What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A5,C3. Eerie

For the last few days, the convict has been telling me our days traveling will soon be coming to an end.  It definitely has been getting colder. This must be like Earth, where the north and south poles are icy deserts.

Instead of riding in the cart, nearly everyone is riding on Otsu’s back.  Poor guy, I feel for you. First, Mika took the kids up there. Then, she couldn’t keep track of all of them.  So up went Dubhe and the hume girl. Next, Lillia was requested to break the wind with some sort of howdah…? I think that’s what you call a canopy thing you put on an elephant’s back.  So Otsu is pulling a cart with a few supplies, the other stray from the Arbitrator, the Orckin from the bearfolk queen, and has a howdah on his back.

I feel for you.  Stay strong!

Meanwhile, I’ve been focusing on building a subconscious thought process to keep myself warm.  Yeah, it isn’t going that well. Either way, I’m not shivering. Most of the time.

“Oh, looks like you’re keeping pretty cold there.”  Melsy does not let an opportunity pass to make fun of me.

I’ve caught the other girls snickering when they overhear, a number of times.  I’m glad you all are entertained.

I mean, I guess it’s fine.  If they’re happy, it means they’re comfortable?  Initially, Mika seemed really unhappy to be coming with us, and Dubhe seemed unhappy with me and Melsy, period.  It’s nice to know that the walls are coming down a bit. It’s not like I want to go back to how things were before with either one of them, but I also don’t want our children to grow up with their parents fighting on sight.  I felt bad for my daughters, in my previous life. They were raised in an environment like that.

Melsy seems completely unaffected by the cold.  Must be her shield. I smile back at her comment, activating some runes to warm myself back up.

“Tch.  Showoff.”  She gets somewhat annoyed, flying off to hunt for our food today.

Apparently it’s really difficult to avoid killing yourself when consciously using runes that affect a living body.  Not even dragonfolk will do so out of mortal fear. I guess I can take pride in my self control. Hue hue hue.

For some reason, the convict, who’s still leading the way, doesn’t seem to get cold.  We do have some bearfolk furs that were granted to us, and he turned them down, smiling.  The guy is super creepy.

He hardly eats, he never washes himself, he seems perpetually happy, and he always looks at the girls with lecherous eyes.

When I brought this up to Melsy, she made sure to rebuke me: “Do you ever look at the girls without lecherous eyes?”

I don’t anymoooooooreeeeeee.  Her mouth drew into a straight, serious line when I actually said that.  Yeah, okay, so they all have a unique flavor. But I have Melsy right in front of me.  I can’t be doing that stuff.

Well, that’s not entirely true though.  Lillia is pregnant again. Melsy has some sort of agreement with her.  She said I have no say in the matter, and to just give up. Goddess help me.  No, really. What sort of agreement between women has a childbearing clause in it?  These girls are strange, but I shouldn’t question the benefits overly. I mean… I’m a bit torn if it is a benefit or not.  I get… Er… No, rather, I’m worried about the politics of the whole thing exploding in my face. I hope they’ll figure it out and it doesn’t end with killing me.

This convict though.  Still super creepy.

As I look around, suddenly something catches my interest.

“Melsy!”  I call out.

After landing next to me, she folds her wings in and walks with me.  “Hm?”

“Uh, so, it has kinda looked like the sky is getting… Closer?  But that didn’t seem right before. How can that be? But now. Is that a giant ice wall in front of us?”  I point out into the distance, where the canopy of the trees gives away.

“Yup.  I said before, right?  The sky has a ceiling. It’s made of ice.”  Yeah, I guess I didn’t believe her for some reason.

“Right.  Uh, so what is that giant ice wall?”  It almost looks like extends into the sky, or, becomes the sky?

“That’s where the sky meets the ground.”  She states it like it’s a well known fact.

Sky meets the ground?  What kind of nonsense is that?

“What’s on the other side?”  The obvious question. On a spherical world, the sky doesn’t meet the ground, and if there is a wall, something will be on the other side.

“Nothing?  Er, actually, wind?”  Why is that a question?  She has a finger to her chin, thinking.

“Have you seen the other side?”  I may have chuckled at her response.

“Of course!”  Oh, she’s upset now.  Okay, okay, I shouldn’t have laughed.  Sorry. “A-anyway, it was just black, and really windy.  Also, Gaia got really upset and forbid us from putting a hole in the sky again.”

Weird.  This really is a fantasy world.  How do physics even work like that? (Editor’s Note: Very carefully *nods*)

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!

Editor: DungeonPalmz

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