What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A5,C4. Behave

The trees thinned out as we came closer to the continental ice pillar.

“And here we are.”  The convict declared.

“Huh.”  As the trees disappeared, the winds picked up.  Also, the ground was warm. Seems like, if we could break the wind, it would probably be warm enough to grow food.  It was only cold because it is extremely windy, with the wind bringing cold air from the ice.  At least the ice means there’s plenty of water. Additionally, the fact that there was wind, means we could use that as a power source.  Not everyone could use runes like me, after all.

I mean, I had a good idea of how to make Runes… But I would need to do some testing.  Otherwise, Dubhe had made it clear that humes, and, really any race, even dragonfolk, didn’t know how to make them.  It seems that knowledge was stripped from ascenders, and otherwise unknown to all others. I would need to talk to the Goddess, or maybe Gaia, to confirm my theories though.  

I shake my head.  Regardless, this spot has energy, water, light, and resources.  So it’s a little cold? We just need some buildings.

“Mika!”  I look over to Otsu.  Everyone is still in the ‘Lillia howdah.’  She peeks out. “Uh, can you be in charge of making buildings like the one we built before?  Without the holes, add a door, no open roofs… You know?”

She thinks for a minute.  “No. I have to take care of Nanook.”

Sigh.  What do I do here?  Well, yes, you do… But you also need to care for your other needs, instead of freeloading forever.

I hear some chatter, but can’t make it out.  I can see Mika looking down at someone inside the howdah.  She’s frowning.

“F-fine, I’ll help.  Lillia, Otsu and Dubhe are going to help too.”

That was the intention…but no one else has experience…  I just…I don’t understand her sometimes.

“Take Gellone with you, please.  Have him assist.” I pause, thinking about the dirty man helping them.  “However he can. I need Lillia’s assistance for a few minutes before she starts helping you as well.”  Mika does not look happy. Yes, I’m borrowing Lillia, but I think she is especially upset about having Gellone help.  Honestly, they haven’t interacted much at all yet, so I’m not sure why she has that attitude. Although, I can understand why she thinks he’s going to be useless.  He is in chains, after all.

“Melsy.”  I turn and find her already standing next to me.  I think she’s getting better at reading other’s thoughts, much like people from the enclave.  She’s been doing that more, recently. It’s helped her to have someone who can walk her through the steps.

“Darling.”  She has a charming smile.

“We’re in charge of making a small, two-sectioned hut.  One side will be for the convict, and the other side for the orckin female.  Reminds me that we need to find a male orckin at some point, and bring him back here.”  She’s looking at me like I’m nuts. I’m not sure if she thinks I’m nuts for keeping orckins, or asking her to build stuff though.

“It’s easy, just cut down a bunch of trees from over there, and bring me the large trunks with all of the branches cut off.”

More blank stares.  Yeah, she doesn’t have a clue about building things.  Maybe the orc part too, but this is the foremost issue.

“Love of my life.  I make houses by piling stones till they reach the sky.”

Oh, I have a good comeback for this!  “Yeah, none of us are perfect.” She puffs her cheeks.

“Fiiiineeeee.”  I can hear her grumble as she flies off.

“And you.”  I look at the convict.

“Me?”  He smiles innocently.

“Yeah, you will help me build your hut.  I definitely don’t trust you, and you won’t leave my sight.”  I sigh as I announce to him my intentions.

“You’re the boss!”  He smiles at me. I don’t like that smile.  It always feels like he’s hiding something.

“Brendan.  I want to get something straight.”  I take a serious tone, and face him completely.  “I know what you did, how you did it, and what you’re capable of.  Gaia, the Arbitrator and I had a real heart to heart about you.”

He doesn’t falter even a bit in his smile.  “Oh, whatever could you mean?”

I step close to his ear, put a hand on his shoulder, and speak quietly to ensure the others don’t hear.  “Many of these people are my family. You touch them? I can assure you that having it removed is not nearly as painful as keeping it.  You can’t feel what isn’t there, after all.”

I don’t see him show even the slightest amount of worry.  Which worries me even more.

“No need to bother yourself, sir.  I’m well behaved.”

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