What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1,C11. Excitement

Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?  It’s full dive VR.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Really.


“If you say so.  I’m not sure what those terms are, but, by all means, put the interface on.”  I hardly noticed, but the dryad is furrowing his brow. Relax man, this is going to be awesome!  I’m psyched.


I place the helmet on my head, then adjust it to sit comfortably.  It doesn’t have any straps or anything, but it does site very nicely when positioned just so.


Looking around, I realize that nothing has actually happened yet.


No, wait, the cord that ties the helm to the tree has runes on it, and their glow trickles up the cable, slowly flowing towards my head.  It’s a bit like watching water slowly being pushed up a tube.


Wow, this is slow.


30 seconds, and it’s only halfway up the cord… If even that.  Maybe only one third of the way up.


“Uh…”  I have a question, but I don’t think I ever asked his name.  What is this Dryad’s name?


“Mister Dryad, what is your name again?”


His eyes don’t leave the slowly encroaching glow.  “You can call me Erato.”


“Er… Erato,”  that name makes me nervous for some reason.  “Does it normally take this long to… ah, power up?”


“Hm?”  He looks up at me.  “Probably.”




Wait, what?  Doesn’t he know?


“What?”  I repeat my thoughts out loud.


“Probably.”  He blinks.


“You don’t know?”  I prompt him.


“Of course not.  People never use that.  In fact, it’s rare for someone, especially a hume, to be literate.  Usually, I have to dictate their answers back to them.” That… actually makes sense.  In this world, there is rarely any sort of formal education. The Enclave just shares their knowledge in a giant pool.  Towns simply try to survive day to day. The bearfolk… I just don’t know enough to comment on.


“Well… I suppose this will be an adventure for both of us then!”  I can’t stifle my excitement any longer. Full dive, here I come! This is like a dream come true for anyone from my home world.  Well, a dream come true for any gamer, that is; also, anyone who watches anime.


Ulg.  It’s finally made its way up the cord.


Something doesn’t feel right.


I feel nausea.


Looking around, it looks like the world turned wavy, and I feel like I’m swimming.  I catch a glimpse of runes, white ones, not the normal blue ones, running down my arms… Then there are runes scaling out from me in circular patterns, around my feet.


I am pretty sure that the ground just swam right up to me, and reached for my face!


With effort, I look over at the dryad to see him staring at me.  He looks so tall from where I am. So strange. He didn’t seem so big before.  I can see his whole body, almost like I’m looking up at him.


Ah, this rune light is so bright.  I wish it would calm down a bit. I just need to relax.  I’m sure I’m just a bit disorientated due to the new experience.  VR in itself caused a lot of people nausea when it first came out, so that is nothing new.  This can’t be much different. Just relax and endure.


Suddenly I’m exhausted.


Ah, let’s take a quick nap, we can always resume this later.


What was I doing again?


Yes, let’s get some sleep.


I close my eyes, and for some reason, I have that same dream again.  I don’t understand it. I’m simply the side of a shape. And I want to roll so that I can be where I’m not.  This time, though, I’ve learned. I’m smarter now. Or at least wiser. I know if I roll, the other sides will be where I was, and maybe I’m depriving them of their desires.


Is that okay?  What a question.  And maybe they are okay with moving as well?  Can I actually cause the shape to roll without their input?  Is it okay for me to change them because I desire something?


Wouldn’t I simply be stuck in someone else’s desires if I didn’t try to get my own?  Is that what I want?


“Oh, hello.  I didn’t expect you so soon.”


I recognize that voice.  I open my eyes to a world of white.




Author’s Note:

Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!  Short chapter today.  It was a bit longer… but then editing… yeah…

I may be late for the next release.  I have a family member funeral to attend.

Also note: this is the end of this arc.  The next chapter begins with another point of view.


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