What Side Didn’t Know – Not a Chapter, but a Questionnaire



I’m about to commission another image, specifically, the cover for the book, when it is published.


To that end, I am looking for scene ideas, although I already have one:

– Scene: “Gaia” tree (giant tree) surrounded by flowers, with a doorway hewn in the center, two main character pensively coming out. (Mika & Tristain)


Give me more ideas you’d like to see!


The other issue I have is:  I’ve never put a solid description of Tristain in the story (or if I have, I don’t remember doing so, show me where it is!).  I know what he looks like, but do you?  Tell me!


So far, the only description I have received from someone is the following:

– Well, you kind of have his body type when he’s looking over his new ride.  As far as how he looks, blue eyes dirty brown hair, some baby fat but still a fairly slim face. Fairly short hair or else it would have come up


Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!  I need to give our artist some time to get this drawn out, so I’ll review ideas until the next chapter is posted.  At that time, I’ll send the details for the commission.




What Side Didn't Know - A3,C9. Quiet before the Storm
What Side Didn't Know - A3,C10. Brutal Consequences