What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C2. Hidden in sight

“You did.”  Oh, that bearfolk, Dubhe was it? She sounds like she’s getting upset.  She has such a murderous stare. You hume better run~.


“You passed my seed to Dubhe.”  The dryad gently holds her belly while sporting a happy smile.  A Dryad’s seed…? How did he pass the seed from one to the other…?

“Huh?”  Can this hume say anything but that?

“We don’t understand how you could be so confused.  We only made one opportunity.” As much as I want to ask what this is all about… I’m getting good intel here to devise my plans.  I should just stay quiet as long as possible.

“W-well, okay… So, that aside, what are we naming each one?”  This hume really doesn’t know the customs, does he? Is he new from the enclave?  No… If he is the father, then surely a few hundred days would be enough to learn…

“We Bearfolk don’t name our young until they survive five hundred cycles.  It’s pointless.”

“What?!”  That is definitely a dismayed face.  I must be waking up some, to be able to determine that.  Oh, I want to yawn. Maybe if I hold still, they will just forget about me, and I can go back to sleep…

“Dubhe, you aren’t a bearfolk anymore, and I’m not a dryad and he’s not a hume.”  Nope, I’m still dreaming. Surely. Why is that bearfolk named ‘Queen’ nodding her head?

“Tch.  So?”

“Wait, wait… How are you not… what you are?”  I agree with the hume named Tristain this time.  You two make no sense. Also, you, hume male, use complete sentences.

“They gave up their races… Well, Dubhe gave up their races to get Gaia’s protection… temporarily.  It’s a bit of a problem now, though. If you don’t leave soon, you’ll be considered invaders, and it will result in a territory war.  Not only with the bearfolk, but also with the dryad protector of this Gaia tree.” The one named ‘Queen’ explained.

For the love of the goddess, this is far too much drama for me.  Can you just get it over with now?

“So… what are we now?  Dragonfolk?” Pfffffft.  This hume male… You wish!  Wait, wait. I can’t let that slide.

“No.  I am a Dragonfolk, you cannot be.  Erm… Well, the not-a-dryad can be… whatever she wants… But you are definitely too weak, not-a-hume Tristain.”  That should set them straight.

“And who the goddess are you?”  I’m nobody~, let me go without eating me~.

“She is Food Source Tristain’s delicious giant food.”  Tch. This not-a-dryad is getting cheeky.

“Huh?”  He says that a lot.

“We, with Lillia’s help, brought it back as a gift to feed you.  We thought that perhaps, giving you the tastiest food possibly might win husband back?”  Why is this bearfolk acting timid to a hume? Pretending you’re meek, when you’re clearly much taller does not give credence to your words.  And you’re a bearfolk! Don’t bearfolk females usually dominate their males? That said, despite her line of reasoning being sound… it does not make me happy to be the literal dead end of that proposal.

“…”  He opens his mouth to say something but then raises his finger in what I can only guess is some sort of thoughtful pose.  “I think… There is a misunderstanding…” His speech is slow and deliberate… Wait, I don’t want him to finish this, I need to interject our agreement, before he just decides to eat me regardless…

“There is a misunderstanding.  I don’t want to be eaten. (Editor’s note: Next thing you know, we’ll run into someone(s) who DO want to be eaten)To that end, I made an agreement with the one named ‘Dubhe.’  Yes, t-to that end, You should have the choice of either eating me, or one other option. If you decide to eat me, I’ll accept my fate. Otherwise, if you choose the other option, you should abide by that ruling and leave me uneaten.”  That should clarify things… Why is he furrowing his brow?

“A great deal many misunderstandings…”  That doesn’t sound like a positive response.  Is he one of those crazed humes that just does whatever they want until someone puts them down?  Oh goddess, I hope not. Surely we can redirect his attention.

“So, I hear you’re having marital issues?  Yes?” Excellent, good thinking, the perfect diversion.

“We didn’t agree to this, food.  Die quietly.”  You die quietly.  I’ll squish you between my toes, bearfolk female.

The hume Tristain sighs.  “Yes… Well, what relationship doesn’t have its troubles?  I suppose there has been a lot of misunderstandings between… Dubhe, Lillia, and myself.”

“Lillia?  We’re the wife here!”  You keep making that bearfolk mad, and she’ll eat you… It’s what they do~.

“What does that mean?  You’ve both given me children, but neither of you has done anything much of note for me until.. You brought this…”  He’s waving at me. “What do I even do with this?”

“Eat her.”  So says the dryad.

“Eat it.”  So says the bearfolk.

At the same time.

Did they practice?

“I don’t understand… A lot… about the situation I’m in.  I’m sure I don’t fit either of your definitions of a husband… And at the same time, neither of you really fit my desires for a wife… Most of the time.”

That’s harsh.  Whew this is a lot of silence.

“I think… we all need to do our best to fix that… And raise our children.”  That sounds… Like a very reasonable decision. Maybe I do like this hume… If I wasn’t going to be food.

Ah, that’s it!  I know what I’ll propose as the secondary option to eating me.

“So instead of eating me, why don’t I agree to become the wife of your deepest desires?”

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!

Editor: DungeonPalmz

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