What Side Didn’t Know – A2,C12. Just a little snack

Although she said she would wait, she continued to harass us while standing at the edge of the fur laid out.


“I’m soooo hungry though, can’t you come over here and give me something to eat?”


“Not that I was going to sleep with you standing there, but it looks like we won’t be getting any sleep tonight.”  Tristain sighed, and leaned his back against the tree.  “Mika, come sit over here, away from her.”


I don’t understand why Tristain is so cautious of this new person.  If I was hungry, wouldn’t he get me some food? Why would he treat her any differently?  That seemed very reminiscent of my time in the Enclave, and I did not like it. “Um, why can’t we cook her some food?”  I held my ground between the two of them.


“It’s night time, we can’t see her… very well… nor can we see any other dangers that may present themselves while doing the work of getting food and cooking it.  It’s better if we wait. No one is dying from waiting a few hours for the sun to rise.”


Again, so many words I don’t know.  “You say so many things I don’t understand!  What dangers? What are hours, and what is the sun?”


“Uh, wow, okay, hold on a second.”  He chuckled to himself. That made me bristle a bit.  “So, if there was a living bear, we would be food for it, possibly.  It might be really fast, and we may not know it’s close enough till it kills one of us.  Uh, then hours… is a unit that measures time… I guess. And the sun is what gives off light.  Or, well, maybe it doesn’t in this world.” He looked up at the tree canopy above, then to either side.


“It looks like it’s almost morning anyways, the sky is lightening over there.  I wonder if that must be east…” I looked over, and sure enough, the canopy on that side of the tree was brighter.


“Hey!  Don’t forget about me!  I’m still hungry!” The woman’s voice was sounding somewhat desperate.  I really did feel bad for her.


Just then, I thought of a great idea.  “Tristain! That ice thing you can make, that was very refreshing, can you make one for her?  That’s like food, right? You put it in your mouth, and eat it!” It was a brilliant idea, if I say so myself.


“Uh, hah, uh,”  He hesitated, and scratched his cheek with a finger.  “That’s not… I mean, sure. Why not.” He grew one of his evil smiles, and held out his hands.  Taking a deep breath, he started concentrating, and ice slowly started forming, they looked like tree trunks on his palms.  I watched in awe. I didn’t understand the concept behind how he did it, but there was definitely something amazing about the object growing right in front of me.


After a few moments, he tossed one to me, and tossed the other over my head to the woman behind me.  I looked over my shoulder to see her more clearly in the growing light. She was tall. Taller than me, or Tristain, and had outrageous curves to her body.  Everyone in the enclave was similarly shaped, and proportioned, but this woman had a larger bust and wider hips. Furthering her allure, (even to me) she had neon green hair, filled with small leaves, cascading down her shoulders, covering her chest.  There was nothing else covering her body. Perhaps the strangest bits about her, however, were the tree branches growing finger length out of her in various parts, andt her pale green skin had a sheen to it.


She caught the ice, her eyes opened wide, and she smiled.  “You know how to make a woman happy!” A very bizzare thing happened.  Her mouth opened, and something like a vine came out, wrapped itself around the ice, and maneuvered it into her mouth.  I watched, and felt my own throat as I saw the large bulge go through her neck. “Ahhhh, so good. More?” She pointed to the ice in my hand, excitedly, motioning for me to give it to her.


“Uh, sure…”  I tossed her the ice that had been slowly melting in my hand, and watched as she performed the same act a second time.  I don’t think she is like us. I definitely cannot do that.(Editor’s Note: Did the green skin and branches not give that away?)


Sighing happily in satisfaction, and still smiling, the woman took a step onto the fur.  I watched as her other foot detached from the ground. Literally, small roots snapped as she lifted her foot, to free it from the destroyed flower stalks below.


“Mika, come this way please.”  Tristain called out to me, a hint of worry clear in his voice.


“Huh?”  I looked over to him, not understanding his concern.


“Oh, but she’s so delicious.  I just want to hug her and cuddle her!  Come over here, hun.” Again, the way she said delicious made the hair on my arms and back of my neck stand on end.  I unconsciously took a step back towards Tristain, who had stood up.


“Look, look, uh, if you eat us, I can’t make you any more ice, right?”  I took another step towards Tristain. That’s what she meant when she said delicious?!  I took yet another step back.


The woman frowned and looked at us.  From me, to Tristain, and back. “So you’ll feed me more, and I won’t eat her?”  She pointed at me.


“Yes.”  Tristain grabbed my arm, and pulled me behind him.  I frowned. She is scary, but I’m way better equipped to fight.  I noticed the bear claws nearby and grabbed them.


“Mika, no.  Thats a bad idea.”  I didn’t drop the claws though,  she was threatening to eat me! No way I’ll allow that without a fight!

“Cute little girl, I won’t eat you, yet, he’s going to give me food.  I don’t need you if I have food!”  I shuddered.



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