I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“I’ve got to run, love”, a handsome man said to his wife.  

The man was tall and slender – he possessed toned muscle but was not a large person at all.  He had blonde hair which fell down to shoulders and if one were to look closely at his ears, they would seem slightly pointed.  His eyes, however, were the scariest thing about him. The left eye was normal, a simple green eye. His right eye which was usually covered with a patch, when it’s removed you can see that it is completely black.  

Yet, even so,

“If you need to, my love.  Just make sure to come back soon.  Your daughter is barely three – she needs her father.”  

“I would never leave you two alone.  I care too much”, the man replied.  

Mimi’s mother stared at her hands, as she prepared to recite the past letter she received.  

“Of course, in such a life, one can never truly know the future”, she sighed.  

“Your father, he never returned, as you know.  But I did get a letter once.”

“A letter?!” Mimi started.  

“Yes, this is something I have never told you…” she murmured and then resolved herself to continue.

“Okay, so it goes like this”, she began.  


Dear Janna,

You’re reading this, are you?   That’s not a good sign… I either died; and I broke my promise unwillingly, or I did not die and have instead betrayed you.  I never expected myself to do such a thing. Well, either way, this letter will have my true feelings in it.

To start with, our daughter is amazing.  A miracle of fate. She is the blessing I never expected to have.   No matter if I died, or betrayed you, I know I will regret leaving her.   I wonder if she will forgive me?

Well, you know how it goes, this world, I hate it.  It is full of arbitrary rules, and punishment for simply being born.  You are either blessed or cursed. There is no “in between” in this fucking world.  I want to find whoever made it, and rip their heart out.

I seem to have gotten carried away…  I’m going to leave it in the letter. Maybe it will help you to understand.  So, the world is cursed. When I leave, I’m going to find a way to end it. Remove the rules and allow people to be free.  No limits.

And the final thing, the reason I left.  I am so sorry. In the beginning, it was easy to love you.  But emotions fade, I think. And I am left with only boredom and discontent.  Others may seek to adventure as a dream, but for me, I feel… I explore these worlds to find the answer.  How do I destroy the rules of our world?

After all,

Our world is tainted.  
I must cure it.  


“Why!?” Mimi shouted tearfully, “Why would you share such a thing with me?!  You told me father was a great man! Who cared for me! You said he died! Why couldn’t you say this before I went and did something stupid?!”  

“No, you misunderstand me sweet daughter”, Mimi’s mother attempted to explain, “Your father and Taki are different.”  

“How?  How are they different?”

“Your father…”, Mimi’s mother began and trailed off.

“My father what?”

“Your father originally was a painter…   He didn’t seek adventure. That came after we were together.”

“So, because it was his original dream, you’re saying it is different?”

“No!  Well, yes…  Just, I… I believe you will never face the same fate as myself.”      

“…  I will believe you.”   

Unbeknownst to the person herself, Mimi gained a title that day.  


| Mimi has gained the title {Tide of Fate:  Overturned} |

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