, his father had left a note to inform him what tasks he needed to do this day.

‘Feed the animals’, ‘Begin to Mend the Fences’, ‘Enjoy the day! It’ll only be more work from here!’

“For him to end it like that…”, Taki muttered.

Today was an important day for Taki. The final day of the two-year-school loomed ever closer. Soon, he would no longer be able to rely on his parents. For sixteen years, they had provided him comfort, but soon, that would be no more. As such, this occasion was a monumental one for Taki. He would finally be able to see the rest of the kingdom, as well as the many worlds connected. Instead of the menial tasks, his parents give him; he would be able to talk to many different people and learn the many different cultures that exist.

‘Well then, let’s do this and get on with it,’ thought Taki.


Having completed the tasks given to him by his father, Taki had made his way to the final class of the two-year-school. As tradition would have it, this class would be held outside the church, where a final class quiz would occur. He was now listening to his teacher, Yamato.

“Now, class, what do you recall about the Ceremony of Age?”, the teacher, Yamato-sensei, quizzed the class of ten.

“The Ceremony of Age is a ritual in which all fifteen-year-olds of Jaronia are required to go through. Through this ritual, our original innate talents are unlocked and revealed!”, a girl with pink hair responded.

“Thank you, Mimi-chan! That’s correct. Now, can anybody else tell me what innate talents are and where they are from?”, Yamato-sensei asked another question.

“… innate talents are the abilities which we possess, allowing us to improve ourselves through stats and skills, instead of pure labour. Although we’re not aware exactly how they came to be, we do know that they’re related to the dimensional chasm’s which were generated nearly eight hundred years ago.” droned a glasses wearing blonde boy.

“Very good! It seems you children have been paying attention. As such, what are the dimensional chasms?”

“Tears in reality’s fabric. They generally lead to other world’s, similar to our own or incredibly distinct.”

“Nice description, Ashido-kun. Alright, a question for Taki-kun. The innate talents have been given a rating system by the adventurer’s guild. What qualities do Detrimental abilities have?”, the teacher directed a question at Taki.

With medium-length blue hair and slightly tanned skin, Taki was quite popular in his class. Adding to this, his goal was to join the Adventurers guild, if his luck was good, increasing his popularity. Taki would be ecstatic if the innate talents he unlocked were in line with his goal.

“Detrimentals… They are the type which cause negative effects to their possessor. For example, ‘Weak Bones’ is a detrimental, as it decreases the possessor’s attack by 10.”

“Correct. Can you tell me any other types?”

“Enhancements; These enhance our status’ in some manner. The opposite of Detrimentals. Magicals; Abilities which defy the laws of nature using mana. “

“Yes, you’ve gotten quite good at this. How about you tell me the rest?”

“Chasms are a type where people hold compatibility with the dimensional chasms; they are abilities which hold a symbiotic relationship with them. All other types are classified as miscellaneous until enough similar types are discovered.”

“Very good, Taki-kun. You have remembered well. It seems we are ready to begin. Anybody wish to go first?”

Around five minutes elapsed before…

“Then I will go first,” the pink haired girl, Mimi, volunteered.

“Good luck, Mimi.”, Taki-kun said to her and smiled.

Mimi then walked into the church.

–And so the Ceremony of Age commenced.

I Have Unlimited Wives Slots - Chapter 2